The 10th Beijing International Film Festival held a press conference.

On the morning of August 13th, 2020, the Organizing Committee of Beijing International Film Festival and the Information Office of Beijing Municipal People’s Government jointly held a press conference for the 10th Beijing International Film Festival to announce the overall plan, distinctive highlights, preparations for cinema screening, main posters and image ambassadors of this year’s Beijing International Film Festival. Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, Party Secretary and Director of Beijing Radio and Television Station, Yu Junsheng, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee, Wang Jiequn, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee, Xu Tao, member and deputy editor-in-chief of the Party Group of Beijing Radio and Television Station and executive deputy secretary-general of the Organizing Committee, Zhang Xiaoguang, deputy director of China Film Archive, deputy director of China Film Art Research Center and deputy secretary-general of the Organizing Committee attended the press conference.

This year’s film festival will be held from August 22nd to August 29th. According to the requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control, integrated innovation and development, the 10th Beijing International Film Festival takes "Dream Round and Endeavour" as the theme, highlights the characteristics of "Beijing International Film Festival on the Cloud", and organizes a series of activities such as launching, Beijing screening, Beijing planning and theme forum, Beijing market, Beijing University Student Film Festival, film+and reunion in the form of online and offline linkage.


"Start-up" to enhance professional influence

As the beginning of this film festival, the launching ceremony was unique. Eight heavyweight representatives from different fields in the film industry, including Zhang Yimou, Chen Daoming, Huang Huilin, Sun Xianghui, Cao Yin, Fu Ruoqing, Yu Dong and Jason Wu, were invited to give speeches on China Film and Beijing International Film Festival. At the same time, a special program "Dream Round Endeavour" produced by Beijing Radio and Television Station for this film festival will be launched. With speeches as the main expression, combined with short films and interviews, it will tell the filmmakers’ thinking and persistence in creation and express their firm confidence in the industry’s growing recovery and vigorous development again. Famous filmmakers and artists such as Xie Fei, Zhang Yimou, Jia Zhangke, Tang Guoqiang, Jason Wu, WU GANG, Muye Wen, Christina, Du Jiang and Cai Xukun will meet the audience.

A major breakthrough,

"Beijing Exhibition" rekindles light and shadow

"Beijing Exhibition" is deeply concerned by the media and fans, and will achieve new breakthroughs in content and form this year. The screening is divided into four parts: online screening, TV screening, cinema screening and open-air screening, showing more than 300 excellent Chinese and foreign films. Online screening, in cooperation with the exclusive online screening platform Iqiyi, set up a Beijing International Film Festival area, set up 12 units, and launched about 250 films, and launched about 50 new domestic and foreign films for the first time, which is an unprecedented move in domestic film festivals. Television screening, in Beijing Satellite TV, film and television, and Youth, 20 outstanding Chinese and foreign films are broadcast in cycles, which is the first time that 10 foreign films have been broadcast on domestic TV stations, and it is also the first time that domestic film festivals have opened up TV screening channels. Open-air screening is also a highlight of this Beijing International Film Festival, showing 24 Chinese and foreign classic old films and high-quality new films such as romance on lushan mountain and Undine. The public welfare screening will cover 16 villages and towns in Huairou District, showing about 30 films and 500 shows of My People,My Country and The Captain’s "Decisive Moment".

More than 100 Chinese and foreign masterpieces have been selected for screening in cinemas. In terms of screening program planning, "Beijing Screening" is based on the important node of the tenth anniversary of Beijing International Film Festival, and on the basis of retaining the classic units that are deeply loved by the audience, it has carefully designed refreshing theme units, which will provide you with a breakthrough viewing experience.

"Beijing Exhibition" setting unit:

"Official recommendation" module:Screening outstanding selected films that signed up for the Beijing International Film Festival; Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of French movie master eric rohmer"Hou Mai’s Covenant" Unit; Loved by fans, showing the world’s cutting-edge film restoration technology"Repair Classics" Unit, showing masterpieces of film history such as War and Peace and Elephant Man; The "Global Vision" unit brings together new excellent films from all over the world;"Chinese power" unitFocus on displaying outstanding Chinese film masterpieces including "Back to the South" and "Unknown Crazy"; As a big screen gift for fans, "Beijing Exhibition" was launched.IMAX great contribution unitIn Chinese, the audience can enjoy the ultimate audio-visual experience through IMAX and relive the masterpieces of film history;Offline screeningContinue to expand the "VR Beijing" section to present a selection of top works of global virtual reality;Long live the movie theme unitBy showing a series of old and new films including Paradise Cinema and Truth, we can arouse new thinking and discussion about the past and future of the film.Into mirrorIs a brand-new unit facing the future; It will show many works with breakthrough and experimental spirit in artistic style, including Work and Time, The Reunions’s Land of Honey, etc.Female voice theme unitA group of films focusing on women’s life and inner world at home and abroad, such as "Shui Shui Yue in Hand", "Flowers Are So Red" and "Tropical Rain", will be shown to pay attention to and record the distinctive trend of the times.

Frequent explosions,

Beijing market builds the whole industry chain ecology

This year’s Beijing market will give full play to the role of industrial docking and linkage to help the film industry flourish. "Beijing Market" is divided into five sections: investment promotion exhibition, project venture capital, industry dialogue, special activities and signing ceremony. The China Merchants Exhibition was moved online this year, and it was the first domestic film festival to build a virtual display system with 3D+VR technology, providing free booths to global film institutions. Project venture capital has collected 829 projects this year, up by 13% compared with last year, and the quality has also been greatly improved. This year, Chen Guofu, a well-known producer, Yongmei, a Berlin-winning actress, and Deng Chao, a well-known household name, will be the final judges, and it is believed that new works with the most market potential and artistic level can be selected. Industry Dialogue: The Beijing Market Industry Dialogue was held in Huairou Boutique B&B for the first time, focusing on hot topics such as "the influence of artists’ brokers" and "the road to the rise of young directors in China", which injected new impetus and vitality into the development of China films and world films.

At the film-watching ceremony, a cinema manager’s film-watching meeting will be held in cooperation with China Film and Huaxia to promote some key films. This is the first national film-watching meeting this year. At the signing ceremony, a number of key films with major themes such as "Critical Point" and "Hello Students" will be released, and the support plan for young filmmakers of China Film Group will be released.

Sound takes people away,

Theme Forum Insights into Industry Frontiers

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Beijing International Film Festival, the organizing committee of the film festival specially planned 10 theme forums, including "Ten Years as a Shadow-10th Anniversary Theme Forum of Beijing International Film Festival", "Sino-foreign Film Cooperation Forum and Film Venture Capital Conference", "Art Film Forum", "Exploring the Beauty of Film", "Development and Reform of Film in the 5G Era", "International Film Academic Forum", "Future Image Development Summit Forum" and "China Film Industry Development Summit Forum", which will be invited. At the same time, this year’s Beijing International Film Festival will also launch the movie master Class, inviting many people from overseas film institutions to participate. Austrian female directors Jessica Hausner and Hong Kong director Guan Jinpeng will talk about their personal creative ideas and discuss industrial development.

Colorful, cross-border linkage to create a movie+

In order to continuously enhance the function of culture to benefit the people and educate the people, and improve the public participation in the film festival, the 10th Beijing International Film Festival also fully combined social forces and market forces to upgrade and create "Film Plus". Online and offline activities such as Beijing National Film Exhibition, Science and Technology Film Unit, Beijing Youth Film Festival, Opera Film Activity, Animation Short Film Unit, Youth Science and Technology Video Unit, Beijing International Film Festival Cloud Lecture Hall and Animation Game Film Unit will enable more people to break the wall and enjoy it.

Love is profound, and the future of "reunion" can be expected.

The special program "Reunion" produced by Beijing Radio and Television Station for this film festival will gather filmmakers through three paragraphs: "Reunion with Love", "Reunion with Departure" and "Reunion with the Future" to express filmmakers’ new thoughts and feelings about the film, show the achievements of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival, and firmly promote the cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign films and the development of China film industry. At the same time, it will send invitations to filmmakers, media and fans at home and abroad for the 11th Beijing International Film Festival.

Warm forward, about ten years of special program exhibition

After ten years’ development, the Beijing International Film Festival has gradually entered a mature stage. This year, the organizing committee also carefully organized the 10th anniversary theme forum, the "Ten Years’ Light-Picking" photo exhibition, and the 10th anniversary special exhibition jointly held with china national film museum, with gratitude, introspection and development, to review the interdependence between Beijing International Film Festival and China films, Beijing city and fans, and to review the glorious development of China films in the past ten years and witness Beijing International Film Festival’s ten years. For film practitioners and fans, this "ten-year contract" is a journey of light and shadow full of ritual and participation.

Expand on the cloud and create a never-ending ceremony.

"Beijing International Film Festival on the Clouds" is a highlight of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival. This year’s Beijing International Film Festival is highly integrated with the Internet, and overseas guests will participate in various activities in Beijing International Film Festival in the form of "cloud connection". A 3D panoramic display system will be built in official website, Beijing International Film Festival, and a "cloud booth" for projects and films of various companies will be launched, and an online "Beijing Market" exhibition will be held to provide exhibitors and guests with a digital, intelligent and efficient exchange and cooperation experience. The launching ceremony of the film festival and the special program "Dream Round, Endeavour" and "Reunion" produced by Beijing Radio and Television Station will meet with you through network broadcast, creating a new dialogue and exchange platform for people in the film industry. The newly upgraded official website provides more professional content and services with network advantages, creating more opportunities for the audience to get in touch with movies, get close to movies and participate in movies, and upgrading the film festival from a fixed time and a fixed city to a lasting film festival with never ending and global participation.

With a long history,

The main poster outlines a full picture.

The organizing committee announced the poster of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival, the theme of which has a long history.

Source-from the world view of a city,

Far-as far as the elegant gesture of a group of people,

Flow-the common beauty of a country,

Long-keep a dream’s mind.

Jason Wu served as the image ambassador of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival. Mr. Jason Wu, a famous actor and director in China, served as the image ambassador of this year’s Beijing International Film Festival. He has opened up a film road with a unique personal style and feelings for home and country in the China film market. From him, we can see the "struggle" and "persistence" of China filmmakers in the new era, which is highly consistent with Beijing International Film Festival’s theme this year-"Dream Round and Endeavour".

Judging from the launching ceremony, the special program "Dream Round, Endeavour", the guest lineup of the final judging panel of project venture capital and the highlights of various activities, the 10th Beijing International Film Festival will definitely fully display the fruitful achievements of Beijing’s national cultural center construction and film and television highland construction with a newer image and higher quality, and Do not forget your initiative mind, being honest and innovative, will hold a more extraordinary, innovative and influential international film festival at the high point of ten years!