Hot search exploded! Officer lei declared!

On the evening of March 28th, Xiaomi Automobile Conference was held. At the press conference, the price of Xiaomi SU7 was officially announced, with the standard version of 215,900, the Pro version of 245,900 and the Max version of 299,900. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi SU7 has been fully tested in 300 cities, with a total road test mileage of 5.4 million kilometers and 576 test vehicles invested.

Topics such as "millet SU7 price" also rushed to Weibo for hot search.

Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi Auto SU7 has 4 series and 9 color schemes.

According to @ Xiaomi Auto, after the press conference, Xiaomi Su broke 10,000 in 74 minutes and 20,000 in 7 minutes.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi SU7 is the fastest and most powerful model within 500,000 yuan. The acceleration is 2.78 seconds, and the top speed is 265 km/h. In addition, Lei Jun said that the standard version of Xiaomi SU7 had a comprehensive endurance of 700 kilometers under CLTC conditions. Xiaomi SU7Max has a driving range of 810 kilometers and is equipped with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Kirin battery. It is the only pure electric vehicle in China that can achieve 2-second zero-speed acceleration and over 800 kilometers of battery life.

Besides Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Group, introduced Xiaomi SU7, the first new energy vehicle in Xiaomi, Li Xiang, founder and chairman of LI, a new force in China, Li Bin, founder and chairman of Weilai, and He Xiaopeng, founder and chairman of Xpeng Motors, also appeared at the scene.

At the press conference, Lei Jun said: "In the past three years, I have lamented every day that it is too difficult to build a car!" Even Apple gave up. Therefore, everyone who still insists on building cars is a hero of the times. "

Lei Jun introduced that Xiaomi household charging pile, 7kw charging power version, priced at 3999 yuan; 11kw version, priced at 5999 yuan. He also revealed that Xiaomi will build its own Xiaomi super charging station and adopt a 600kW liquid-cooled overcharge scheme. The first batch of planned cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou will be gradually built.

On March 12, Xiaomi Automobile announced that the first model of Xiaomi, SU7, will be officially launched on March 28, and delivery will be started as soon as it is launched. At present, 59 stores across the country have opened appointments, covering 29 cities, including North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, also sent Weibo: "This is our three-year contract." On March 30, 2021, Xiaomi Group officially announced the establishment of the smart electric vehicle business, just three years after the first car was officially listed.

The price of Xiaomi car was once the biggest suspense.

Pricing was once the biggest suspense of Xiaomi Automobile. Lei Jun and Xiaomi President Lu Weibing have repeatedly stressed that the first model is a bit expensive, and denied the prices of 99,000, 149,000 and 199,000 yuan.

After the technical conference was held at the end of last year, Xiaomi Automobile was busy with rumors, and the price was the hardest hit.

Xiaomi Auto WeChat official account answered 100 questions from netizens for three consecutive days from January 8th, in which he denied the possibility of lowering the starting price to make a "beggar-in-beggar" version, indicating that there was no plan to launch Redmi.

On January 30th, some media reported that it was confirmed by a large insurance company that the premium price of the high-end version of Xiaomi Automobile was 361,400 yuan. Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, said that the policy price is not the real selling price, but just for testing.

At the end of February, the photos of the research documents of Xiaomi Automobile Factory showed that Xiaomi Automobile will be listed for the first time in March this year and delivered in April. In the first quarter, the vehicle output was about 2,000 vehicles with an output value of 400 million yuan. In this regard, a spokesman for Xiaomi Automobile Company denied in Weibo that after detailed inquiry, this information was completely inaccurate. There is no so-called relevant "investigation" and so-called estimation of output value.

On March 1st, Wang Hua issued a document in Weibo, denying the rumors about Xiaomi’s car configuration and price. According to the online transmission form, the basic price of Xiaomi Automobile is 219,000 yuan.

Tandian Xiaomi automobile

One-hour static experience of over 100 people, and test drive from 29th.

On March 25th, Xiaomi Automobile opened a static display in 59 stores in 29 cities. According to the person in charge of the flagship store of chenghua district Vientiane City in Chengdu, Xiaomi Home, at 9: 00 in the morning, one hour before the opening of the experience, there were rice noodles waiting in line outside the store. According to the store, you can arrange a test drive from the 29th, but you need to make an appointment in advance, because there are many people making an appointment at present.

At 2 o’clock on the afternoon of March 25th, the Red Star journalist came to the flagship store of chenghua district Vientiane City, the home of Xiaomi. Two millet SU7 cars, Bay Blue and Olive Green, are displayed in the car area. In front of the high-profile models of Bay Blue, there are many onlookers.

According to the staff of the store, the exhibition car was transported into five stores in Chengdu at 2 am on the 25th, and the users who came to experience it from the morning kept coming, "but the specific number cannot be disclosed". On the afternoon of 25th, Red Star journalists stayed in the store for nearly an hour, and roughly counted the number of people who came to experience it, exceeding 100.

However, it is a pity for users who come to experience it. They can only watch and take photos outside the car, but they can’t enter the car or test drive.

Recently, Lei Jun once again responded to the pricing issue when answering questions from netizens. Lei Jun said: "The new car release cycle of the entire automobile industry is relatively long, from the first release to the official listing, up to half a year. The prices were all announced at the official product launch conference. This process of Xiaomi only took 3 months, which is quite fast. " Earlier, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, revealed at the performance conference call that "there will be three types of Xiaomi auto stores in the future, including Xiaomi’s self-operated delivery center, Xiaomi House integrating auto business and related stores cooperating with auto investors. These three types of stores will cover 59 stores in 29 cities across the country. "

On March 25th, Lei Jun issued a document saying, "Everyone’s enthusiasm today is beyond our imagination, and we are accelerating the preparations for the second batch of stores. In addition, the test drive experience began on the 29 th. "

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