Employees were fired for buying Xiaomi SU7? Equation Leopard "5839" Full Matrix Debut

1. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: In January and February, the national total output of lithium batteries exceeded 117GWh.


According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s lithium-ion battery (hereinafter referred to as "lithium battery") industry continued to grow in January and February 2024. According to the announcement of lithium battery industry norms, enterprise information and industry associations, the total output of lithium batteries in China in January and February exceeded 117GWh, up 15% year-on-year. In the battery link, the output of energy storage lithium batteries exceeds 17GWh, and the loading capacity of power lithium batteries for new energy vehicles is about 50GWh. At the same time, the total export of lithium batteries nationwide reached 61.94 billion yuan.

In the first-order material link, the output of cathode materials reached 277,000 tons, up 4.5% year-on-year; The output of anode materials reached 230,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 5.6%; Diaphragm production reached 2.45 billion square meters, the same as last year; The output of electrolyte reached 135,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 3.8%. These data reflect the rapid development of China’s lithium battery industry and the growth of market demand.

2. Some insurance companies are strictly forbidden to re-insure family cars and commission rebates through agency channels.


Recently, in order to implement the regulatory requirements, some insurance companies have issued internal documents requiring strict self-discipline for newly re-insured family cars and driving insurance from 0: 00 on April 15, including 0: 00 subsidy for family cars, 0 cash back for family cars and driving. Among them, only the system basic handling fee, that is, 15% for fuel commercial insurance, 8% for new energy commercial insurance and 4% for compulsory insurance, is reserved for the family car 0 subsidy. The driving policy distinguishes between renewal and transfer; In terms of cashback of family cars and rides, it is forbidden for agents to cashback in any form, including the basic handling fee. If the supervision and self-discipline are violated, the main body of the branch will be punished, and the corresponding agents and commissioners will be punished according to the upper limit of the Basic Law.

In 2023, the phenomenon of vicious competition in handling fees in the auto insurance market has risen, and the regulatory authorities have repeatedly issued documents to guide the healthy development of the industry and maintain a high pressure on cost supervision. Since then, eight head insurance companies have signed a self-discipline convention on auto insurance compliance management, and strictly enforced the auto insurance clause rate. In the industry’s view, this time, insurance companies once again issued a document prohibiting auto insurance rebates, mainly to further implement regulatory requirements and jointly create a standardized, orderly and stable auto insurance development ecology.

3. Employees of car companies were dismissed for buying Xiaomi SU7?


Recently, some bloggers posted on social platforms that they were forced to dismiss by the company for purchasing the founding edition. The blogger said that he was an employee of the car, and he was expelled from the company five days after picking up the car Xiaomi SU7, and the company did not pay compensation. The reason for expelling him was that he violated the non-competition agreement. According to the content published by the above-mentioned blogger in the past, he presented the founding version of Xiaomi SU7 on April 3, and attended the first delivery ceremony held in Yizhuang factory. Once this matter was released, it caused a heated discussion.

In this regard, the Vietnamese side said that the above employees were dismissed from their labor relations because of serious violations of company regulations. The employee is an operator of the social media post, but he opened a matrix account on the whole social platform in his own name and publicized the products of Xiaomi SU7, a friend, for three months, which violated the clause of "not engaging in business competition with the company" stipulated in the labor contract. In addition, Extreme Vietnam claimed that the employee took time off for no reason during his employment, and did not arrive at his post by fabricating false reasons, which was a serious absenteeism and violated the company’s labor discipline.

4. Equation Leopard releases product matrix


Following the first model, at the spring conference held a few days ago, a number of new cars, such as,, and Leopard 9, were brought. According to reports, Leopard 8 was born out of the previously released concept car SUPER 8;; It is the concept car of Leopard 3; It is a Speedster sports car with "space cockpit" double cab and open roof design. These new cars will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, which opens next week.

The "583" hardcore family and the sports car SUPER 9, which appeared this time, are the initial landing of the "2+X" product system in Equation Leopard Planning. "2" in the "2+X" product system refers to hard-core SUVs and sports cars, and "X" refers to more other automobile categories that Equation Leopard will solve together with users. Another highlight of the press conference that night was that many Leopard 5 users’ cars were exhibited on the spot. Many Leopard 5 cars were deeply modified and decorated by users themselves, and they were full of personality.

5. Tengshi Z9GT declaration map exposure


Then pay attention to the application information of the new flagship model-Tengshi Z9GT. The new car is 5180mm long and has a wheelbase of 3125 mm. It is positioned as a large luxury GT coupe and equipped with a system. Judging from the declaration map, the appearance is integrated.shooting brake, the characteristics of the coupe, the front is longer, the headlight shape and /N8 are similar. The posture of the side of the car body is quite slender, equipped with frameless doors and hidden door handles, and the front fender adopts a special "negative pressure air outlet" design.

The rear of the car is designed with a hatchback, and the hunting style and larger spoiler make it look sporty; The bottom is surrounded by a diffuser, which further highlights the movement orientation of the vehicle. It is understood that the car will make its debut at the Beijing Auto Show and then be listed during the year.

6. Nezha Auto received an investment of not less than 5 billion yuan.


The new force of making cars with sales volume "falling behind" ushered in a breathing space. Nezha Auto announced that a number of institutions have signed agreements with Hezhong Auto, and all the signatories will jointly provide Hezhong Auto with a total investment of not less than 5 billion yuan. However, the agreement also directly requires that Hezhong Automobile realize the IPO as soon as possible.

As the champion of new power automobile enterprises in 2022, Nezha Automobile once delivered more than 150,000 vehicles for the first time in that year, which was a great success. However, since 2023, the delivery of automobiles in Nezha has taken a sharp turn, with a cumulative delivery of about 127,500 vehicles, down 16.16% year-on-year. After entering 2024, the automobile delivery situation in Nezha has not improved, but has further slipped into the abyss. Since the beginning of this year, Nezha Automobile has suffered the biggest crisis since its establishment. Not only did its sales continue to fall behind, but it was also exposed that the "year-end bonus" was delayed and stopped production, and it was once in trouble. How long can this 5 billion yuan win for United Auto?

7. Weilai’s qualification for building a car was officially approved.


After taking over the OEM factory transferred by Jianghuai, the automobile officially ended its 7-year OEM production history. On December 4th last year, JAC announced that the company planned to transfer some assets through public listing. It involves two factories jointly operated by Jianghuai and Weilai, namely Weilai F1 Factory and Weilai F2 Factory, and indicates that Weilai will acquire the above assets to further seek independent production qualification. At that time, the new car declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology only had the word "Weilai", instead of the previous "Jianghuai Weilai".

Recently, Weilai users posted the content of picking up cars on social media. The picture shows that the tail mark of Weilai’s new car has changed from "Jianghuai Automobile" to "Weilai". This means that Weilai’s qualification for building cars has been approved and the production line has been switched, and products have been delivered in the name of Weilai. In this regard, Jianghuai said that it will continue to cooperate with Weilai. But at present, the intersection of business is limited to cooperation in the field of power exchange.

8. Star Road Star Era ET pre-sale started from 199,000.


Star Era ET started the pre-sale, and the pre-sale price range of eight models was 199,000-329,000 yuan. The pure electric series was delivered immediately after the pre-sale, and the extended range series was delivered in May. Externally, this car adopts a simple design style similar to that of Xingyue ES, and also provides an optional ISD programming interactive light group. The lidar on the roof indicates that the car will support advanced advanced high-order assisted driving system. In terms of size, the length of the car is 4955mm, and the wheelbase is 3 meters, positioning medium and large SUVs.

In the interior part, it is equipped with a 15.6-inch 2.5K central control large screen. The center console also breaks the traditional fixed instrument panel mode, with innovative electric sliding auxiliary instrument panel and "star-moving bar", with double storage compartments and warm atmosphere lights. In terms of battery life, the extended-range version has a pure electric cruising range of 200km and a comprehensive cruising range of more than 1,500km; under CLTC conditions; The pure electric version adopts 800V high-voltage platform, and provides 77kWh and 100kWh battery versions, covering different cruising ranges of 540-760km.