The owner of the car is still using mobile navigation really out. See how this car beat mobile navigation.

The complex and changeable driving conditions and the hard-to-prevent driving blind spots have made car owners and friends pay more and more attention to driving safety. It is precisely because of this that Panorama 360 products that assist safe driving have gradually become the just need of new and old drivers.

But the question is coming again. While installing Panorama 360, can you enjoy rich car networking services such as intelligent network connection and audio entertainment? Is there a perfect and mature solution that takes into account the safety and intellectual interest of the driving experience?

Siwei Zhilian, a leading enterprise in vehicle networking, relies on powerful intelligent networking and safety-assisted driving technology to launch a new flagship product, namely Q5, which is a 360-degree intelligent networking all-in-one machine for shaking 8-300 3D panorama, to meet the needs of car owners and users for large-screen central control modification in one step, and truly achieve both intelligence and interest and safety upgrade!

Let’s get to know the powerful functions of Q5 with Xiaobian!

Flagship hardware configuration, strength

01 Quad-core car gauge CPU, the system runs smoothly and the panoramic stitching is stable.

The powerful CPU brings a smoother experience, and various applications such as navigation, listening to songs and panoramic view can be switched freely.

Jiefa technology independent intellectual property chip

AC8257 quad-core CPU, 64-bit 2.0GHz

2G+32G memory combination

02 QLED quantum screen is upgraded again, and the resolution is as high as 1280×720.

The process of shaking 8 QLED quantum screen has been upgraded again, which has been comprehensively improved in terms of clarity, color and contrast. It is not reflective and clearer, bringing visual enjoyment closer to real color.

-The details are more realistic

-The screen is brighter.

-High color immersion

The industry’s first F1.5 large aperture, high-definition night vision is unparalleled.

Breakthrough the industry technology, the first F1.5 large aperture, the ultimate lens performance, night parking, driving video is very clear.

-Sony 225 chip

-7-layer all-glass lens

-F1.5 large aperture

-HD matte night vision king

3D panoramic image, safe escort

01 3D 360° panoramic image, the blind area can also be clearly seen.

Through four super wide-angle high-definition cameras installed in the front, back, left and right of the car body, images around the car are collected at the same time, and a 3D panoramic bird’s-eye view of 360 degrees is presented on the central control screen.

-Turn it on and look around 360.

-1:1 exclusive car model customization

-2D/3D mode switching freely.

-Radar display and radar trigger

02 Four-channel 1080P HD video, with clear record of driving process.

Four cameras at the front, rear, left and right simultaneously record the driving state, and view it directly on the central control screen in real time, which provides strong evidence for vehicle rubbing, porcelain collision and traffic accidents.

-Four channels of high-definition loop video.

-1080P ultra-clear image quality

-Anti-shake and shockproof, stable recording

03 supportLuyaMode and narrow lane mode, driving in narrow space can pass easily.

Each view is true, clear and undistorted, meeting the most common daily driving needs in narrow spaces.

-Cliff mode

-Narrow track mode

4G networking, happy on the road

01 intelligent driving system Athena OS, supporting OTA online upgrade.

Athena OS, a four-dimensional intelligent driving system developed by Zhilian, supports OTA upgrade and bid farewell to the traditional USB flash drive upgrade. The upgrade system is faster and more convenient, and there is no need to run 4S stores or refit stores.

-OTA online upgrade

-Automatic cleaning of background debris data

-The system responds quickly

02 AI global intelligent voice, supporting voice control panorama.

-Accurate recognition, quick response, and voice control of navigation, panorama, music and other functions.

-Say goodbye to tedious manual operation and make driving safer and easier.

Rich car audio-visual entertainment, 4G networking and intelligent travel.

Intelligent navigation, listening to songs, listening to cross talk, listening to radio … Travel with intellectual interest and enjoy on the road.

-High-precision meter-level map navigation

-QQ Music Massive Genuine Music Library

-Himalayan 100 million+genuine audio resources

-Online installation of massive popular apps

Shake Zhiyun desktop and know more about your car life.

According to users’ driving habits and preferences, we can intelligently push travel plans and entertainment news programs for users.

-Smart news push

-Smart push songs

-Driving animation display

-Traffic usage reminder

-Destination prediction

Shake 8 3D to panoramic 360 intelligent networked all-in-one Q5, with powerful functions, powerful face value and safe blessing, is the driving weapon that car owners and users have been waiting for for for a long time. Q5 is in the hot sale of its major member stores and flagship stores, and more cool features are waiting for you to experience!

Compared with mobile navigation, do you think it is more convenient to use the car?