The fourth generation Highlander, Xin Qijun, Xingtu L and Haval Red Rabbit were registered at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The Shanghai Auto Show will officially open on April 19th, and it is about one month before the 19th Shanghai Auto Show. As the first top international auto show this year, many auto companies are expected to use it as a stage to showcase their new products. Although there is not much exact information at present, it is estimated that many models will be unveiled or listed at the Shanghai Auto Show. Then let’s take a look at the high-profile models at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

Geely automobile-xingyue l

This year is another lively year for the SUV market, in which Geely Automobile is an active member. After the launch of the medium and large SUV Haoyue last year, this year, a big five-seat compact SUV, namely Xingyue L, was launched. Judging from the information released so far, the Star Yue L with heavy design is more interesting, such as the double screen design of the central control screen and the co-pilot entertainment screen, and the 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking technology.

In addition, Geely Xingyue L has two surprises: the body size of 4770×1895×1689mm in length, width and height, but it has a wheelbase of 2845 mm. In addition, as for the powertrain, the new car will be equipped with VEP4 inline four-cylinder all-aluminum turbocharged mid-range direct injection gasoline engines (2.0TD-T4 and 2.0TD-T5) equipped with Volvo Drive-E series, that is, 2.0T turbocharged engines with high and low power adjustment, with maximum power of 218 HP and 238 HP and peak torque of 325 Nm and 350 Nm respectively. In terms of transmission matching, the low-power version matches the 7-speed wet DCT gearbox, while the high-power version matches Aisin’s 8AT gearbox.

The brand-new fourth-generation Highlander

On March 22nd, GAC Toyota officially announced that the brand-new fourth-generation Highlander will make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. As a magic car in the medium-sized SUV market, each generation of Highlander models is an explosive product. Since the first generation of Highlander appeared in new york in 2000, its sales volume has exceeded 790,000 units in six years. In 2007, the second generation appeared in Chicago, with global sales exceeding 900,000 units; The third generation registered in Guangzhou, and the global cumulative sales exceeded 1.8 million units. So far, Highlander has sold more than 4 million units worldwide, so it is no exaggeration to call it a magic car.

At present, the fourth generation will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19th, so what will be the highlights of this generation? It is reported that it will be equipped with a 2.5L hybrid powertrain. Whether the news is true or not, it is better to wait patiently. After all, it is very close to the Shanghai Auto Show.

Dongfeng Nissan-Qijun

Whether it is a self-owned brand or a joint venture brand, there is no doubt that the compact SUV market is the most competitive market segment. In the joint venture compact SUV market, RAV4 Rongfang, CR-V, Qijun, Willanda and Haoying are all popular choices for consumers at present. The spy photos of the new generation of CR-V overseas models have been exposed by the media, and the declaration information of the new generation of Qijun has also been announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which also indicates that it is not far from meeting consumers.

Judging from the declaration chart, the new Qijun’s style tends to be younger and continues the style of overseas versions. The front face of the V-shaped family adopts a larger air intake grille, chrome trim and split LED headlights. In addition, the waistline and suspended roof of the new car also have a good sense of sports fashion.

In terms of size, the length, width and height (4681/1840/1730mm) of the new generation Qijun have increased compared with the old model, while the wheelbase (2706mm) remains unchanged. In terms of power, Xinqijun uses the newly developed 1.5T VC-TURBO engine, with a maximum power of 204 HP and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The declared fuel consumption given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 6.3L/100km. In terms of transmission matching, it is speculated that it will be equipped with an 8-speed CVT gearbox.

Great Wall Motor-Haval Red Rabbit

From the name, the naming of new cars in the Great Wall in recent two years is undoubtedly simple and easy to remember, such as good cat, big dog, first love, mocha and so on are all common high-frequency words in our lives. Recently, Haval has introduced another model, Red Rabbit, whose name is easy to remember. This compact SUV model has a fashionable and sporty design, such as slim headlights, straight waterfall middle net design and layered front bumper, etc., plus through taillights, black spoiler and exhaust styling on both sides, which looks highly recognizable. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4450/1841/1625mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm.

The interior of the new car is in line with the current mainstream aesthetics, that is, simple and technological. Among them, the design of LCD instrument panel, 12.3-inch central control screen, multi-function steering wheel and crystal gear handle makes the new car look good in technology. In other configurations, personalized configurations such as identity recognition, emotional perception, and fatigue driving reminder can also be seen on this new car.

In terms of power, Haval Red Rabbit has two options: fuel and hybrid. The fuel version of Haval Red Rabbit provides a 1.5T engine with low/high power adjustment, matching a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. The hybrid version of the Haval Red Rabbit is powered by the GW4G15H 1.5L engine, which is matched with the DHT100 hybrid gearbox.

In the end, the above four heavy SUV models will be unveiled at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. Which heavy new car will you be more interested in? Welcome to share messages in the comment area.