Shandong International Auto Show kicked off this Friday!

Original title: Shandong International Auto Show kicked off this Friday!

Source: peninsula metropolis daily.

Original title: Shandong International Auto Show kicked off this Friday!

Source: peninsula metropolis daily.

Peninsula all-media reporter He Xinyi

Friday! Friday! Friday! Say the important thing three times! The 2023 Shandong International Auto Show kicked off at 9: 30 am this Friday at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the exhibition period will last until December 11th. It is reported that Hall 1, Hall 2 and Hall 4 of the Convention and Exhibition Center were opened for this auto show, with an exhibition area of nearly 40,000 square meters, and more than 600 models appeared on the stage, covering almost all the mainstream automobile brands on the market at present, which can fully meet the needs of consumers for car appreciation and car purchase. It is also worth mentioning that new cars and discounts are still the highlight of Shandong International Auto Show! New heavyweight cars compete on the same stage. In addition, there are more than ten QR codes for the lucky draw at the auto show site. However, all citizens who come to watch the exhibition can scan the QR code and enter the lucky draw pool, and draw the six-month use right of Janeses GV80, the three-month use right of two Haoplatinum GT, LCD TV, etc. When they come to watch the exhibition, they can enjoy the real benefits! In short, from December 8th to 11th, we will be there at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center (No.9, Miao Ling Road, Laoshan District)!

Hall 1: GAC Toyota, SAIC Volkswagen, etc.

As the last large-scale auto show in Qingdao at the end of the year, can the participation lineup and preferential margin of Shandong International Auto Show meet the psychological expectations of consumers? In this regard, the reporter got the booth distribution map of Shandong International Auto Show. This exhibition used Hall 1, Hall 2 and Hall 4 of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. Specifically, the brands exhibited in Hall 1 are GAC Toyota, SAIC Volkswagen, Beijing Automobile, Deep Blue Automobile, Geely, Extreme Fox, Chuanqi, BYD, Changan, Ford, Buick, Haval, Wei Brand, Tank, Dongfeng Honda, Changan Pickup, etc.

At present, the construction of booths of various brands is in full swing. Some booths with fast progress have already taken shape, and the exhibition cars have stopped in the middle of the booths. The staff are "optimizing" some details. "We attach great importance to this auto show, and the manufacturers who have specially applied for exhibition equipment strive to present a good atmosphere for car viewing and car purchase," said the person in charge of the on-site construction of the auto show.

As a big exhibition at the end of the year, various manufacturers have brought the heaviest models. For example, BYD Song L has had a good flow since its debut. Its appearance has adopted a very fashionable and young "Pioneer Beauty" design, and its low-lying dive posture and suspended roof will be full of recognition. In terms of power, this car is available in single-motor and dual-motor versions. The latter’s zero-speed acceleration takes only 4.3 seconds, and its cruising range is 550 km, 602 km and 662 km. The tank 400 Hi4-T, a key model of Wei brand in the same exhibition hall, is very popular. Its main competitor is Equation Leopard 5. In appearance, this car adopts the mecha style, with a ground clearance of 224 mm, and has good passability. In terms of power, this car gave a set of 2.0T Hi4-T plug-in, with a 9HAT self-developed gearbox and a 37.1 kWh battery, with a pure battery life of 105 kilometers. In addition, the brand-new BJ40 of Beijing Auto, the brand-new red flag H5, the 2024 Geely Xingyue L, the dark blue S7i, the dark blue SL03i, and the polar fox Alpha T5 will all be on display. The first time you look at the new car, Hall 1 is very popular.

It is particularly worth mentioning that, as the provider of this grand prize, the brand Jennisseth is placed in the preface hall at the entrance of Hall 1, and the GV80 car is worth more than 600,000 yuan, which will provide the winner with the right to use it for half a year. Look at the car on the spot and learn about the luxury technology and configuration of Jennisseth, and maybe the grand prize will be in the bag!

Hall 2: Joint-venture and independent brands unveiled together.

Take the escalator from Hall 1 to Hall 2, where many mainstream independent brands and joint venture brands are gathered, including FAW Toyota, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, Jetta, Guangqi Honda, Changan Mazda, FAW Pentium, Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot, BYD, Weipai, Tanks, Roewe, SAIC MG, Wuling, Link and Euler.

In terms of new cars, Wuling, which is "what people need, it will make", will bring a new model starlight. This car is positioned as "super A-class family sedan" and adopts a brand-new design language. The front split headlight group has great visual impact. In terms of power, Starlight will provide two power combinations: pure electric version and plug-in mixed version. People who are interested in it can enjoy the car on the spot. At the Lectra booth, the newly-launched Lectra 06EM-P will be exhibited. It is the second new energy vehicle that adopts the brand-new second-generation design language of Lectra after 2008. It is said that it has the "most beautiful front face". In terms of power, it is the third heavy model of Lectra equipped with the EM-P super extended-range electric scheme, and many media people have given good comments on the handling of this car.

In addition, the participating brands in Hall 2 have brought great discounts, such as the highest discount for the public to explore Yue is 49,000 yuan, and the local production of Bora in Qingdao is 38,000 yuan; The classic model sagitar made a profit of38,000 yuan; In terms of FAW Toyota, the familiar Corolla offers a discount of 28,000 yuan, starting at only 88,800 yuan; RAV4 Rongfang offers a discount of35,000 yuan, and the cost performance has risen linearly; There is also a discount of 38,000 yuan for Guangqi Honda Haoying, which is not small, and the profit margin of Accord has also reached 38,000 yuan. In addition, Beijing Hyundai Elantra has a maximum discount of 28,000 yuan.

Hall 4: luxury brands and new car-making forces blow the "assembly number"

Follow the directions from Hall 2, and there is Hall 4 on the west side. This pavilion is a veritable luxury car pavilion, which brings together mainstream luxury car brands and new forces to build cars.

The specific brands on display in Hall 4 are: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, FAW Audi, Volvo, Lincoln, Smart, Aouita, Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Tucki, Ideal, Tengshi, Lantu Automobile, Imported Volkswagen, MINI, Ford Zongheng, Feifan Automobile, Blue Electric Automobile, Virtue Star RV, Gaohe, Haobo, HarmonyOS Zhixing and Warrior.

Just look at this list, everyone can feel what the stars shine! Needless to say, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi will be unveiled, such as Mercedes-Benz A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, GLA, GLE, GLS, etc. In addition, new energy vehicles represented by EQ series will also be exhibited; Needless to say, BMW 3 Series, BMW X3 and BMW X5L are all popular models in the market, and BMW i3, as a pure electric model, has also seen rapid sales after the discount. Audi is also a full range of models, including pure electric Q4 e-tron, A3 produced locally in Qingdao, etc., which have attracted much attention. Tesla will also be on stage at this year’s auto show, which will showcase the new Model 3 and Y made in China.

There are even more heavy new energy vehicles in this exhibition hall. Just count them, and there are 2024 Lantu FREE, Gaohe HIHIY, Aouita 12, Haobo HT and so on. "Our Ford is also in this exhibition hall, in which the Ranger has just been exhibited at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Its off-road performance is very strong. It will be unveiled together with the BRONCO Fierce Horse and the F150 Raptor. Moreover, this car has the first owner’s lifetime engine, gearbox original factory warranty, free traffic for 5 years, 3,000 yuan vertical and horizontal coupons, 3 years free road rescue and other activities, which is very cost-effective, and if you book it before December 12, you can add an extra 2,000 yuan. Guo Shenggan, the marketing director of Ford’s vertical and horizontal Qingdao Fuyue vertical space, sent an invitation to the fans.

Link: exhibition parking guide

1. The parking area on the south square of Hall 6 and the roof of Hall 7 can be accessed from the north entrance of Xianxialing Road (opposite the Laoshan District Government, with parking guidance) until it is full. After getting off, you can directly enter the auto show site from the south gate of Hall 6.

2. The parking area in the North Square of Hall 6 can be accessed from the north entrance of Xianxialing Road (opposite the Laoshan District Government, with parking instructions) until it is full.

Third, the Grand Theatre parking area is located in the parking lot of Qingdao Grand Theatre.

4. The East Gate and South Gate spectator parking area is located in the East Square of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center and the South Square of Hall 5, with entrances at Yunling Road and Miao Ling Road. It is open to spectators from December 8 to 11.

5. The underground audience parking area of Haitian Financial Hotel can be accessed from the main entrance of Xianxialing Road Hotel or the entrance of Yunling Road, with a guide at the door. It is open to exhibitors and spectators for a fee from December 8 to 11.