The prime minister’s government work report is on fire, and there is a national plan!

  Recently, the State Council issued the Development Plan for the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence, and "artificial intelligence", a hot word in this year’s Government Work Report by Premier Li Keqiang, has a national plan.

  According to the plan, "artificial intelligence" will be "ubiquitous", and by 2030, China will become the world’s major "artificial intelligence" innovation center.

  "Artificial intelligence" has a national plan, which is inseparable from the "strength" of the Prime Minister. Besides writing it into the Government Work Report, what other stories are there about Li Keqiang and "Artificial Intelligence"? How does the Prime Minister discuss "artificial intelligence"? Let’s take a look with the Chinese government network!

  Government work report

  "artificial intelligence" with fire

  This year’s National People’s Congress, "artificial intelligence" was officially written into the "Government Work Report" for the first time:

  We will fully implement the development plan of strategic emerging industries, accelerate the research and development and transformation of new materials, new energy, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, fifth-generation mobile communications and other technologies, and make industrial clusters bigger and stronger.

  With the prime minister’s "strong voice", "artificial intelligence" quickly became a hot word in and out of the meeting.

  According to relevant statistics, among many new words appearing in the Government Work Report for the first time this year, "artificial intelligence" ranks first in terms of attention, more than double the second place "digital economy".

  At the deliberation and discussion site of the two sessions, "artificial intelligence" has also become a darling.

  On the morning of March 10th, Premier Li Keqiang came to the Anhui delegation. Liu Qingfeng, deputy of the National People’s Congress and chairman of Anhui Iflytek Co., Ltd., showed the newly developed "artificial intelligence" technology products to the Premier.

  For the representative members of the "big brother" status of the Internet, "artificial intelligence" is a topic that cannot be missed. At the two sessions this year, Li Yanhong, chairman and CEO of Baidu, Ma Huateng, chairman of Tencent’s board of directors, and Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Technology, put forward no less than 10 proposals with the theme of "artificial intelligence".

  Premier and "Artificial Intelligence"

  "Close contact"

  Li Keqiang and "artificial intelligence", a cutting-edge technology, had many "close contacts".

  "Q&A robot size"

  Time: October 19, 2015

  Venue: National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week

  Why are you called Xiao Du?

  Baidu made it!

  How much data have you stored?

  Too many!

  What is the PM2.5 value today?

  Being "thinking" … O.O

  You know, double innovation is also beneficial

  Improve the environment?

  Of course!

  Everyone was made to laugh … …

  "Brush your face to buy coffee"

  Time: June 22, 2017

  Venue: 30 meters corridor in front of the first conference room in the State Council.

  As soon as Li Keqiang stepped in, he was immediately "recognized" by the "face recognition intelligent welcome meeting sign-in system", and the words "Welcome Premier Li Keqiang to attend this meeting" were simultaneously printed on the screen.

  Li Keqiang also bought a 180ml can of coffee at the "Face Brush" payment vending machine.

  "Hello, Prime Minister! We will have a meeting this afternoon. " As soon as the Chinese voice fell, a machine quickly spoke a string of authentic English and displayed the translation results on the screen. When I heard that someone around me couldn’t help laughing, this set of language processing software relying on Internet data resources immediately "translated" "Ha-ha".

  Why does the prime minister support it?

  "artificial intelligence"

  Why did Premier Li Keqiang support "artificial intelligence"? He gave the answer in a speech on June 22 this year.

  On the afternoon of the same day, the Premier specially invited four academicians, including Pan Yunhe, who is in charge of the strategic research of China’s artificial intelligence 2.0 planning, to give special lectures on "artificial intelligence" respectively.

  After the lecture,

  Prime minister to longly say:

  We are in the process of a profound scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation! We must keep up with the forefront, seize the opportunity, and adapt to this revolutionary change through institutional innovation.

  The Prime Minister expects scientists:

  Now is a great opportunity for scientific research and scientific and technological progress, and all countries are taking the lead. I hope you will do your best in your ongoing work!

  The Prime Minister asked the department heads:

  We must closely follow the footsteps of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and must not become a new "subject blindness"!

  The Prime Minister particularly emphasized:

  We should explore inclusive and prudent supervision over new technologies, new formats and new models to promote their healthy and orderly development.

  the State Councilof

  A series of arrangements

  Behind the stories of the Prime Minister and "artificial intelligence" is a series of arrangements made by the current government around this field.