How about the new Mercedes E300? Real evaluation of the owner: the driving quality has improved compared with the 2016 model.

Hello everyone! I am the owner of the car, from, and the model I mentioned is "2023 E 300L sports luxury model".

The price of bare car is 460 thousand, and I have traveled 3410 kilometers at present. Let me talk about my feelings about using the car.

As a 2016 car owner and a 2023 car owner, at first glance, this generation is not as good-looking as the previous generation after the change, but it is still relatively good-looking.

The interior is as beautiful as ever. Just! It’s so unkind to castrate a watch in Zhongkong! Look, I have a watch, and I feel a lot domineering. The steering wheel style is really better than the 2016 model.

The interior is still the strongest in the same level. If you sit on it, you should still win at first sight. Of course, the materials used in the Five Series are quite elegant. The interior is a little plastic, too strong and too grandiose. Not really.

There is also this one that improves the frustration of shifting in 2-3 gears in 2016 and improves the problem of hard suspension in 2016.

What I am most dissatisfied with is the automatic braking function, especially in the process of reversing. The sudden braking scared me and the people passing by nearby. You can turn it off in the settings, but it is more troublesome to turn it off every time.

The standard C-class car has a very comfortable sitting posture in the front and rear rows, and it is more than enough to cross your legs. The only fly in the ointment is that the storage space is a little small.

The rear air outlet always feels like a person with his face open. . . .

The driving experience after the change is still quite good. After crossing a gully ridge, the seismic filtering effect is much better than before the change. The start was a little slow, limited by the weight of the car. The latter part of the acceleration is still relatively calm.

Fuel consumption, I feel this one is relatively high. Maybe it’s not the running-in period. It’s a 25-minute drive to and from work, and the traffic jam lasts about 15 minutes. Now the comprehensive fuel consumption has reached 15. Belonging to the higher.

Our maintenance price is relatively high, and the professionalism of maintenance needs to be improved. At present, facing the change, the cost performance is good.
The configuration is relatively high, and the smoothness of the car is not bad. This generation can touch, and this generation’s mbux system experience is better than the original commond system.