Local teams settle in Longhua Shenzhen Youth Football Club and will go to the 2024 China B League.

  On March 21st, the launching ceremony of Shenzhen Youth Football Club for the 2024 Chinese Football Association League II was held in Longhua Cultural and Sports Center, marking that Shenzhen Youth Football Club will officially launch for the 2024 Chinese Football Association League II.

  It is reported that Shenzhen Youth Football Club is a team composed of local young people. It was established on June 20, 2022 and officially settled in Longhua in February this year. In 2023, the club won the second place in the Champions League of China Football Association, and qualified for the second division of China Football Association in 2024. This is a milestone for the club and a beginning of hard work for the football cause in Shenzhen.

  The Shenzhen Youth Football Club will represent Shenzhen in the second division of the Chinese Football Association in the professional league. The first match will be held at Longhua home on March 24, when it will play against Ganzhou Ruishi team.

  The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Youth Football Club said that the team members will go out with love for football and the city of Shenzhen, and will meet the upcoming China-B League in the best state and with a desire for victory. "The club will take root in Longhua and work together with Longhua to contribute to the prosperity and development of Shenzhen football."

  "Shenzhen Youth Football Club is a newly formed football new army. It took only six months from its establishment to rushing into the professional arena. Their hard work and struggle are the spiritual symbol and embodiment of Shenzhen’s courage to fight." Longhua district cultureAccording to the relevant person in charge of the Tourism and Sports Bureau, the settlement of the team will play a positive role in promoting the development of football in Longhua District, especially the youth football. Later, it will also cooperate with the club to carry out a series of football activities such as entering the campus and the community, and invite high-level teams at home and abroad to carry out high-end sports events such as football invitational tournament and open competition, so that Longhua fans and the masses can enjoy a hearty "sports feast" on the pitch at home.

  At the scene, Mai Sijin, the player representative of Shenzhen Youth Football Club, also presented the autographed jerseys of all the players to Longhua District.

  Shenzhen Youth Football Club settled in Longhua, and represented Shenzhen in the China B League. The settlement of the club further helped to build the talent system, competitive training system and guarantee system of football in Longhua District, and explored the development path of Longhua’s "three big balls" to inject a steady stream of power into the vigorous development of Longhua football.

  "As a veteran, my main task is to help the young players in the team adapt to the professional league as soon as possible, and I will keep in good shape and challenge this arduous task." When asked about the preparations for the upcoming China-B League, player Mai Sijin said that he hoped that Shenzhen Youth Football Club would strive for victory steadily on the field and strive for the highest prize as much as possible on the basis of adapting to the professional league.

  Zhang Jun, the head coach of the club, said in an interview with the media that the team carried out the preparation target plan well in the preparation stage. "All the players are ready." Zhang Jun hope that players can display their level and strength in the new season and achieve the set goals.

  As a new army in China B, Zhang Jun hopes that the team will gain a firm foothold through the "test of water" in the professional league, and then accumulate strength for development, learn from excellent brother teams and accumulate experience for rapid growth. "We will make the hardest preparations, but we will also work hard in the best direction and strive to achieve good results."