Get in the car! Yu Chengdong announced that the new M7 will break 100,000 vehicles.

Sales of new energy vehicles continued to improve. According to Reuters’s statement, the sales of new energy vehicles in China reached a record high in October 2023, and this year is expected to end with strong performance in the last two months. As far as the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China is concerned, 2023 will be another landmark year. In this wave of sales boom, the models of Wenjie have undoubtedly become a concentrated expression and epitome.

The sales volume of M5 in Wenjie continued to rise, with a cumulative delivery of 120,000 vehicles. The M9 was not listed, and it was popular first, and the blind order sales exceeded 30,000 units. The brand-new M7, which has been favored by consumers with its excellent comprehensive strength since its release, has brought a "sales straight line".

On November 27th, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, issued a document announcing that the new M7 has reached a new milestone. Only two and a half months after its release, it will definitely exceed 100,000 vehicles! It can be seen that the new M7 is completely seizing the commanding heights in the new energy vehicle market with massive sales.

Huawei "pro-son"! Wen Jie Xin msevenwithsales volumespeak

Imagine that on September 12th this year, the new M7 was released and launched in Shanghai, which started a sales frenzy that continues to this day. Even in a sense, it is a milestone in the process of creating a strong rise of domestic new energy vehicles.

This is because after the release and opening of the big set, the new M7 in the world continues to create sales miracles. According to the official data, there are several important sales nodes in the new M7-September 12-September 30: the cumulative fixed quantity in 19 days is 30,000 vehicles; September 12th-October 4th: In 23 days, the cumulative number of large orders exceeds 40,000; September 12-October 6: In 25 days, the cumulative number of large orders exceeds 50,000.

Especially on the last day of this year’s National Day holiday, the new M7 has once again created a sales myth, with a large quantity of more than 7,000 vehicles per day. In the face of surging orders, Yu Chengdong also humorously said on social media at that time that he should "step up high-quality and massive delivery!"

As the saying goes, words must be carried out. The production capacity of the new M7 is climbing rapidly. At present, the new M7 has successfully delivered 27,000 vehicles, and the owners who have already driven the new car have been praised continuously. And in December. The monthly delivery capacity of the new M7 will reach 23,000 vehicles, and the monthly delivery capacity will reach 30,000 vehicles from 2024. It seems that the new M7, which is "open your arms and work hard", is really based on the actual needs of consumers.

It is worth mentioning that the outstanding sales performance of the new M7 in the world has always continued. On November 27th, the new M7 in the world brought another surprise-it was set to exceed 100,000 vehicles in two and a half months! In this regard, Yu Chengdong also issued a document saying, "The new M7 in the world has ushered in a new milestone … Thanks to the support and love of consumers!"

With its own sales performance, the new M7 continues to create the history of domestic high-end new energy vehicles. To a great extent, this is due to Huawei’s all-round support, which makes the new M7 in the world have a strong endorsement and shows its unique advantages.

What is impressive, for example, is that the new M7 in the world has been treated in a way that no other Huawei products have. At many Huawei public events or conferences, there will always be a new M7 figure in the world. In the massive stores under Huawei’s line, the prototype of the new M7 in the world has also become the focus of display, bringing great exposure through direct access to consumers. It can be said that the new M7 is Huawei’s "pro-son".

"Chinese content" is super high! Shaping the new m of the world of inquirysevenSuper product strength

In addition to increasing the attention of the new M7 in the world through various ways, the important reason why the new M7 in the world really attracts more than 100,000 consumers is that it has a super high "Chinese content". Under the support of super-high "Chinese content", we have created the super-strong product strength of the new M7 in the world.

To put it simply, the new M7 in the world has Huawei’s strong empowerment at the technical level, and has formed three core labels of "great wisdom, big space and super security". These three core labels outline the product strength of the new M7 in an all-round and three-dimensional way, which is of great appeal to consumers.

On the one hand, the new M7 has a smart cockpit, intelligent driving and a "three-intelligent ceiling" with all-dimensional safety. Taking the smart cockpit as an example, the HarmonyOS smart cockpit equipped with the new M7 is regarded as the "ceiling" in the industry. Through the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, the new M7 in the world makes the interactive experience of the leading generation easy to land. For consumers, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit has brought the intelligent feeling into a new dimension with more natural interactive experience between people and vehicles, richer digital content resources and more convenient cross-device connection and control capabilities.

In terms of intelligent driving, the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system equipped with the new M7 in Wenjie can easily go up and down the ramp, intelligently change lanes independently, and deal with various complex intersections, bringing a very "intelligent" driving experience. Consumers can really feel relaxed when driving the new M7. The combination of HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system has also enabled the new M7 in the world to break through the market segment with a super high price-intelligence ratio of 250,000.

All-dimensional security means that the active and passive security of the new M7 is very strong. It has an industry-leading all-dimensional super-strong body, which can greatly guarantee passive safety; The new M7 in Wenjie has a multi-sensor fusion sensing system in the leading industry, with the longest detection distance of 200m and the maximum horizontal detection angle of 120, which ensures the forward-looking prediction performance and visual breadth of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system. Even in the case that the oncoming car in the next lane is dazzling and the driver’s vision is blocked, it can still accurately identify the "ghost probe" and stop to avoid accidents.

On the other hand, the new M7 in the world creates a "mobile and comfortable place" in travel with comfortable and large space. The inner space of the new M7 five-seat edition in Wenjie is 3338mm, which is the largest effective space in the same class, and has the highest "room rate" of 66.3% in the same class, and the space is extremely spacious. The deepest trunk in the same class has a longitudinal length of 1100mm, and has a super loading capacity.

What is even more surprising is that the trunk of the new M7 with a storage capacity of 686L can be extended again, and the rear seat can be extended to 1619L after being laid down. Even if the whole family travels to go on road trip, they can easily store all kinds of equipment. As for the ventilated and heated massage seats to enhance the riding experience, and the HUAWEI Maglink to realize multi-equipment linkage, they are all "careful thoughts" displayed by the new M7 in order to optimize the comfort again.

Super product strength makes the new M7 become an epoch-making domestic new energy vehicle. The sales myth of the new M7 will continue to be staged. Because on the one hand, the new M7 is bringing more attractive car rights to prospective car owners, on the other hand, it is launching more subdivided models.

It is reported that from November 1 ST to November 30 th, users will enjoy the following rights and interests policies when they purchase a car:

1, the value of 12000 yuan of interior and exterior decoration matching gold;

2. Matching rights with a value of 15,000 yuan:

Max intelligent driving version owners can deduct the optional ADS 2.0 urban pilot NCA function by equal amount;

Plus rear-drive version owners can choose the same amount of technology enjoyment package worth 15,000 yuan;

Car owners of all models can also choose a combination of rights and interests with a value of 15,000 yuan (21-inch wheels with a value of 10,000 yuan and one of the original aftermarket products).

In addition, on November 28, Huawei’s full scene conference was officially held. At the press conference, the new M7 in the world was launched with a rear-wheel drive version. Among them, the official guide price of the new M7 MAX five-seat rear-drive intelligent driving version is 289,800 yuan; The official guide price of the new M7 MAX six-seat rear-drive intelligent driving version is 309,800 yuan. These two models can adapt to more travel scenes and will also bring more comfortable travel experience.

When the new energy vehicle market is booming, the new M7 in the world has taken the lead and started a battle to win in an all-round way. With the deep empowerment of Huawei, Wenjie New M7 has become the leader of the new energy vehicle market. Facing the future, the new M7 will play a leading role and continue to lead a new course!

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