2024 Beijing Auto Show: Real shot looking up at U7


On April 25th, its first new energy flagship car, Wangwang U7, was officially released. It is a high-end car brand, and BYD officially calls U7 "the flagship car of millions of new energy".


The appearance of the new car adopts the family language of "dimension door", and the whole new car is in a downward posture. The headlight group has a very sharp shape. The headlight group designed in the shape of "C" has a low/high beam above it, surrounded by a circle, and the shape recognition is very high. The front grille adopts a closed design, which is more conducive to diverting air from the front face, thus reducing energy consumption. The lower grille adopts a penetrating design, and the interior is decorated with blackened honeycomb decorative strips, which enhances the sense of movement of the front face.


The side of the car body adopts a slip-back shape, and is equipped with very three-dimensional and sharp body lines. The transition from the roof to the rear of the car is very coordinated, showing a coupe style.


The shape of the wheel hub is also more eye-catching, with a five-pointed star shape. Among them, the gauge W of the tire reached 275/40 R21.


The shape of the rear of the car is layered, and the popular through taillight design is adopted. Looking up at the brand "LOGO" in the center of the taillight, it forms a better recognition. In addition, looking up at the U7 is also equipped with a very exaggerated rear surround. Combined with other exterior kits of the car body, the car obviously focuses on sports style.


Looking up at U7 to locate a pure electric car, the information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that its CLTC cruising range is 720km/800km. The car claims to have "over 1,000 horsepower", with innovative aerodynamic design and drag coefficient of 0.195Cd.


In terms of power, the official said that U7 is equipped with Sifang technology. It is equipped with four motors with a maximum power of 326 HP, which can reach 1,306 HP. The estimated breaking time is 2 seconds, and the top speed can reach 270 km/h. It is also equipped with Ferrous lithium phosphate "blade battery" provided by Foday, which supports fast charging mode.

It is worth mentioning that this technology can independently adjust the dynamics of the four-wheel end of the vehicle in milliseconds through a more perceptive electric drive system, thus controlling the body posture more accurately.


The chassis is equipped with front double wishbone and rear double wishbone, and equipped with air suspension and cloud -P system. According to the official introduction, Yunqi -Z suspension technology can bring users a comfortable feeling beyond magnetic levitation, "wherever they go, they are on the ground". In this system, the suspension motor is used to replace the traditional hydraulic shock absorber, and the suspension has entered the "electric" era from the "oil" era.


At present, the prices of the three models exposed or released by WANG ZHANG Automobile are all over one million. If the impact is on luxury off-road vehicles, then the impact on U7 is on luxury D-class vehicles such as WANG ZHANG and A8L. Whether in terms of specifications or power, as the first luxury car to look forward to, looking forward to U7 is still worth looking forward to.