The new M7 in Wenjie went on the market, and it will exceed 70,000 units in 45 days. Changsha started the first batch of delivery.

On October 28th, the first delivery ceremony of AITO’s new M7 city was held in Changsha, which was also the first delivery ceremony of Aito’s new M7 city since it was officially released on September 12th. Under the witness of many local media and car owners, the old and new members of Hunan AITO Motorists’ Association gathered together to share the joy of the new M7 car owners.

As a new product with a total investment of 500 million yuan, the new M7 with large space, great wisdom and super safety has brought more calm and atmospheric design, more spacious and changeable space, more comprehensive active and passive safety, more comfortable driving performance, and smarter intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving experience. This activity marks the official landing of the newest member of AITO’s series, the new M7, in Hunan market, bringing unprecedented intelligent driving experience to local consumers.

The five-seat SUV with a price of 250,000 ~ 300,000 yuan where the new M7 is located is almost the most competitive market segment, and it is also the segment model that can best reflect the overall strength of car companies. Just like the logic behind the hot sale of Mate 60, the world of inquiry is not only to meet the needs of users, but also to understand how to exceed the needs of users, bring customers a car purchase and car use experience beyond their own needs, and turn the tide with their own hard power.

Although Huawei does not build cars, it has given its top intelligent technology to the car factory, which has brought a lot of drive to the developing smart car industry, especially the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which is also the key to the uniqueness of the intelligent networked car industry. The system not only realizes high-speed and high-order intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps, but also has the ability of dynamic and static targets and all-weather perception. This not only greatly improves the convenience and safety of driving, but also pushes intelligent driving to a new practical height.

At this delivery ceremony, the lucky car owners from Hunan became the experiencers of the new M7. They all said that they were full of infinite expectations for this car and spoke highly of the service quality and ultimate product quality of AITO brand. In the future, AITO will continue to bring consumers a higher-end luxury and smart travel experience.

Xiaoxiang morning herald reporter Mao Chuan