Really shoot a brand-new model of Zhiji car. Is this what a smart car should look like?

Yiche original On January 13th, Zhiji Automobile, jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group, was released simultaneously in Shanghai, China, CES, Las Vegas, USA and London, England: IM Zhiji, a brand of high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle. Two brand-new products were also brought to the press conference.

The origin of Zhiji’s name

The Chinese brand name "Zhiji" is taken from "Knowing everything around, but Dao Ji is the world" in The Book of Changes. It is intended to use wisdom to consider everything, diligently explore, define, create and realize the wisdom travel driven by the times and needed by users. The English brand name "IM" means Intelligence in Motion, which is a rational reflection on the evolution direction of smart cars: focusing on the deep intelligence of the whole vehicle created by artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

When is the listing time?

The official names of the two new cars attended this time have not yet been officially announced, but they are just called smart pure electric cars and smart pure electric SUVs. Among them, the production version of smart pure electric cars will be globally booked during the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021, listed at the end of 2021 and delivered to car owners in 2022. The smart pure electric SUV will be officially launched in 2022.

How about styling design?

Judging from the appearance, both of Zhiji’s new cars have a strong sense of lines. Among them, the design of cars is more radical.

The headlight shape adopts a sharp 3-shaped design, and the air inlets on both sides below are also decorated with light strips, which adds a sharp feeling to the front face.

The shape of the front face of SUV models has increased a certain sense of thickness, and the lights on both sides have played a role in outlining the shape and increased the overall sense of science and technology.

Both cars have adopted the design of sliding back on the side, which is also very popular nowadays, making the vehicles more eye-catching from the visual effect.

The car body size is 5000/1960/1485mm, in which the car body length is obviously superior to competing models Tucki P7 and Han.

The tail parts of the two cars are all designed with penetrating light strips, which can present different visual effects inside. From the picture, it can be seen that the taillights of SUV models are somewhat like wings after lighting, and the lower part is decorated with L-shaped light strips like the front face.

The cockpit design in the car adopts a brand-new proportional layout and a full replacement solution of intelligent voice control and screen touch of the whole car. At the same time, the solid wood decorative board of Como Lake area in Italy at 45 north latitude and semi-aniline calfskin in Bavaria, Germany are used in the interior materials to ensure that the whole car is 0 benzene and 0 formaldehyde.

Is the functional configuration rich enough?

In addition, all the glass of the two new cars launched by IM Zhiji adopts double-layer quiet glass design, which perfectly meets the requirements of quiet space. The car uses a 12.8′ 2K AMOLED curved surface intelligent control center screen and a 39 ‘Incell huge display large screen, which can be intelligently lifted and lowered according to the usage scene.In terms of car system, the two cars adoptedZhiji automobile independently developed.IMOS operating system,It realizes a smooth unbounded multi-screen interactive experience and a scene immersive experience.

In terms of functional configuration, the new car supports intelligent parking+urban intelligent navigation+high-speed intelligent navigation, including memory parking & calling, automatic parking service, traffic light recognition and automatic crossing, anti-congestion & automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic lane change, overtaking, getting on and off ramps according to navigation paths, and Super, Traffic Jam, rear-end alarm, etc. At the same time, at the end of this year, the new car will also have a little bit of zero-take-over automatic driving ability if laws and regulations permit.

The two cars also have the Carlog function, and the image sensor at the top has 150 million pixels, which supports 180 distortion-free super wide angle, 4K HD video shooting, super night scene, high dynamic range, time-lapse photography, slow-motion photography and other modes, and can also be used for editing in the car.

The new car also has a smart lighting system consisting of 2.6 million pixels DLP+5000 LED ISC, which can realize the interaction between lights and words. In addition, the new car also provides pedestrian warning, width-indicating light carpet guidance, intelligent light following the eyes and skin of the whole vehicle scene.

What is the power and battery life performance?

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with transient response high-torsion dual electric shafts, with a maximum power of 400kW and a maximum torque of 700 N·m, which is increased to 3.9 seconds per 100 kilometers.

In terms of battery life, the new car is equipped with a 93kWh battery as standard, a 115kWh battery as high as standard, and the lithium-doped technology is adopted, which can achieve a single energy density of 300Wh/kg. The new architecture can support up to 1000km of battery life and achieve ultra-long zero attenuation performance of 200,000 km. And the new car is also equipped with wireless charging function, which is also the first mass-produced equipment in the world with 11KW high-power wireless charging, and its charging efficiency is almost the same as that of traditional charging. You can charge 10.5 kwh in an hour.

The chassis suspensions of the two cars are handled by Williams, one of the three F1 teams, and are equipped with all-aluminum chassis with front double wishbone and rear five-bar suspension, brake-by-wire system, AKC rear wheel steering system by wire, and CDC intelligent electronic control suspension system, which makes the ultimate handling and ride comfort perfect.