Wechat team: violations such as friends circle inducing users to share will be blocked.

  People’s Daily Online, Beijing, February 11 According to WeChat official website news, the WeChat team announced today that WeChat friends circle has an anti-brushing mechanism for the spread of links. Recently, it was found that some enterprises and institutions have circumvention mechanisms to conduct malicious violations and confrontational behaviors on WeChat, including but not limited to brushing through batch domain names or converting domain names into pictures. For this kind of behavior, the WeChat team will deal with it.

  For the content that violates this specification, the WeChat team will deal with it immediately, including but not limited to stopping the link content from spreading in the circle of friends, stopping the access to related domain names or IP addresses, and blocking related links. If it is implemented or initiated by WeChat public platform or open platform account, once verified, the above account and subject will also be punished according to the relevant rules of WeChat, including but not limited to restricting or prohibiting the use of some or all functions, banning the account until it is cancelled, etc., and announcing the processing results; Wechat also has the right to refuse to provide services to the above-mentioned entities in accordance with the provisions of this Code, relevant agreements and special rules.

  1. Induce sharing of class content

  Ask users to share, and the next operation can be carried out only after sharing, and the answer can be known only after sharing; Contains copywriting, pictures, buttons, layers, pop-ups etc. that users explicitly or implicitly share, such as sharing with friends and inviting friends to complete tasks together; Inducing users to share and spread off-line content or WeChat public account articles through interest temptation, including but not limited to: cash prizes, physical prizes, virtual prizes (red envelopes, coupons, vouchers, points, phone bills, traffic, information, etc.), praise collection, group fight, and sharing can increase the chance of winning the lottery, and induce users to share, click, and like WeChat public account articles with points or monetary benefits.

  2、Inducing attention class content

  Forcing or inducing users to pay attention to public accounts, including but not limited to checking answers after attention, receiving red envelopes, and participating in activities after attention.

  3, H5 games, test content

  Games, tests, etc. are used to attract users to participate in the interaction, including but not limited to hand speed, friend question and answer, personality test, test sign, web game, etc.

  4. Fraud content

  Deceiving users to participate by earning cash, physical prizes, virtual prizes, etc. through false red envelopes and activities, including but not limited to false cash-filled red envelopes, false phone cards, false traffic red envelopes, false coupons, false preferential activities, etc.; Publicizing or tricking users into buying goods that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others through false propaganda and malicious marketing, such as giving away goods for the purpose of defrauding postage, false payment services, etc.; Counterfeiting the article typesetting and domain name of WeChat public account may cause confusion among WeChat users.

  5. Harassment information, advertising information and spam.

  Spreading information such as harassment, fraud, and spam advertisements, including but not limited to false winning information, health care products, medicines, and food information that does not conform to relevant national laws and regulations, fake and shoddy commodity information, false service information, and false online currency;

  6, paid voting content

  Contains content that attracts or requires users to pay for voting, including but not limited to direct online payment; Sell, exchange or use valuable virtual goods, gifts, points and other commodities.

  The WeChat team particularly emphasized that the above situation will be dealt with immediately once it is discovered, including but not limited to stopping the continuous spread of linked content in the circle of friends, stopping access to related domain names or IP addresses, and banning the sharing interface of related open platform accounts or applications; For bad cases, permanently ban accounts, domain names, IP addresses or sharing interfaces. (Zhu Jiang)