BYD’s new generation of Tang Shuang "ships" attacked, and luxury and technology were upgraded.

In the field of new energy, BYD has become the global champion of new energy vehicle sales for three consecutive years, and won the title of domestic new energy vehicle market sales for four consecutive years. In South China’s new energy market, the cumulative sales volume of BYD’s new energy in the first half of 2018 was 25,759 units, ranking first in South China, accounting for 42.8% of the total new energy market share in South China, which proved that consumers recognized BYD in the new energy field.

In the first half of 2018, BYD has sold more than 20,000 new energy vehicles in Shenzhen, accounting for 59.7% of the market, ranking first in Shenzhen, which is equivalent to every five new energy vehicles sold in Shenzhen, and three are BYD. The sales of new energy vehicles in Guangzhou are also ranked first in the industry, but BYD has not stopped.

On August 8, BYD’s new generation of Tang fuel and dual-mode (hybrid), the "dual flagship of luxury technology", was officially listed in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces in South China. The new car has launched a total of 5 models of fuel version equipped with 2.0T engine, and the official guide price is 129,900-169,900 yuan; There are 5 models of hybrid version equipped with 2.0T+ motor, and the official guide price after subsidy is 239,900-329,900 yuan.

Cover the logo, can you recognize this is the second generation of Tang?

It is no exaggeration to describe the appearance of a new generation of Tang as "subversion". BYD, which has been controversial in styling in the past, has made a subversive leap in product design concept since it welcomed the joining of former Audi design director Wolfgang Eiger. Wolfgang Eiger said that the whole new generation of Tang Dynasty took dragon element as the design origin, just because of its position in China culture, it also symbolizes strength, self-confidence, leadership and energy control. Iger hopes that people can recognize that this is a BYD from 50 meters away. Now it seems that his little wish should not be difficult to realize.

The difference between the new generation of Tang DM and the new generation of Tang fuel version is that the new generation of Tang DM has thicker chrome trim, which looks more flamboyant than the fuel version, and Tang’s LOGO has also become a blue background.

Although the new generation of Tang is still positioned as a medium-sized SUV, it is easy to mistake it for an MPV from the side of the car body. The length, width and height of the new car are 4870/1940/1720mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2820mm, which is much larger than that of the previous generation. The lines on the side of the car body are still smooth and concise, and the suspended roof is also one of the designs to distinguish the hybrid version (Tang DM) from the fuel version.

From a distance, the rear of the car should be attracted by the integrated "double taillights", which reminds people of Audi, Iger’s old club and enjoys the reputation of "lighting factory". The design keywords displayed by the new generation of Tang are "simplicity" and "recognition", and the wiper is hidden in the spoiler tail. When you walk in, what attracts you should be the full-scale Build Your Dream nameplate. Compared with the overall introversion, the two nameplates, Build Your Dream and Tang 4.5S, seem a little flamboyant.

The new generation of Tang DM can also be equipped with 22-inch big feet, and at the same time equipped with Brembo racing-class six-piston brake system (perforated ventilation brake disc), the visual effect is not said. According to reports, customers who make a decision before September can choose to install it for free.

What about the 14.6-inch big Pad that can rotate?

The interior is still simple, and there are no messy control buttons on the center console. The most eye-catching thing is the 14.6-inch Pad that can rotate, which integrates almost all control and adjustment options related to vehicles and can display various entertainment information. With an 8-core CPU, 3G memory and 32G storage space, and a high-fidelity speaker with a maximum of 12 speakers, it is not a problem to play games, watch movies or even order takeout.

The latest DiLink intelligent network system integrated in the central control panel can be compatible with all mobile phone applications in the market. In addition, you can control most functions in the car through intelligent voice interaction function, wake up the voice interaction function with "Hello Xiao Di" and say the corresponding content to complete various operations such as navigation, song searching and temperature control. DiLink intelligent network connection system has opened 341 sensor data interfaces and 66 control rights of the whole vehicle, which allows ordinary developers to design or improve some functions of the vehicle themselves. The remaining potential of DiLink is waiting for the owners to explore slowly.

The new generation of Tang DM uses a more exquisite electronic gear lever, and sets up a variety of driving modes, such as EV mode, HEV mode, and four-wheel drive mode with different road conditions. In terms of various active and passive safety configurations, the new generation of Tang is equipped with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, intelligent identification of traffic signs, and intelligent switching of far and near lights to provide protection for driving safety.

The whole family travels, and the space is worry-free

In terms of the rear space that consumers are most concerned about, the new generation of Tang can meet the daily travel needs of any family, the rear seat back supports angle adjustment, and the second and third rows of roofs are equipped with air conditioning outlets. In addition, the floor in the middle of the second row is completely horizontal, which has little effect on the comfort of the middle passengers.

Although the trunk space of the new generation Tang DM is the same as that of the fuel version, because traditional OEMs are busy launching new energy versions on the basis of traditional power models, the new generation Tang has new energy versions first and then traditional power. When the new generation of Tang is fully loaded, the space in the luggage compartment is relatively general, but it is no problem to put down the backpacks and small items of seven people in the whole car.

If the third row of seats is folded forward by zipper, the luggage compartment volume is equivalent to that of ordinary medium-sized SUV, and then the second row of seats is put down according to the ratio of 4/6, at this time, the maximum loading space can be obtained, which also greatly improves the loading strength of the new generation of Tang.

Fuel version, double template and double "ship" attack, pure electric version on standby.

The new generation Tang fuel version is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, and the DM version is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 2.0T engine and dual-drive motors, and adopts the fully upgraded third-generation DM technology. Compared with the second generation DM, this generation DM mainly has more BSG motors. Simply put, the position of the starter on the traditional engine is changed to a 25KW generator. In this way, the engine can be directly used to generate electricity when starting or traffic jams, and the front and rear motors are driven. When the speed is above 60, it is connected to the gearbox and directly driven by the engine. In this way, there will be no DCT-related problems at low speed, and there will be no power failure at low speed, and it will be more fuel-efficient and smooth at low speed. At low speed, the engine generates electricity directly, and the natural power generation speed can be at the best speed.

In addition to the fuel version and hybrid version, BYD’s new generation Tang will also launch a pure electric version in the future. The official said that the pure electric version will have a pure electric cruising range of more than 500km, and the acceleration time of 100 km will run into 4.5s

New energy vehicles are destined to be the highlight of the automotive industry in 2018. To say that the most direct competitor of the new generation of Tang must be P8, a new energy vehicle owned by our own luxury brand WEY. Their positioning and price are very close in all aspects. In fact, to be honest, the performance of BYD Tang’s previous model in terms of face value is really not so good, but the overall performance is really speechless. However, after the replacement, the shortcomings of the new generation of Tang in terms of face value no longer exist, and the acceleration performance and compartment space have made greater breakthroughs, each of which directly hit the P8 key.

BYD’s new energy technology has been praised by the industry and consumers, which is enough to reflect the special features of BYD Tang from the side. The new generation of Tang has surpassed itself, but it is also a warning to opponents: it is not that simple to catch up with "I". In the medium-sized seven-seat SUV market, the new generation Tang fuel version has a good comprehensive competitiveness. As for the new generation of Tang DM and the new generation of Tang EV, there are more and more restricted cities, and more people are optimistic about the welfare of new energy vehicles, which is also promising.

Both new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles are working hard, and BYD accelerates the sprint!

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