NOA Intelligent Driving System Releases Geely Intelligent Entering Acceleration Zone

  [car home Industry] "Every football match is divided into the first half and the second half. So are new energy vehicles. The first half is electrified and the second half is intelligent." Fan Junyi, general manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company, talked with car home. In fact, this view has also been recognized by most people in the industry.

  In recent years, under the guidance of Tesla, the new force of making cars in China has become a proper "top student" in the field of intelligent driving. However, at present, the competition in the field of autonomous driving has gradually shifted from the core technology to the speed and scale of mass production. At this point, the traditional car companies that seemed to be low-key in the past are accumulating and thin.

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  Geely belongs to one of them. Throughout the first half of the year, Geely’s new energy sales increased by 398%, and the penetration rate of new energy increased from 3.5% in the same period last year to 17.9%, far exceeding the growth rate of the industry. In September this year, the sales volume of Geely’s new energy vehicles was close to 40,000 vehicles, an increase of about 5% from the previous month, and the monthly new energy penetration rate exceeded 30%.

  Today, Geely’s intelligence is also accelerating. On October 13th, Geely officially released the NOA advanced intelligent pilot system, which will be the first to be installed in the brand-new (|). Geely’s backwardness makes the whole intelligent automobile market more "involuted" and makes this heavyweight competition more beautiful.

Promote safe and steady intelligent driving.

  It is reported that Geely’s NOA advanced intelligent driving navigation system can realize intelligent navigation and assisted driving from point A to point B at high speed/overhead. Judging from the specific scenes and functions, this system provides the function of shifting the lever to change lanes under the full road conditions of 45-130 km/h. After the driver turns on the turn signal, the system automatically judges the surrounding environment and makes auxiliary lane changes when there is enough space and time.

  In addition, the system can also provide automatic lane change function on high-speed and elevated roads in the speed range of 0-150km/h, and the system will automatically complete lane change according to navigation information, road traffic information and the surrounding environment of vehicles, including the scene of getting on and off the ramp, overtaking and driving into the fast lane.

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  According to the video released by Geely, the NOA system of Geely is also suitable for overtaking actively. When the car is pressing at the current speed, the system can remind the driver that overtaking is imminent through voice and screen, and automatically turn on the turn signal. At the same time, the man-machine co-driving interface will display overtaking animation. It is worth mentioning that at 50-130km/h, Tong will automatically make a small avoidance in the lane when overtaking the cart, and after overtaking, he will automatically return to the cruise control in the lane center.

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  Looking around the world, Tesla officially introduced the NOA function to the China market as early as 2019, and it is also the first manufacturer in the world to introduce the NOA function in production models. Subsequently, the new car-making forces represented by Wei Xiaoli followed suit and have accumulated some experience.

  But the goal of manufacturers is not limited to high speed. At present, some car companies promote the landing from high-speed scenes to urban scenes by increasing the perceived redundancy of lidar. For example, Great Wall Motor, through its subsidiary Mimo Zhixing, has successively implemented the auxiliary driving system on its various models, and the specific application scenarios have also shifted from high-speed closed scenes to urban open road scenes; Tucki has started to pilot the NOA function in Guangzhou, and Polar Fox has also started to push the NCA function in Shenzhen.

  Geely also has its own ideas about the landing of NOA function in the city. Fan Junyi told car home; "Generally speaking, there are many traffic accidents on the expressway, and when driving for a long distance, an easy-to-use assisted driving can help drivers relax their hands and feet and has strong practicability."

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Fan Junyi, General Manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company

  In fact, on urban roads, most people don’t drive for too long every day. If automatic driving can be realized, users can use commuting time to relax their hands. But the problem is that urban NOA is still an assisted driving, and users still can’t be distracted, otherwise there will be certain security risks.

  What’s more, when using the high-speed NOA function, there have been many traffic accidents caused by the distraction of the owner. Geely hopes to build a safe and intelligent driving, and conservatism is the key element.

High-precision map blessing to get "God’s perspective"

  Of course, "conservative" does not mean that Geely’s technology is not advanced. In fact, Geely has been actively promoting the independent research and development of autonomous driving in the past few years. Therefore, in April, 2021, Geely Automobile Group and Yikatong Technology established an intelligent driving company-Jika Intelligent, which is oriented to L2++ and L3-level assisted driving functions and conducts research and development of full-stack technologies such as perception, algorithms, underlying software and hardware.

  Not only that, Geely also has a "unique skill" that many car companies don’t have-high-precision maps. Why do you say that? It is generally believed in the industry that high-precision maps are a necessity for high-level autonomous driving, which can obtain vehicle positioning, road conditions and surrounding environment, and can be said to open a God’s perspective for a car. However, only a few car companies have the qualification to collect high-precision maps.

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  Since the second half of 2021, the Ministry of Natural Resources has carried out the qualification review and renewal of electronic navigation maps, and only 21 enterprises in the four batches have passed, and the number of qualifications has decreased by nearly one third. Among them, only Hubei Yikatong Technology Co., Ltd. (Geely Investment) has an automobile enterprise background. Most car companies or autonomous driving companies need to buy high-precision maps from traditional cartographers such as Gaode, Baidu and Siweituxin, and the pace of updating depends on third parties.

  In order to avoid the problems of high-precision maps, some car companies will take the route of "emphasizing perception and ignoring maps". For example, Mimo Zhixing, a subsidiary of the Great Wall, simply does not need high-precision maps, but uses two laser radars, 12 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars and 5 millimeter-wave radars, which have basically reached the industry average. But the only missing high-precision map has also become the biggest question point of this NOH system.

  With the blessing of high-precision maps, Geely NOA has centimeter-level high-precision positioning and full-lane dynamic monitoring capabilities, which can predict the path planning in advance and reproduce more than 90% of urban car scenes. It is reported that this system can cover more than 100 high-speed/elevated driving scenarios.

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  However, the collection cost of high-precision maps is quite high, and the requirements for data preservation are very high. How to keep a balance between cost and timeliness is also a big test for Geely. Later, if Geely introduced the city NOA, it would require more high-precision maps and be more difficult to update.

50% chips come from research and development.

  The new Bo Yue L will be the first to be equipped with Geely NOA system. In addition to this car, NOA system will be applied to the latest products of Lectra, Geometry and Geely from the fourth quarter of this year, and users can subscribe and upgrade different functions through FOTA.

  According to statistics, Bo Yue L won the expectation and recognition of young consumers after 1990s and 1990s, and gained more than 11,000 orders after 12 days of pre-sale.

  However, Fan Junyi told car home frankly that he was "not satisfied enough" with the market reaction of Bo Yue L at present. "Consumers haven’t seen how intelligent this car can play. Many users who have decided at present are only impressed by its face value and cost performance. In late October, Bo Yue L will open the national beta of NOA’s advanced intelligent driving navigation system. By then, consumers can have a deeper understanding of the smart travel experience brought by this car. "

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  Not only products, Geely also has many points that consumers can’t see in the research and development of autonomous driving, such as chips. In order to put an end to the black box scheme, the official of Xinqing Technology, an automobile chip design enterprise under Geely Holding, recently revealed that the integration and testing of the mass production of "Longying No.1" has achieved remarkable results. This is the first intelligent cockpit chip designed and manufactured by using the 7nm advanced process in China, and its performance is in line with that of Qualcomm 8155, which is currently popular.

  According to reports, Longying No.1 chip will be officially loaded in 2023 and will be supplied to Geely and FAW models. At the same time, the 7nm ADAS chip of Xinqing Technology will be loaded in 2024, and this chip will be fully benchmarked against Orin in NVIDIA. At present, Bo Yue L cockpit is still equipped with the mainstream Qualcomm 8155 chip.

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  At the moment, Geely is also keeping a low profile. "In the future, in the field of chips, Geely will walk on two legs. While cooperating with excellent chip companies, it will continue to develop its own chips. This ratio is hoped to be 1:1." Fan Junyi said to car home.

  By the way, the market prospect of NOA still has a lot of room for development. According to the monitoring data of the Institute of Intelligent Automobile of Hi-Tech, from January to August, 2022, 131,600 passenger cars were delivered with NOA as standard in China market, with a year-on-year increase of 154.05%. However, compared with the L2 standard delivery of 3,368,700 vehicles in the same period, it is still a niche function.

  With the strong entry of Geely, more and more NOA models will land in the future. "As consumers understand and experience the comprehensive intelligent performance of Bo Yue L, I believe that the orders of Bo Yue L will further increase steadily." Fan Junyi’s eyes exude a kind of confidence.

  Profound car-building heritage+intelligent evolution of sustainable iteration, Geely has handed over the first answer sheet in the second half of the intelligent electric era. (Text/car home Peng Fei)