In 2015, the price of Mercedes-Benz E300 was 140,000, and it always kept a little dynamic.

E300L 3.0(For more car information, please pay attention to Wei Xin: 8049414)V6 engine black and gray internal paddles shift 360 degrees around the lens front and rear seat heating partition air conditioning rear boss seat adjustment seat memory Bluetooth connection LED daytime running light.

The front face design is the same as the imported version. The split high beam and low beam lights have sharp lines, and the overall effect is young and dynamic, which completely washes away the image of "Old Ben". The LED light group under the front of the car explains the word fashion more thoroughly. The vigorous rear is very full, and the simple lines are very solemn, which is necessary for high-end commercial vehicles. The five wheels are well matched with the body design style, stable, but not rigid, and always keep a trace of movement.

The dark gray interior looks younger, and with brown seats, it feels upscale. The focus above the center console is a large-sized GPS navigation screen, which is big enough to face. The middle part is the audio control button. The lower part is the air conditioning control button. Seeing this back row, I can only sigh, long! Really convinced, even if it is compared with SUV, it will never suffer. In the face of the "extended war" of peace, it finally made a strong response. Foreign friends who are close to 1.8 meters tall can sit in the back row and tilt their legs calmly, and there is room for a punch in their heads. The advantages brought by the 5-meter wheelbase are very obvious.

The logo on the tail is the proof of the identity of the new car. After Dyke’s separation, the logo of "Beijing-Dyke" at the tail of the new generation of E-class models in China has become the current "Beijing". The logo of E300L clearly shows that the new car is an extended model. The other parts of the body are very close to imported models.