Yinan Diao’s "The Party at South Station" was praised for showing the charm of China movies.

1905 movie network news A few days ago, the 72nd Cannes Film Festival officially closed. Among them, The Party at South Station missed the Palme d ‘Or Award, but it still contributed to the highlight of Chinese movies.

The high praise from domestic and foreign media is the highlight moment of China’s films.

Cannes Film Festival, which has been held to the 72nd session, is one of the most influential and top international film festivals in the world today. Of the 2,000 or so registered films each year, only about 20 can enter the main competition unit, so the competition is fierce. As the only China film shortlisted in the main competition unit of this year’s film festival, The Party at the South Station, although not awarded, also bloomed with moving brilliance during its two-week trip to Cannes, which proved the recognition of China’s films by international film circles.

The Party at South Station tells the story of a fugitive criminal suspect who is wanted by the police and seeks self-redemption during his escape. After the premiere of Cannes, quentin tarantino took the lead in applauding. After four minutes of warm applause, Quentin shook hands with director Yinan Diao. Quentin not only praised the film "The audio and video of the film is too powerful", but also said in an interview later that he "liked it very much and really got into the movie. I haven’t seen such a movie for many years" and spared no effort to make this film with my friend Amway.

It is worth mentioning that Yinan Diao also participated in the premiere of Quentin’s shortlisted film, and the handshake between them was also ridiculed by foreign media as "Quentin has just found a strong opponent competing for the director award". I have to say that two outstanding directors from the East and the West have completed their appreciate each other in light and shadow, which is undoubtedly a highlight of this year’s Cannes.

The film has gained a good reputation at all levels. The Cannes premiere magazine gave a high score of 2.8 for The Party at the South Station. Many overseas mainstream media and well-known film critics also released their comments on the film after the premiere, saying that they could see the shadows of many classic films in it, which was the effective force in China’s film version, and unanimously affirmed the style and type of director Yinan Diao’s handling.

The veteran media Variety commented that "since winning the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival, Yinan Diao has blended China films and social realism into a strange and powerful cocktail with full stamina"; ScreenDaily commented that "a complicated China crime film, with different art film styles, is more inclined to mainstream movies, which means it has great export potential"; Chicago film critic Dawd "The shooting and production of the film is really shocking, the editing and action scenes are great, and there is a little Hitchcock’s brushwork".

In addition to the favorable comments from the global media, The Party at South Station has also won all kinds of praise from domestic media and film critics. Exquisite and exquisite audio-visual language, crazy and bold use of mirror positions, amazing scene scheduling, vigorous and restrained actor performance, and extremely wonderful and advanced double-layer cat-and-mouse intertextual games all gave the audience a great impact and a long aftertaste, and netizens praised it as "amazing"; "It’s so wonderful and beautiful. Under the lens of director Yinan Diao, Kwai Lun Mei blooms with ethereal beauty, while Hugh has a broken dreamy color, and other actors are also remarkable. It’s so enjoyable to see such a Chinese film in Cannes"; It is a milestone in the history of Chinese films. Tao Taotao released a long review of the film, saying that the party at South Station is a step forward compared with White Fireworks, which is "bolder and more author-like. The use of light and shadow in images is rare in Chinese films, and it is full of design and expression", and he is enthusiastic about Amway film "such a film, I hope more people can see and feel it".

"Bao Rong Naida" creates high-quality movies. Netizens call for interest in watching movies and are looking forward to the release.

The reason why The Party at South Station achieved such excellent results is inseparable from the outstanding creative ability and artistic level of director Yinan Diao. In an exclusive interview, Yinan Diao talked about his creative inspiration, saying that the story came from his own fantasy about fugitives, and he made it into a movie to convey a spirit of traditional ethics, morality and chivalry. Speaking of the significance of the film, the director mentioned that culture needs to be inclusive. China’s film works should not only show themselves, but also absorb and accept the nutrition of the world’s excellent film art based on the national traditional culture. Only in this way can the works created be regarded as the international expression of China’s story, so that China filmmakers can break through the traditional film mode in China and make innovations in film aesthetics. As for the feeling that The Party at the South Station was shortlisted for Cannes Film Festival, Director Yinan Diao paid more attention to the film’s spreading value to China culture, saying that China is a particularly valuable artistic creation resource with profound cultural heritage and numerous story themes.

Yinan Diao, the director, has his own explanation about the type and style of the film and the ultimate expression of the film. The choice of movie scenes is the living place of small people in a specific period. It is dirty and shabby, but it is precisely "the light of human nature is most easily revealed in the most sinister environment". The development of human society cannot avoid all kinds of environments. It is precisely because of the light and warmth in human nature that human beings have the power to penetrate the environment. He once said in an interview with the media: "In 2009, our urban construction was the most rapid period. Many ordinary people made great sacrifices for the prosperity of our city today because of demolition. I want to pay tribute to them." The hero of the film is caught in this extreme environment because of the accident of fate, and the complexity of human nature is intertwined. The film’s bright performance for the little people in this extreme state is like mercury.

The director also successfully achieved his expectations through the artistic expression of the film. Many viewers who watched the movie in advance can’t hide their love for the film, saying that the film is very impressive in terms of story, emotion, rhythm, characterization and actors’ acting skills. "The film is very good, the story is very wonderful, and Hugh has broken through himself. Excellent performance, Kwai Lun Mei’s characters are distinctive, while Liao Fan and Wan Qian maintain a consistently high standard"; "The scene of a street fight and four chase scenes is very big, especially the black and white scenes looking for Hugh in the tube-shaped building are full of tension, thrilling and full of stamina"; "The protagonist focused on the camera turned from the former policeman to the fugitive criminal. Hugh’s tough guy was impressive, Kwai Lun Mei’s performance was more relaxed, and several other performances were wonderful"; "Excellent characterization and wonderful story, it is a work with rich content and twists and turns, which can meet the double expectations of the author’s film and ordinary audience."

Some netizens said that they were deeply moved in the film. "What the man did made people see the last bright spot of human nature, saw the responsibility and love of men, and I shed tears under the interpretation of Hugh"; "The life choices of small people are reminiscent of those equally difficult and confused years, which deeply touched the soft spot in my heart"; "There is warmth under the darkness of the film, and love and responsibility can be seen through the appearance of sin, and the brilliance of human nature is even more dazzling in a sinister environment." Through these evaluations, many netizens who have never watched the movie have been inspired to have a strong interest in the film. Some people said that "it is true that this is the most anticipated and quality word-of-mouth film in 2019"; "The people watching the film reviews are gearing up, and the cooperation between Yinan Diao and Hugh, Kwai Lun Mei, Liao Fan and Wan Qian is too interesting, just waiting for the domestic release." From the comments and expectations of netizens at home and abroad, it can be seen that the gathering at South Station is not only outstanding in artistry, but also very attractive, which can not help but make people look forward to the early release of the film in China, so that the public can see the Chinese film bloom again.