This is the point! The Secret of Military Knowledge of Weapons and Equipment in Wolf Warriors 2

Special feature of 1905 film network After two years, Wu Jing returned with his new work "Wolf Warriors 2". Jason Wu has taken an important step towards the typology of domestic films. Leaving the jungle of the last film, "Wolf Warriors 2" sets the story in Africa, where wars are frequent and diseases are wanton.

Compared with the previous work, "Wolf Warriors 2" has two obvious improvements. It not only skillfully combines the current hot spots such as overseas evacuation and international assistance from China medical team, but also shows the elegance of many active equipment. Leng Feng, who "violated discipline again", was expelled from the army this time and became an ocean-going crew member to go to a country in Africa. After the local situation escalated and the evacuation operation of China Navy began, Lengfeng’s sense of military responsibility was awakened. With the approval of naval commanders, Lengfeng went deep into the war zone to help China citizens of Chinese-funded enterprises and medical institutions. In this process, we must not only avoid the "encirclement and interception" of African anti-government rebels and western mercenaries, but also face extremely dangerous virus attacks. The emotional connection with Yu Nan’s role of Long Xiaoyun has become another motivation to support the cold front.


In the interview, Jason Wu once revealed many difficulties encountered in the filming of modern war films. In these two Wolf Warriors films, no matter whether the funds are sufficient or not, he "suffers from no peers". The strong personal characteristics make the cold front character have many characteristics of Jason Wu. While portraying the main characters, Yu Qian plays a profiteer, an African boy named Jason Wu michel platini, an American beauty doctor, and a Chinese-funded factory employee. While playing opposite Wu Jing, Jason Wu also enriches the role of cold front, breaking the problem of flat characters in many domestic war-themed works.


As a military film, the military equipment inside is the biggest attraction. Let’s sort out the weapons and equipment in the film so that everyone can feel the charm of Wolf Warriors 2.


1. Individual equipment:Type 07 military uniform and camouflage

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s 2007-style military uniform is displayed in Wolf Warriors 2. The captain of the navy, played by Ding Haifeng, appeared in the white uniform of the navy in the evacuation operation, and the sword-shaped epaulettes of the rank of major general were very eye-catching. Compared with the 87-style military uniform, the 07-style naval costume has been greatly improved in style, structure, clothing materials, color, etc., and the officer’s short-sleeved uniform coat has been changed to a waist-tied style, which is lean and neat to wear and enhances the image consciousness of military personnel.

However, there is a small mistake in the film. The military hat ribbon worn by the general played by Ding Haifeng should be golden yellow, and the military hat of a captain officer is silver-gray, which is the same as that of the naval lieutenant colonel beside him.


When commanding the battle on the ship, Ding Haifeng changed into 07 marine camouflage, which is white, yellow, blue and dark green, which is different from the smooth edges of traditional camouflage. 07 marine camouflage meets the hidden needs in special environments by using patterns similar to "pixels". It is worth noting that the use of pasted parallelogram collar is a great improvement and innovation in the uniform equipment of our army.


Long Xiaoyun, a female officer played by Yu Nan, also has two sets of costumes in the film. When Wu Jing visited the prison, he appeared in the 07-style army uniform, and the hat specially designed for female soldiers was obvious.

Another set of clothes is easily overlooked by the audience, and it is dubbed as a customized version of the ruins camouflage of "frog skin". This camouflage has sweat-wicking and flame-retardant functions, and the material of the trunk part helps to remove moisture and dissipate heat. At the end of the film, the picture of Long Xiaoyun after being captured appears many times, and the small goof of the paste-on collar "appearing and disappearing" is more obvious.


There are several kinds of camouflages in Wolf Warriors 2 that have more space to show. Hans Zhang appeared in front of the audience in an all-terrain camouflage. In terms of role setting, Zhang Han played the role of the boss of a Chinese-funded enterprise, who was interested in military affairs, but had no professional military training. After being tempered by the war, Hans Zhang fought side by side with WU GANG and Jason Wu to help factory employees. This kind of camouflage worn by Hans Zhang has good adaptability, which can be used universally and effectively in both jungles and snowfields. It is also an advanced camouflage type in the world at present.

The villain "Daddy" in the film also has a camouflage suit, but it is fashion.

2. Aircraft:


The highlights of the Chinese-funded factory scene are aircraft and tanks. In the early stage of the attack by mercenaries and rebels, the remote-controlled drone with weapons played the role of intelligence gathering. The clear aerial picture makes every move in the factory easily mastered by mercenaries. The small size and noise also facilitate the drone to walk through the factory. When the drone shoots according to the instructions after aiming at the target, the sudden attack often makes the other side helpless.


3.59D tank


After Fury, Jason Wu once again showed the tank close confrontation on the screen. This time it was replaced by a 59D tank. This tank is the latest improvement of the first-generation medium-sized tank Type 59 produced in China. The tank consists of four people, using a 94-type 105 mm line bore tank gun, and the auxiliary weapons are a 54-type 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun and a 59-type 7.62 mm parallel machine gun. Because of its high cost performance, 59D tanks are exported to African countries in large quantities. In Wolf Warriors 2, which is set in Africa, 59D tanks are equipped in both government forces and anti-government forces, and have become a weapon to win or lose the battlefield.


In "Wolf Warriors 2", Jason Wu drives a 59D tank and cooperates with WU GANG and Hans Zhang to successfully destroy several enemy tanks. The inside of the tank is early enough and the driving mode is clearly displayed to the audience, and the tank collision is extremely visually appealing.


4. Warriors off-road vehicle


China Warrior Battlefield Off-road Vehicle is an off-road vehicle independently developed by Beijing Jeep Automobile with completely independent intellectual property rights. In Wolf Warriors 2, we can see the modified Warriors off-road vehicle, which is highly plastic for both military and civilian use, and provides a wide range of sites to adapt to the changes in body modification, so it can be modified into a combat command vehicle, a material transport vehicle or a light weapons loading vehicle.


5.AKM assault rifles and AK-47 assault rifles


As the escort of Chinese-funded factories, WU GANG, a retired veteran, used AKM assault rifles when fighting alongside Jason Wu. AKM assault rifle has improved the shortcomings of AK-47 assault rifle to some extent. At the same time, the stamping and welding processes are further adopted to synthesize materials, which reduces the weight and the production cost, and is beneficial to mass production. AKM assault rifle has become the most productive and influential AK series rifle so far.

The well-known AK-47 assault rifle is the most popular assault rifle in the world. It is durable and has low failure rate. It has good shooting performance at both high and low temperatures, especially when it is used in sand and muddy water. In addition, it is simple in structure and easy to decompose, and it is well received in the international light weapons market. It often appears in hot spots, from the jungle in Southeast Asia in Wolf Warriors to AK-47 in Africa, which has become the main weapon of local armed forces.

6.052D destroyer

The ultimate weapon in Wolf Warriors 2 is introduced at the end. In the dangerous situation where employees of Chinese-funded enterprises were shot by African armed men and Jason Wu and others were surrounded, the missile launched from the destroyer 052D of China Navy instantly turned the situation around. The destroyer 052D is a guided missile destroyer equipped by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy. It is equipped with four-sided active phased array radar and universal vertical launcher. The installation of the destroyer 052D indicates that China has become a cutting-edge air defense ship among the world’s advanced ranks.

"Wolf Warriors 2" provides a good platform for China’s military equipment. China soldiers go abroad and contribute to maintaining regional security and stability, which makes many viewers feel national honor and national self-confidence, and they are more interested in domestic war-related works. The first day of the release of "Wolf Warriors 2" exceeded 100 million at the box office. Judging from the current trend,Wolf Warriors 2.It is very promising to become the summer box office champion. The popularity of "Wolf Warriors 2" also shows that excellent domestic war-themed works have a broad development space in the mainland film market. With the improvement of the consciousness of strengthening the country and the level of watching movies, the audience has higher expectations for mainland war-themed films. Jason Wu’s "Wolf Warriors" series creatively displays domestic military equipment and conveys China’s image as a responsible big country in the international community, which will become a model of a new generation of China war-themed films and be loved by the audience.