Finally willing to reduce the price! Byd Han’s biggest drop is nearly 20,000, which is no more fragrant than Tesla model3?

In recent years, the rising speed of new energy vehicle brands may not have been expected by any consumer. After all, in the eyes of many old drivers, it will take 5/6 years for new energy vehicles to rise. However, Tesla and BYD, two major new energy vehicle brands, have taken new energy vehicles to a new level. Now, even many established joint venture vehicle companies are facing tremendous pressure. It can be said that in the next few years, the competition between new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles will enter a "white-hot" stage.

In fact, since last year, the sales decline of many first-line fuel joint venture car companies has been very obvious. In the face of increasingly embarrassing market sales, joint venture car companies have begun to wage "price wars", and the prices of many classic joint venture models have broken through historical lows, while new energy vehicles are naturally not to be outdone. Tesla model3′ s price reduction in January has burst into a circle of friends, and BYD, as the brand leader of domestic new energy vehicles, has also begun to compromise to the market in the past two months.

Take BYD Han, the protagonist we are going to talk about today, as an example, in March this year, 23 brand-new BYD Han models were officially listed, with a guiding price of 209,800-299,800. Compared with the previous generation models, the price of top models has been significantly lowered, and because of the listing of new models, 22 BYD Han models also showed a decline of nearly 20,000, and their sincerity was not bad. In February, 12,265 new cars were sold wildly.

The visual impact of BYD Han’s car is still very strong, and its face value shaping is definitely the top in domestic models. The front face of the new car follows BYD’s "Longyan Aesthetics" design concept well, and its closed style and sports blackened front face are also in line with the identity of its electric car. At the same time, in the headlight group design, the exquisite matrix LED light group of the new car has a strong recognition, and it has a very good visual effect after lighting.

In terms of interior shaping, this brand-new champion version comes standard with independent zone ambient lights and 15.6-inch adaptive rotating Pad, and the car system is upgraded with 5G quick coupling, which has a strong sense of science and technology. In addition, the workmanship and materials of the new car, the new car is also made of genuine leather, and the exquisite workmanship makes this car very comfortable to ride.

As a new car, the brand-new BYD Han EV continues to be equipped with single motor and double motor options, with maximum output power of 150kW, 168kW and 380kW, maximum torque of 310N·m, 350N·m and 700N·m, and cruising range of 506km, 605km, 610km (four-wheel drive) and 715km, respectively.

As a flagship car of BYD, the performance of BYD Han’s new car is excellent in terms of appearance shaping, interior technology and power performance. At present, after the price of the new car has been compromised, the sales volume has also become even better. I believe that in the era of the rise of new energy, BYD will get better transcripts this year.