The purchase tax is free, the welfare is increased by 10,000 coupons, and the 2022 Geely Car Festival is officially launched.

On June 1st, the Geely June Car Festival was fully launched, and the super-strong activities arrived as scheduled. It is understood that during the event, Geely enjoyed the policy of halving the purchase tax, and some models were free of purchase tax, which brought the gospel of car purchase to the majority of interested users. In addition, Geely Auto APP, Tik Tok Live Studio, JD.COM/Tmall Geely Auto Official Flagship Store, Geely Welfare applet and major auto media simultaneously launched the limited-time activities of the car purchase festival, and the heavy benefits such as 49,999 yuan car purchase coupon, 6,000 yuan gas coupon, limited-time red envelope rain, seconds kill special car, 3 years and 100,000 interest were released, which was even more sincere! At the same time, Geely will join hands with many brands such as Leke Fitness and Cotton Age to create a more interesting and quality light tide life circle, and unlock the fun life with one click.


Cross-border head e-commerce purchase live broadcast car buying frenzy

In this car festival, Geely Automobile led all its models to thank millions of users, linked the e-commerce platform, and presented innovative gameplay that made you shine. Different from previous years, from 10: 00 am on June 12, Geely Automobile Tik Tok Live Room-612 official 12-hour shopping special live broadcast, 12-hour surprise delivery non-stop, on-site extraction of Huawei P50, Xiaomi 55-inch LCD TV and other trendy products, and even 49,999 yuan, 6,666 yuan, 1000 yuan Chaoji car purchase coupons, and combined with Jizhi Finance and smart financing plus the delivery of three-year 100,000 coupon, more than one.

In addition, users participate in the activities of the official flagship store of JD.COM/Tmall Geely Automobile. When ordering a car, they will not only get a 200 yuan fuel card, but also get a limited-time car purchase coupon of 6,666 yuan. In addition, you can also get 50,000 yuan car subsidy, seconds kill special cars, red packets of rain on the hour and so on in many car media, such as knowing Car Emperor, car home, Easy Car and so on.

Keeping a car can also be more worry-free.

Geely automobile will carry out the pet powder to the end, which not only makes users happy to buy, but also saves worry about buying. From June 6th to June 30th, Geely Welfare WeChat applet launched its exclusive powder pet activity. You can draw lucky boxes by sharing the help, and get many gifts such as 6,000 yuan fuel coupon, 600 yuan fuel coupon, outdoor camping equipment, etc. The more you share, the more opportunities you have.


June is also the month of Geely users’ care, so the pet powder should be in place and the welfare should naturally be doubled! Following the first anniversary of the user brand "We", all users can get exclusive car purchase coupons of up to 2,000 yuan on the Geely Automobile APP, and at the same time, they can get up to 66,666 points on six online interactive games such as sign-in, wish-making, and scoring on June 6th, as well as 6.6 yuan spike surprise delivery.

At the same time, the super-Kyrgyzstan partner activities are also started simultaneously, and the country is looking for super-Kyrgyzstan partners, and the rights and interests are doubled! Become a partner of Geely Chaoji, share event posters with friends, and get up to 3000 points; If a friend buys a car successfully, he can team up to carve up 10000 points!

It is more reassuring to buy a car and use a car. You can get a variety of after-sales benefits by logging in to "Geely Automobile After-sales Service" in WeChat official account.


Outstanding product strength, new car on the market, popular expectation.

A number of new models also provide Geely brand with product strength advantages. For example, two super hybrid models, Xingyue L Raytheon Hi X Hybrid Edition and Emgrand L Raytheon Hi X Super Hybrid, launched by Geely Raytheon Hybrid System, can save energy and have the ultimate driving experience at the same time. Now, you can enjoy a waiting subsidy of up to 5,000 yuan, so that you are no longer anxious about waiting. The 2022 Bo Yue adopts the brand-new "Storm Armor" styling style, which combines the elements of ancient armor and modern machine armor, and is more eye-catching in terms of design details and human-computer interaction. It is worth mentioning that the whole model of Bo Yue family is free of purchase tax for a limited time, and 0 down payment will drive home.

As an A-class sports coupe specially built by Geely for young people, Binrui COOL has further established Geely’s leading edge in the field of brand sports cars in China by virtue of its cool and stylish appearance, super power of "fast, fierce and economical" and leapfrog rich intelligent safety configuration. Now it has been listed nationwide, with a starting price of 94,800 yuan, and it can be picked up by paying 833 yuan in the first month.

Through the courtesy of car selection, car purchase and car use, not only do consumers experience the exclusive surprise of car purchase, but also show the sincerity of Geely’s car purchase festival in June. Geely focuses on creation and creates high-quality products for consumers; Implement cooperation and optimize the layout for brands and businesses; Iterative upgrade to provide consumers with the most assured consumer services.