Xiaomi automobile factory exposure: self-research and self-production lead the electric revolution, and the super factory is comparable to Tesla!

Xiaomi’s entry into the electric vehicle industry is a topic of great concern. As a company that started with a smart phone, Xiaomi has built a strong brand influence and user base through independent research and development and ecological construction. Now, Xiaomi has extended these advantages to the automotive field, further expanding its business scope.

As early as before, I obtained the qualification of building an electric vehicle (EV), which is considered as a major qualification. According to the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission, enterprises need to build factories within two years and start selling vehicles within three years. In addition, it also needs to meet the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Xiaomi chose to independently develop and produce electric vehicles, which is a high-risk decision. In contrast, some new forces adopt the mode of financing and OEM, and the relative risk is low. However, Xiaomi decided to take the road of self-research and self-production, indicating that he is full of confidence in his technical strength and market prospects. Xiaomi applies its core technologies, such as operating system, chip and ecosystem, to the automotive field, which will bring users a smarter and more convenient automotive experience.

At present, the first phase of the factory has been completed, and it is planned to start the construction of the second phase in 2024 and complete it in 2025. The partner and president of Xiaomi Group revealed that the progress of Xiaomi’s car-making was very smooth, even exceeding expectations. He also published a series of photos related to making cars on Weibo, which caused a heated discussion. Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi Automobile has just finished the summer test, and the progress has exceeded expectations, and it has maintained the goal of mass production in the first half of 2024.

According to reports, Xiaomi Automobile Factory is located between Tongyi Road and Huanjing West Road in Yizhuang, and between Jingsheng Nansi Street and Yitong Street. The employees nearby said that the factory has been operating recently, but from the outside, they didn’t hear much noise or see the activities of a large number of employees, and kept a low profile as a whole.

According to the plan of Xiaomi Automobile, the factory is divided into two stages. The first phase covers an area of nearly 720,000 square meters. It started in April 2022 and was completed in June 2023. The second phase is planned to start construction in 2024 and be completed in 2025. The factory includes the No.1-No.4 factory buildings and the test building, with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles, and the relevant factories have passed the acceptance on June 12.

According to Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, in the second quarter of 2023, the progress of Xiaomi’s car-making was very smooth, even exceeding expectations, maintaining the goal of mass production in the first half of 2024.

Judging from the current progress, Lei Jun has made up his mind to Xiaomi Automobile, fully devoted himself to R&D and planned for next year. Different from other new forces, Xiaomi adopts self-research and self-production mode, and has its own operating system, chip and ecosystem. In addition, Xiaomi has also built an advanced super factory, which is no less than that, and plans to increase service outlets. This kind of investment makes people more confident in the reliability and credibility of Xiaomi. I look forward to experiencing the arrival of Xiaomi car.

Generally speaking, it is a bold and wise decision for Xiaomi to enter the electric vehicle industry. Xiaomi is expected to gain a place in the electric vehicle market with its successful experience in smart phones and ecosystems and insight into the future development trend of science and technology. We are looking forward to the arrival of Xiaomi Automobile, and believe that it will bring users a brand-new travel experience.