The Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference on the "8.11" murder in Linhe District.

  Municipal public security bureau in2010yeareightmoon13Sunday (Friday) afternoonfourHold a press conference to the press and introduce Linhe District to the society through the press.8.11"The murder situation. Central government, autonomous region and municipal level15Home news media20A reporter attended. Li Xinwu, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, Jia Yingxiang, Assistant Mayor and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Li Ruizhi, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Linhe District, and Liu Jingang, Deputy Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and Director of the Linhe District Public Security Bureau attended the press conference.Deputy director of municipal public security bureauChaokejiletuPreside over this press conference.    

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  Zhao Kejiletu, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, presided over the press conference.

  host Chaokejiletu:Dear friends from the press and taxi drivers,

  Hello everyone! Today, the public security organs at the two levels in the urban area held a crackdown here.8.11First of all, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the friends who came to the press conference and express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their long-term concern and support for public security work.

  2010yeareightmoon11sunIn the early morning, there was a murder case downstairs of Red Rose Bar in Jiankang North Road, Linhe District. Two suspects had an argument with the taxi driver for not paying the fare, and stabbed the taxi driver Gao Lijie with a knife and fled the scene. Linhe district bureau of public security110After receiving the alarm, a detection task force was set up overnight, which was carefully deployed and fought day and night.55Hours later, the suspects Jia Kaiqiang and Liu Xiangyang were arrested and brought to justice, and the case was successfully cracked.

  Now please introduce the details of the case detection by Director Liu Jingang of Linhe Public Security Bureau;  

  Liu Jingang, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and director of the Linhe District Public Security Bureau, made a press release.

  Published by Liu Jingang:Dear leaders, news media and taxi drivers,

  eightmoon11In the early hours of the morning, a murder case occurred in Linhe District. Two suspects brutally killed a taxi driver with daggers.“8.11”Murder is cruel, the plot is bad, the case happened in the middle of the night, the crime time is short, no valuable clues are left at the scene, the difficulty is high and the social impact is great. After the case occurred, the public security organs, with a highly responsible attitude towards people’s lives, made an in-depth investigation, stripped the cocoon, removed the false and preserved the true, and made painstaking efforts.55The case was successfully solved after an hour of careful investigation. The successful cracking of the case has dealt a severe blow to the arrogance of criminals, severely shocked all kinds of illegal and criminal acts, and demonstrated the majesty of the law and the strong strength and determination of public security organs to crack down on crimes and protect the people.

  Below, on behalf of the task force, I will introduce the case investigation to you:eightmoon11Early in the morning0time43Branch, Linhe District Public Security Bureau110The command center received a phone call from a crowd saying: Jiankang North rose"Downstairs of the bar, two young men stabbed a taxi driver to death with a knife. The case is an order. After receiving the report, the Linhe District Public Security Bureau urgently started the linkage mechanism of homicide detection. The deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the director of the District Public Security Bureau Liu Jingang, the political commissar Liu Ruiping, the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation Zhang Yongping and other bureau leaders immediately led the detective technicians and the police of Tuanjie Road Police Station to the scene, and the on-site investigation and investigation visits were carried out simultaneously, and the case was reported to the Municipal Public Security Bureau. After receiving the report, Su Yong, deputy director of the city bureau in charge of criminal investigation, led Wang Weixin, political commissar of the criminal police detachment, and other detective technicians to rush to the scene to guide the detection, and reported the case to Jia Yingxiang, assistant to the mayor and director of the city bureau. After preliminary field investigation, the taxi driver Gao, male,40Years old, he was killed by a taxi. The cause of death was multiple open injuries to the head, face and chest, and his heart ruptured and he died of massive bleeding. The suspect used a dagger weapon.

  According to the on-site investigation, taxi meter display and interview investigation and analysis, the time of the crime waseightmoon11Early in the morning0time40About minutes, the victim Gao drove a taxi to send two men tored rose"After the bar went downstairs, two men got off the bus and left. Gao caught up and asked for the fare. He had an argument with the two men. After being beaten by them, he was stabbed to death with a dagger weapon he carried with him.0time43After committing the crime, the two suspects walked from north to south near the T-junction at the west gate of Wuxing Garden, and got on a taxi that just came and left. In the detailed investigation and interview, the police defined the physical characteristics of the suspect: suspect A, male,21About years old, height1.85About meters, medium build, long hair, natural hairstyle, long face, wearing purple round neck and half sleeves, dark pants and local accent. Suspect B, male,21About years old, height1.76About meters, medium build, short hair, wearing a white round neck and half sleeves, a large dark box pattern on the chest, wearing dark pants and a local accent.

  In view of the seriousness of the case, the Linhe District Public Security Bureau immediately established Liu Jingang, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and director of the Linhe District Public Security Bureau, as commander, Liu Ruiping, political commissar, as deputy commander, and leaders of other bureaus as commanders, with the participation of capable police forces of all police types.“8.11”Homicide task force 

  The task force quickly deployed and transferred the overall situation.700More than a police force, soldiers work in several ways. Carry out in-depth large-scale investigation and arranging work around the scene to find insiders. Investigate and understand that nightRed rose bar"And the surrounding area30The details of the employees and customers in the bars operated by Yu Jia. Go to hotels, inns and saunas to check the guests staying after zero. Go to each taxi company to collect the information of taxis passing through the scene at the time of the crime, find out the taxis that the suspects took after committing the crime, print the investigation report overnight, and send it to the taxi drivers who burn the midnight oil, offering a reward.2Ten thousand yuan, publicly collect clues. Around the crime scene, repeated exploration and inquests were conducted, and reconnaissance experiments were organized to further search for traces and physical evidence left by criminal suspects. Run according to the taxi meter of the victim.threeminute1.5The record of kilometers, the task force after careful analysis and research and reconnaissance experiments, to1.5Km is the radius, and it is estimated that the suspect may take a taxi.17A location and the route from the boarding point to the crime scene, which is globally surrounded.Two Point One Line"(that is, the boarding point, the location of the crime, and the route from the boarding point to the crime scene). The focus is on restaurants, barbecue stalls, hotels, game halls, saunas, etc. that are still open after zero. In view of the fact that the criminal suspect is ruthless and reckless, and it is very likely that he has a criminal record, the task force has increased the crackdown on those who have been dealt with.25Under age, height1.85The personnel above meters shall be arranged and checked by fixed personnel at regular intervals. According to the situation that there may be blood on the suspect, the Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the public security organs of various counties overnight to immediately investigate, control and intercept the main roads in the city. Various investigations were carried out in an orderly and tense manner. 

  The task force rushed to the command center of Bashi Transportation Bureau overnight and seized the installation.GPSPositioning system of the taxi running track, found that there are12A car passed the scene of the crime at the time of the crime, and after investigation, it was reported that two passengers had never pulled such physical characteristics. The driver who burned the midnight oil that night also failed to give back valuable clues.eightmoon11On the morning of, the task force called the owners and drivers of the three major taxi companies in our city to report the case and the physical characteristics of the suspect, hoping that the vehicles passing by the scene at that time would provide clues, but no valuable clues were obtained. The task force timely adjusted the thinking of the case, further expanded the scope of the reward, and issued a reward notice on Bayannaoer TV, radio and Bayannaoer Evening News to encourage people from all walks of life to provide clues. Director Liu Jingang madeThe murder case will be solved, the case will be rewarded, and the case will not be solved, and there will be no retreat."Solemn commitment. Organize the overall community police to go deep into the community, continue to conduct in-depth investigation and arrangement according to the physical characteristics of criminal suspects, and continue to conduct in-depth investigations and visits to taxi drivers who burn the midnight oil.

  eightmoon12Sunday morningsevenAt that time, according to the clues reflected by the masses and detailed investigation, the task force designated the roadway near the east of Kewen Community, University Road, Linhe District as a key area for secret investigation. Director Liu Jingang and Political Commissar Liu Ruiping personally rushed to the vicinity of the roadway for on-the-spot inspection. Considering that the suspect is tall, has obvious physical features and may have injuries on his hands, he decided to send plainclothes policemen to squat and wait near the alley. noon12At about 10 o’clock, the police found a height of about.1.90The suspicious man in Mi wanted to go out, so he was investigated according to law and found that his right hand was injured, so he took it back to the Public Security Bureau for examination. The man named Jia Kaiqiang was evasive and refused to admit that it was related to the case. The task force asked the witnesses Li Hongyi and Bai Jun at the crime scene to identify it and rule it out. The leader of the task force analyzed that the nicknameimmortal"Jia Kaiqiang was in the case.10It was touched out twice in an hour, but it was ruled out after being identified by two witnesses. At this time, it was found again in the designated key areas because it was inred rose"Worked as a waiter in a bar, most likely with witnessesred rose"Li Hongyi, the waiter of the bar,Diamond renjian"Bai Jun, the waiter in the bar, has some connection. So I decided to make a breakthrough from the periphery. On the one hand, I inspected Jia Kaiqiang’s temporary residence, and on the other hand, I conducted a comprehensive verification of his whereabouts on the night of the incident. The police found a dress with blood in its rental place and a pair under the bed.“AK–47”Dagger. In the face of strong evidence, after more than three hours of wits, the suspect Jia Kaiqiang (male, Han nationality, born in1990yearsixmoon13Date, domicile: Yongsheng Society, Yongsheng Village, Dukou Town, Dengkou County.54No.,staying in linhe district) psychological defense line collapsed and confessed the criminal process. eightmoon11Early in the morning0time37About 10 minutes later, Jia Kaiqiang and Liu Moumou took a taxi from Gao after drinking in Qingfeng Street.0time40Assignred rose"In front of the bar, paidfiveGet off the bus after the yuan fare, and the victim Gao catches up and asks the two to ask for an extra night train.fiveYuan money, two people don’t give, punching and kicking to Gao, Jia Kaiqiang with carry-on.“AK–47”The dagger stabbed Gao’s head, face, chest and abdomen, and watched Gao fall to the ground and take a taxi to escape from the scene. The police of the task force quickly attacked and arrested another suspect, Liu Moumou (male, Han nationality, born in1995yearsevenmoonsevenDate, domicile: Taiyangmiao Farm, Shuangmiao Town, Hanghou.oneparvial fieldeightNo.,staying in Linhe District), after careful investigation, ineightmoon13Sunday morningsevenCapture it in one fell swoop. After interrogation, the two suspects confessed to the crime of killing the taxi driver Gao, and explained all the crimes. At the same time, the task force also made a major breakthrough in the interrogation of suspects Li Hongyi and Bai Jun who were suspected of harboring. They confessed that the suspect was Jia Kaiqiang at the time of the crime, but out of brotherhood, when the public security organs examined Jia Kaiqiang as a key suspect three times, they all denied it as witnesses and helped Jia Kaiqiang escape legal sanctions.

  At present, the criminal suspects Jia Kaiqiang and Liu Moumou, as well as the criminal suspects Li Hongyi and Bai Jun suspected of harboring, have been criminally detained by our bureau, and the case is under further investigation.

  This case is only used55 The success of the hour is attributed to four aspects:

  First, the high attention, attention and correct leadership of leaders at all levels is an important prerequisite for the successful detection of the case. After the incident, Jia Yingxiang, assistant to the mayor, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Municipal Bureau, specially listened to the case report and organized a case analysis meeting, pointing out that the case occurred in a downtown area, and the masses paid high attention to it. It is necessary to fully attack difficulties and overcome difficulties, and the case will be solved. The leaders of the district party Committee and the government attached great importance to this case and made important instructions, demanding that the public security organs go all out to detect it. Strong organization and leadership, careful and meticulous work deployment have played a key role in accurately grasping the best fighter for case detection. Second, the relevant units cooperated and cooperated closely, and the police who participated in the war fought bravely and continuously, which provided a strong guarantee for the detection of the case. After the incident, all units seized the clues and responded quickly, firmly grasping the initiative of the attack. The police officers of relevant units took action quickly, United and cooperated closely, and grasped the doubts without relaxing. In the case that witnesses at the scene gave false testimony and denied the criminal suspect Jia Kaiqiang three times, they found important clues through groping, squatting and secret investigation in key areas, and solved the case in one fell swoop. Third, careful deployment and accurate reconnaissance direction. Looking back after solving the case, we determined the reconnaissance direction and delineated.Two Point One Line"The key investigation areas around the radiation were very accurate, and the case was successfully cracked through extensive mobilization of the masses and in-depth investigation. Fourth, the support from all walks of life and the people has played an important role. After the case happened, all walks of life and the people enthusiastically provided clues, especially one of the people provided the possible residence of the suspect, which gave us positive help in successfully detecting the case.

  “8.11”The successful resolution of the case was carried out under the correct leadership of the Party Committee, the government and the Political and Legal Committee, with the close cooperation of all kinds of police, the strong support of the news media and the masses. It embodies the painstaking efforts of leaders at all levels and the broad masses of police and the strong support of all sectors of society. It is a demonstration of the achievements of the public security organs in strengthening team building and fully promoting the police through science and technology, and it is another test of the overall quality of the public security organs.Justice will prevail over evil."The song of triumph. pass“8·11”With the successful detection of the murder case, we also deeply realize that how to effectively curb juvenile delinquency is still a serious issue at present, which needs the common concern and common solution of all sectors and classes of society. As can be seen from this case, a taxi driver was killed innocently, while two suspects were only years old.20Years old,15Years old, cruel and murderous, just becausefiveThe yuan fare does not hesitate to try the law, which fully exposes the serious problems of some young people’s poor moral concepts, weak legal awareness, weak sense of social responsibility and distorted outlook on life, world outlook and values. 

  Here, on behalf of the task force, I once again thank the leaders at all levels for their attention and support, the people for actively providing clues, and the news media for their active participation and full support. I sincerely hope that friends and guests in the press will, as always, care about and support public security work, publicize the achievements made by public security organs in cracking down on illegal crimes, mobilize people from all walks of life to expose criminal clues, and actively create a good atmosphere for the whole society to participate in the comprehensive management of social security. With the support of all walks of life and the people, we have the determination, confidence and ability to maintain the long-term stability of society and ensure the people’s livelihood!

  Thank you!


  host Chaokejiletu:I invite the representative of the taxi company to speak.  

  The representative of Bayun Taxi Company spoke.

  Speaking on behalf of Bayun Taxi Company:Dear leaders, police officers and friends in the press,

  Good afternoon everyone. This afternoon, the public security organs at the two levels in the city organized a meeting here.8.11Press conference on the case of killing a taxi driver. First of all, on behalf of all the employees of Bayun Taxi Driver Company and the majority of taxi drivers, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the public security organs at the two levels in the city for successfully solving this case, and to all sectors of society for their support and help in successfully solving this case.

  2010yeareightmoon11Gao Lijie, a taxi driver of our company, was stabbed by two men in the early hours of the morning and died after being rescued. After the case occurred, our company actively cooperated with the public security organs to carry out the detection work, and seriously organized the majority of taxi drivers to actively provide clues for the detection of the case. After the unremitting efforts of the broad masses of police officers of public security organs at two levels in urban areas and all walks of life, after55Hours successfully solved the case.

  After the case was solved, all the staff and taxi drivers in our company were extremely happy and delighted, and they rushed to tell each other about it, and said that they would cooperate with the public security organs in their future work, actively collect and provide clues to solve the case, and make their own contributions to cracking down on illegal crimes.

  The occurrence of this case also exposed the loopholes and shortcomings in the management of taxi drivers in our company, and the education of drivers’ safety awareness and self-prevention was not enough in Shanghai. In the future, in the management of taxi drivers, we must intensify training, actively organize the majority of taxi drivers to seriously study all kinds of laws and regulations, and constantly improve their own safety awareness; At the same time, the majority of taxi drivers are encouraged to fully carry forward the spirit of courage, mutual assistance and cooperation, actively cooperate with public security organs to maintain public security and social order in Linhe, and make due contributions to the stability and development of Linhe.

  Thank you all.     

  Bayun Company presented a banner to Linhe District Public Security Bureau.    

  The municipal bureau award a bonus of 20,000 yuan (on behalf of that task force) to citizens who provide important clue to solve the case. 

  host Chaokejiletu:Jia Yingxiang, Assistant Mayor, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, is invited to speak.    

  Jia Yingxiang, Assistant Mayor, Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, made a speech.  

  deliver a speech Jia Yingxiang:At present, we are facing the social transition period, and the experience at home and abroad proves that this period is both the golden period of development and the prominent period of contradictions. The basic situation of complex and severe criminal cases and public security situation will not change in the short term. In response to this situation, the city’s public security organs have always maintained a high-pressure situation of cracking down on all kinds of illegal crimes, intensified efforts to crack down on public security, and spared no effort to maintain social harmony and stability and long-term stability. Taxi industry is a special industry, involving a wide range, many people and strong mobility, and it is the key target of illegal crimes. There are criminal cases against taxi drivers every year in the city, so taxi drivers have always been the key protection and management targets of public security organs. We should strengthen the public security management of the taxi industry to ensure the personal safety of taxi drivers. I also hope that taxi drivers should improve their awareness of safety precautions, strengthen their own safety precautions, and actively install safety precautions, such asGPSPositioning system, video surveillance camera system. Taxi companies should also do a good job in the safety prevention of the taxi industry. According to the internal security regulations of enterprises and institutions, they have the obligation to install necessary safety protection equipment for taxis to effectively prevent and protect the taxi drivers. The government will increase management assessment as the basis for issuing new cars.

  Public places of entertainment have become the key places with high incidence of illegal crimes. It is hoped that all places of entertainment will strengthen safety precautions, equip with security guards and install video surveillance systems to ensure the internal safety of the places. At the same time, they should provide all kinds of criminal clues for public security organs, help them to investigate and solve crimes effectively, and fulfill their legal obligations.

  The murder of a taxi driver has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life, and the masses have actively provided clues to the public security organs, enabling us to solve the problem in a short period of time.55Within an hour, two suspects were successfully arrested and brought to justice, and justice was done for the victims, demonstrating the dignity of the law. At today’s press conference, we gave heavy rewards to the people who provided clues, and cashed in the bonuses on the spot, hoping that people from all walks of life would mobilize to actively fight against criminals, actively report and expose crimes, provide all criminal clues for public security organs, and help our public security organs to fight crimes more effectively and protect people’s lives and property. Only when society works together to fight against illegal crimes and criminals become street rats, can our society maintain long-term stability and people live and work in peace and contentment.


  host Chaokejiletu:This is the end of the press conference. Thank you.