The integrated travel service platform debuts on Autonavi maps to aggregate multiple travel methods

On February 22nd, the Autonavi map integrated travel service platform was officially released. At present, the Autonavi integrated travel service platform has been integrated into a full range of urban and intercity travel services through the aggregation model, including urban travel services such as public transportation, subway, taxi, online car-hailing, riding, walking, and motorcycles, intercity travel services such as trains, passenger transportation, and airplanes, as well as supporting services such as charging and refueling.

Among them, Autonavi cooperates with public transportation groups and subway companies in major cities across the country to provide users with travel services such as real-time public transportation and real-time subway full load rate inquiry; cooperates with the taxi industry in more than 100 cities to help taxi network integration and online orders; and Chihiro Location jointly launched the "Beidou Travel Application Innovation Plan", calling the daily positioning volume of Beidou satellites has exceeded 300 billion times, realizing Beidou dominance, and launching next-generation navigation services such as lane-level navigation and traffic light countdown.

At the same time, in intercity travel, Autonavi cooperates with 12306, Ctrip, Flying Pig and other platforms to provide users with travel services such as intercity route planning and ticket purchase. In terms of travel supporting services, Autonavi Map cooperates with more than 30,000 gas stations, covering 340 cities across the country. It also cooperates with State Grid, Telegram, etc., to achieve national coverage with more than 110,000 online charging stations.

It is understood that Autonavi Map is the first batch of Internet platform enterprises to participate in the demonstration construction of a transportation power, and the integrated travel service platform released this time is the result of its participation in the pilot construction of a transportation power.