How do 16 male stars evaluate Stephen Chow: Why did Andy Lau make him an idol?

Stephen Chow was a star among stars and an idol among idols. In the entertainment industry, many male artists were his loyal supporters.

Today, let’s take stock of 15 male celebrities and see what the stars in their eyes look like.

1. Andy Lau

Andy Lau and Stephen Chow are both superstar figures in the circle who will never fail, and the supreme kings of the film industry.

Between the two of them, aside from the cameo nature of "The Night Banquet of the Rich Family", there are only two serious collaborations, namely "Gambler" in 1990 and "Trickster Expert" in 1991.

Objectively speaking, the two collaborations were in Zhou Xingchi’s area of expertise, and his starlight completely overwhelmed Andy Lau.

After competing in the same field twice, Andy Lau was completely conquered by Stephen Chow. As early as the 1990s, he expressed his great love for his movies and watched almost every work.

Decades later, when his good friend shelled Chow, Andy Lau stood up to support him again, saying, Chow is my idol, past, present, and future, I am all his fans.

2. Xu Guanwen

Xu Guanwen is a comedy master in the Hong Kong film industry, known as the "cold-faced comedian".

Before Stephen Chow was born, he was the first generation of "comedy kings". His films with his younger brother Xu Guanjie have repeatedly won the first place in Hong Kong’s annual box office.

In 1991, the two stars participated in "The Banquet of the Rich" together, and they were red-faced over whether a piece of chicken was a chicken head or a chicken butt. This interesting scene is considered to be the ceremonial handover of the two generations of comedy kings. This work is also the only collaboration between the two comedy kings.

Xu Guanwen spoke highly of Zhou Xingchi, saying that his acting skills are very good, the timing is very good, and the acting is very natural, you don’t think he is making you laugh. Xu Guanwen said that even if he doesn’t act in comedies, he can act well in other types of movies.

3. Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun-fat is a top superstar who is neck and neck with Zhou Xingchi. His acting is broad and superb, and he is known as "Brother Fa" in the rivers and lakes.

There was only one cameo collaboration between him and Stephen Chow in Gambler.

In the eyes of Chow Yun-fa, the movie box office is king, and Chow Xingchi has surpassed himself.

4. Zhang Jiahui

Cheung Ka Fai is a new generation of acting star in Hong Kong. He started filming TV dramas and began acting in movies in 1989. He has played for popular stars such as Andy Lau and Stephen Chow. Later, he has gradually grown into a powerful male lead and one of the new generation of flag bearers in Hong Kong films. He has won the Golden Elephant Best Actor Award twice.

As early as 1990, Zhang Jiahui had a collaboration with Zhou Xingchi. In the movie "The Wind and the Wind", Zhou Xingchi was the protagonist, and Zhang Jiahui ran the show.

In 1999’s "King of a Thousand Kings 2000", Wang Jing was going to train Zhang Jiahui as the "successor of Zhou Xingchi", and specially arranged for him to be the protagonist, and Xingye to be the green leaf for him.

But the star is ultimately irreplaceable, Zhang Jiahui did not succeed in comedy, but stayed away from comedy, gradually focusing on police and gangster films.

Zhang Jiahui believes that Star’s talent cannot be challenged in comedy.

5. Wu Mengda

Wu Mengda is the most important and most frequently collaborated partner in Stephen Chow’s acting career, and the number one diamond supporting actor in Star’s movies.

They have been working together since the TV drama era, and have partnered more than 20 times in total, making them the most irreplaceable golden combination in the Chinese film industry. Wu Mengda can be seen in almost all of Xingye’s most important works.

Wu Mengda’s acting style was fashionable, and his acting range was very wide. No matter what role he played, he could control it easily. He was one of the few universal supporting actors in the Chinese film industry who could take on Zhou Xingchi’s acting path.

As the number one golden partner, Wu Mengda has a very high evaluation of Chow Xingchi, saying that Xingzai is very smart, his brain turns very fast, and he thinks of something very special. His style is unique, and no one in Hong Kong can imitate it. I have known him for decades, and he has never scolded me. He scolded people on the set, focusing on the issue rather than the person. He lost his temper because he was demanding and others could not reach it.

6. Liu Qingyun

Liu Qingyun is recognized as a powerful actor in the Hong Kong film industry. His acting style is relaxed and natural, but also full of explosive power.

He has received a total of 16 nominations for Best Actor, the most nominations for an actor, and twice became the Best Actor, with the reputation of "Citizen Best Actor".

Since 1986, Liu Qingyun has filmed more than 100 films, but he and Stephen Chow have never been partners! The only official collaboration was in the 1990 TV series "Mayer Tsai Mayer Heart and Liver", in which both starred.

Liu Qingyun said that Zhou Xingchi is a talented comedian who is very creative, has his own ideas, and is also a very funny person.

7. Chen Guokun

Chen Kwok-kun is a Hong Kong actor who was discovered and reused by Stephen Chow because of his resemblance to Bruce Lee. He played an important role in both "Shaolin Football" and "Kung Fu", and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards.

Although he didn’t film many scenes, Chen Guokun was very protective of Xingye, saying: Xingye is my absolute Bole, my absolute benefactor, without him, I would not appear in front of the audience. He is also very cooperative, and has only one requirement for actors: you are serious.

Regarding the phenomenon of many people criticizing Zhou Xingchi, Chen Guokun also said: Those who scold him do not understand him, and those who understand him will only say thank you.

8. Tian Qiwen

Tian Qiwen, nicknamed Tian Ji, used to be one of the core leaders of Zhou Xingchi’s company. He has participated in 10 Xingye works, including "Jiupin Sesame Official" and "Shaolin Football", etc., and is one of the golden supporting roles.

Tian Qiwen has followed Zhou Xingchi for many years and believes that Zhou Xingchi is not difficult to get along with. Everyone may not know him well. He just doesn’t like people who are slow-witted.

He said that in fact, Zhou Xingchi must treat anyone better than me, because he has never given me a raise, only a reduction in salary, but I think it is very rare for a person to meet a master in a lifetime. Everyone has the same idea, and it is not necessarily measured by material things.

9. Huangyi Mountain

Huang Yishan was nicknamed "Thin Turtle". He was short and had a very recognizable baby face, which was very suitable for comedy. He was an important supporting role in Xingye’s early films.

Huang Yishan said that for me, Zhou Xingchi is very easy to get along with. He never scolded me, but scolded other actors. Whenever he was about to lose his temper, I quickly ran away.

10. Huang Bo

Huang Bo is one of the mainland’s most box office-winning movie stars, and he and Shen Teng are called the "peerless double pride" of mainland comedy.

He has worked with Stephen Chow once, in 2013’s Journey to the West to Conquer Demons, playing the role of Sun Wukong, the role that Stephen Chow once played.

Huang Bo praised Zhou Xingchi’s performance, saying that he was a mountain that could not be turned over, and even had a lot of pressure and wanted to quit the role.

11. Deng Chao

Deng Chao is a mainland first-line actor, director and popular idol.

In 2016, he played the male lead in the "Mermaid" directed by Stephen Chow, and partnered with the star girl Lin Yun to write a modern fairy tale, which sold 3.30 billion netizens in the mainland and became the highest box office work of Stephen Chow.

Deng Chao was very impressed with Zhou Xingchi. He said, Others have named me the king of the new generation of comedy. This is a big joke. The real king of comedy is only Zhou Xingchi.

12. Ye Jingsheng

Ye Jingsheng, nicknamed "Eight Liangjin", is the most distinctive-looking actor in Hong Kong. From his hairstyle, facial features to his figure, he is unique. He once won the "ugliest man election champion".

However, he doesn’t mind being a clown. He has played a supporting role in Stephen Chow’s "God of Cookery", "The Traveling Dragon", "The King of Comedy" and other films. His ugly skyline image is impressive.

Stephen Chow changed his life, so he said that I am very grateful to Stephen Chow, and I have no separation from him at all.

13. Shi Xingyu

Shi Xingyu, also known as Shi Yanneng, Shi Yanneng, is a disciple of Shaolin Temple and a Chinese mainland kung fu actor.

In 2003, after being introduced by a friend, he went to the "Kung Fu" crew for an interview, but was selected for the role of Coolie.

Shi Xingyu became popular because of "Kung Fu", and later took over the film "Journey to the West to Conquer Demons" directed by Xingye, so he was grateful to Zhou Xingchi and said that he was his own Bole.

14. Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse is a top idol in the post-" Four Heavenly Kings "era of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. He has achieved good results in both the singing and film circles, won countless music awards, left many popular songs, and won the Golden Statue Best Actor trophy.

He was 22 years younger than Zhou Xingchi and had never worked with Lord Xing. But he was also a fan of Lord Xing. He said that the first time he watched "Journey to the West", he would laugh, and the second time he watched it, he cried.

15. Shen Teng

Shen Teng is a new generation of mainland comedy leader horse, hit superstar, he participated in the film, the cumulative total box office, has exceeded 20 billion netizens, in the Chinese movie star.

In the eyes of many people, Shen Teng and another actor, Huang Bo, are the best comedians in the Chinese film industry after Stephen Chow.

Although Shen Teng and Xing Ye had never cooperated, it did not hinder his appreciation and admiration for Xing Ye. In the interview, Shen Teng compared Zhou Xingchi to Chaplin.

16. Zheng Zhongji

Mr. Cheng, a Hong Kong actor and singer, was once treated as a "successor to Stephen Chow," starring in films such as "Family Matters 2009" and "More Light Treasure Box." Both of these works can be seen in the shadow of Stephen Chow.

In the end, Zheng Zhongji did not take over as the successor of Stephen Chow, but he was full of admiration for Xing Ye’s comedy, saying that in the field of comedy, no one will be able to take over Stephen Chow’s class in the future. A great set of movies, no matter how many times you watch it, you will never get tired of it, and Stephen Chow’s movie has done it.

Of the above 16 male stars, who do you think has the highest evaluation of Xingye and who is the number one fan? Welcome to leave a message to communicate.

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