What kind of people are suitable for BYD Tang DM-P release?

??At the online new product launch on June 9th, the new car Tang DM-p was released. This is the car I personally look forward to most in the SUV series. It has all kinds of black technology blessings and can directly challenge the high-end SUV. Next, we will briefly analyze what kind of car buyers this car is suitable for.

??International crude oil prices continue to rise, and 92 # gasoline has approached the 10 mark. In this situation, almost every consumer who needs to buy a car will reconsider whether to buy an oil car or a tram. According to the data, the sales of oil trucks dropped significantly last year, and trams sprang up everywhere. As a leader in self-owned brand electric vehicles, it has rich experience in building cars, and the blade battery that everyone talks about is based on the safe and civilized automobile industry. However, at present, there are more and more types of new cars to choose from in the automobile market, and the forms of optical drive are very diverse, which makes it difficult for consumers to choose.

??Different driving forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of fuel vehicles is stability and reliability, and the accumulation technology is mature for hundreds of years, but the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, economy. Small-displacement supercharged models are fine, while large-displacement models are obviously unable to cope with rising oil prices. The advantages of electric vehicles are low cost, not only cheap charging, but also obvious maintenance cost compared with fuel vehicles. At the same time, the performance of electric vehicles is outstanding. In recent years, the rapid development of trams has continuously refreshed the performance record. But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the battery life is really a headache without revolution, so that driving an electric car go on road trip has always been something that electric car owners dare not touch easily.

???In this case, hybrid vehicles came into being, that is, vehicles are driven by oil and electricity. There are several types of hybrid vehicles, such as those driven by oil and electricity at the same time, those driven by oil converted into electric energy, those directly plugged in and those with hydrogen energy. Although the market looks chaotic, it is certain that the present stage is an unprecedented stage in the history of automobile development, and this is an era in which a hundred schools of thought contend.

??The Tang DM-p model we are talking about today is a high-performance SUV with oil and electricity. The Tang DM-p has three configurations, and its price ranges from 29.28-33.28 million yuan, with an acceleration of 6.3 seconds to 100 and an excellent comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.5 liters, which really reflects the strength of the car, and can be called the benchmark model of a 300,000-class hybrid car.

??Then how does its hybrid advantage manifest itself? The combination of a 1.5T engine and motor used in the DM-p model of Tang Dynasty can travel 215km in pure electric mode, which is not only the best among hybrid models, but even reaches the standard of some pure electric models. The pure battery life of 215 kilometers means that a front-line office worker drives to and from work every day for a week without charging or refueling, which greatly reduces the cost of vehicle use. If 215 kilometers is still not enough for you, then a DM-i model with a pure battery life of 252 kilometers is also provided, and the price is 282,800 yuan.

??This kind of endurance performance is very suitable for office workers, traveling by pure electricity on weekdays, environmental protection and economy. On weekends, you can also go to the outer suburbs to drive by car and feel a pleasant holiday life, which not only ensures the low cost of using the car, but also does not have endurance pressure. If there is no electricity, you don’t have to worry about squatting. If it is a big deal, just drive as a gas car.

??Tang DM-P model also has a very popular black technology configuration, which is also a crucial reason why more young users will choose this car, that is, Tang DM-P model can support 6KW external discharge. Due to some special reasons, there are some restrictions on our travel, so more people are willing to go to the countryside to feel the nature without leaving, and camping is like this. However, the rapid development of camping circle has become an equipment competition, and various outdoor products are emerging one after another. However, outdoor power consumption has always been a thorny issue, because the outdoor power supply that can provide electricity is too heavy and difficult to move, and it is even more impossible to realize the freedom of using electricity.

??In today’s extremely hot camping, if you have a large outdoor power supply with 6kw discharge and it is easy to move, then you will definitely be envied by everyone. Don DM-P can make you realize this dream. You may have no idea about 6kw discharge, which means that after you drive to the camp, you can cook with a household rice cooker, stir-fry with electromagnetic furnace, and also use a microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine and even an oven. At the same time, the super-safe blade battery can continuously provide a steady stream of electricity, so that you can truly realize the freedom of electricity use. This kind of use scene can really be called moving camping. This super-large outdoor power supply doesn’t need you to move around, and the continuous discharge of high power won’t make the owner anxious. When there is no power, you can drive the car away with oil. At the same time, it even has extraordinary off-road ability, because it has a super electric four-wheel drive with faster response speed than mechanical four-wheel drive, so it can take you to more places and unlock more camping games. It is simply a camping artifact.

??It is estimated that friends who like camping are already eager to try. Such a high-performance SUV without endurance pressure can meet our various road conditions and meet our various outdoor electricity needs. The Tang DM-P model will definitely be chosen by more friends who like outdoor camping.