On the live broadcast, "dozing off and playing with mobile phones", two cultural and travel cadres in Longnan, Gansu Province were interviewed and criticized.

  Cctv news(Reporter Wang Xiaoying) On August 10th, a video released by the Tik Tok account of the Sunshine Online program of Gansu Radio and Television General Station aroused widespread concern. In the video, at the live broadcast, one participant leaned back in his chair and slept, while the other played with his mobile phone. On the 11th, WeChat official account, the official WeChat of Longnan Wenlv, issued a notice that Longnan Wenguang Tourism Bureau handled Comrade Liu Xuewen and Sun Jie for violating the discipline of the venue.

  The circular pointed out that on the morning of August 10th, during the live broadcast of Sunshine Online in the whole province, Liu Xuewen, member of the party group and deputy director of Longnan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, and Sun Jie, head of the art department, violated the discipline of the venue at the sub-venue, which caused adverse effects.

  Longnan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism attached great importance to it and held a meeting in time to deal with it. First, the main responsible comrades of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism interviewed the two men and seriously criticized their mistakes. Second, Liu Xuewen and Sun Jie were instructed to make a profound review at the general meeting of all cadres and workers. Third, take this as a warning, carry out a major rectification of discipline and work style throughout the system, further strengthen work style construction, and resolutely put an end to similar problems from happening again.

  According to official website of Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, on the morning of August 10th, Tian Xuegong, a member of the Party Group and deputy director of Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, led the main persons in charge of relevant departments and offices directly under the department to participate in the live broadcast program "Sunshine Online — — Face to face with the director of the department, in the live video studio of Gansu Radio and Television General Station, communicated with the program host and reporters on the spot, accepted the consultations and complaints from the audience, listeners and netizens, and answered the questions raised by the audience, listeners and netizens about the development of cultural tourism industry, public cultural services, cultural and tourism market order, and service quality of scenic spots in our province.

  In the video, the host said, "I feel that the leaders at the venue are a little tired." Tian Xuegong criticized this in public. "Some of our leaders in some individual venues are not serious. We have to make a request to attend these meetings in the future. Some are still playing mobile phones there! "

  The host also called the roll directly in the program. "What we saw at the scene was the responsible comrades of Longnan Wenguang Tourism Bureau in the picture … …” Tian Xuegong raised his voice and said, "Still playing with the mobile phone!" "We want to build an army of literary travelers, and your image is being watched by the whole audience, netizens and listeners."