Hard-core cross-country travel experience reaches a new peak.

As the times require, the city can be cross-country

With the blessing of Yunqi -P technology, it can take into account both urban and off-road car scenes, so that users can gain the ultimate car experience and unlimited travel fun in all scenes and many road conditions.

In view of the comfort pain points of hard-core off-road vehicles, Yunqi -P relies on the continuous adjustable damping and the new road preview system, which well isolates the impact of wheel end jump on cockpit comfort. Whether it is a common speed bump, manhole cover in the city or a common bumpy road surface in cross-country crossing, it can be easily resolved.

In the daily frequent and rapid start-stop scene, looking up at U8 can dynamically monitor the vehicle through body posture perception and driving behavior perception, and at the same time, the intelligent calculation center outputs the best strategy for instantaneous lifting and damping in real time, which can restrain the phenomenon of sudden acceleration of head-up and sudden braking nod, improve the comfort and reduce the discomfort of drivers and passengers, and also improve the acceleration and deceleration performance. By adjusting the stiffness and damping of the car body in real time, Yunxiao -P can also reduce the vertical displacement and roll gradient of the hard-core in corners, which can not only give the driver confidence, but also maintain a comfortable driving posture.

At the same time, looking up at U8, it has an ultra-long active adjustment stroke of 150mm, which brings super cross-country passability through ultra-high lifting, and the wading depth without wading throat can reach 1m. The car body is highly flexible, and it can also provide convenience for users in car scenes such as taking things from the trunk, getting on and off the bus, entering and leaving the basement, and picking up cards through toll stations. Driving on high-speed sections, U8 is equipped with the function of height adjustment with speed, which can actively reduce the height of the car body, reduce wind resistance and energy consumption, and improve the stability of the car body.

It is worth mentioning that based on the four-wheel linkage technology of Yunqi -P, the RTI value of U8 is above 600, which can avoid the single wheel from leaving the ground and ensure the effective output of four-wheel power in some bullet pits and rocky roads. However, in emergencies such as flying over sand ridges and falling on slopes, Yunxiao -P can trigger the third-level stiffness to reduce the impact load by 50% to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel.

Not only that, looking up at U8 also has the unique camping leveling ability in mainstream off-road vehicles, which can achieve the level inside the car with one button. When users are camping in the wild, if they need to rest and entertain in the car, they can be free from the interference of the terrain. With the discharge function of 6kW VTOL, "bringing modern civilization to the open air" has been realized.

Cloud chariot -P combines rigidity and flexibility, and adapts to the whole scene and many road conditions.

Looking forward to the new off-road experience of U8, it is based on the intelligent integration of Yunqi -P vertical body control technology and the whole vehicle and the off-road advantage of intelligent hydraulic executive layer. As the world’s first exclusive intelligent hydraulic body control system for new energy off-road vehicles, Yunqi -P includes intelligent exploration architecture, intelligent calculation center and intelligent control technology, giving full play to the advantages of electrification and intelligence, and building a complete link of perception, decision-making and execution.

Yunqi -P makes quick decisions with accurate sensing technology and intelligent calculation center, outputs the best control strategy in real time, and realizes the dynamic adjustment of body control by controlling the oil intake, damping regulating valve and stiffness regulating valve of intelligent hydraulic executive layer, which has the advantages of multi-dimensional sensing, accurate decision-making, intelligent control and stable execution.

For the first time, Yunxiao -P realized the intelligent linkage between the key parts system of the lower body and the whole vehicle, and implanted the genes of vertical control system and horizontal and vertical cooperative control. The vertical and vertical body control systems can restrain the body from leaning up and down during sudden acceleration and sudden braking, which can effectively shorten the braking distance; The height of the car body can be adjusted with the speed, which can reduce the height at high speed to increase the driving stability, and increase the height at low speed and medium speed to ensure the passing safety. In cooperation with lateral control, the roll gradient can be reduced, strong support can be achieved during cornering, and lateral stability can be improved. Through the horizontal-vertical-vertical coordination, it is hoped that U8 will take the lead in realizing 3-to-6-degree-of-freedom body control in the industry, covering the requirements of vehicle safety, comfort, handling, off-road and entertainment.

In addition, the cooperation between the Yunnian -P system and the intelligent driving system expands the technical boundary of intelligent driving assistance, giving infinite possibilities for looking up to the U8 travel experience. With the excellent genes of high intelligence, safety protection, stable experience and full adaptation, Yunqi -P looks up to U8 with technological innovation and new energy, satisfying users’ beautiful yearning from urban civilization to outdoor.

Yunqi -P is first mounted on the U8, which realizes all-round intelligent control of the car body with strong perception and decision-making ability, and at the same time integrates the extreme control ability of Yi Sifang on the car body posture in horizontal and vertical directions, so that the U8 can travel smoothly in the whole scene of cities and wilderness. Empowered by two core technologies, Easy Sifang and Yunqi -P, looking up to U8 will continue to bring unprecedented extreme security, extreme performance and extreme experience to users.