Anchor becomes a hot-selling profession: too many platforms and not enough online celebrity?

  Recently, the launching ceremony of the "Next Stop Tianhou" fashion all-star was held in Beijing, and many online celebrities appeared live. reporter Jin Shuo photo

  BEIJING, Beijing, July 15 (Reporter Lou Xiao) All you need is a computer with headphones connected, a camera and a microphone. Singing, dancing and chatting to the audience at the other end of the network will bring in a lot of income every month. Such a "job" seemed unimaginable a few years ago.

  However, live webcasting, which is now developing in full swing, is quietly entering people’s lives. Even the live broadcast equipment has been simplified, and the mobile phone has replaced the computer. The network anchor has obviously evolved into a new profession. Faced with the fierce competition for anchors by many live broadcast platforms, Xiao Dong, who just set up a brokerage company and signed nearly 100 anchors, complained to the reporter of (WeChat WeChat official account: cns2012)."Network red man (hereinafter referred to as online celebrity) is obviously not enough!"

  According to the statistics of "2016 China Online Live Broadcasting Industry Special Study: Warm Spring Encounters Cold Current" recently released by Ai Media Network, a third-party data mining and analysis organization of mobile Internet, in 2015, the number of online live broadcast platforms in China was close to 200, the number of users of online live broadcast platforms had reached 200 million, the number of large live broadcast platforms was close to 4 million at the same time during the daily peak hours, and the number of rooms for live broadcast simultaneously exceeded 3,000.

The Miss Universe 2016 Beijing Campus Sea Election Competition kicked off, and contestants started live broadcasts. Zhongxin. com reporter Yan photo

  “Anchor has become a profession.. Xiao Dong said that there are many girls in second-and third-tier cities whose personal careers are not very developed and their income is not high. Now their beauty technology is so developed.After the live broadcast, I can earn almost tens of thousands of dollars every month.Self-esteem can also be satisfied and enjoy the feeling of being sought after by everyone.Compared with "grassroots anchor", online celebrity has unique advantages in appearance, popularity and experience, so it is favored and contested by all major platforms.

  The reporter found that the anchor’s early income mainly depends on the virtual "gifts" such as flowers, planes and yachts sent by the audience during the live broadcast. Once a stable fan base is established, businesses and brands will come to the door to cooperate and make profits by receiving advertisements, activities and publicity.

At the Global Mobile Internet Conference on April 28th, a female anchor was doing a live broadcast on her mobile phone. China News Service reporter Zhang Hao photo

  With the standardization of the live broadcast industry, some brokerage companies specializing in the management, packaging and promotion of anchors came into being. Xiao Dong said, "We will set up studios in different cities to train the contracted anchors, and teach them what can’t be broadcast, how to mobilize the atmosphere, and how to deal with unexpected problems."

  "Every time the anchor receives a gift from 100 yuan, the platform gets 50%, the brokerage company draws 20%, and the rest belongs to the anchor himself." Xiao Dong said that the brokerage company will choose a more suitable platform and content to distribute to the anchor. "The average anchor will earn at least tens of thousands of dollars a month, and it is normal to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in particularly good conditions. If you catch up with the anchor’s birthday, there will be ‘ Local tyrants ’ Give a one-time gift worth 10,000 yuan for Bo Anchor Interactive."

  "hello, can you see? I’m waiting for Jay Chou to come out now. Have you heard his new album?" On July 11th, at the Beijing media meeting of "Jay Chou’s Bedtime Story", the anchor Phil came to the third row of the media gallery early to occupy the middle seat. After checking her makeup and hairstyle in front of the mirror, she turned on two mobile phones at the same time and started the live broadcast. After Jay Chou appeared, Phil got up from time to time and waved to his idol, hoping that he could watch his live footage.

  In the recent entertainment conference attended by reporters,Online celebrity anchor invited by the organizer can be seen in every game.,They not only attract the audience by "meeting the stars", but also expand the publicity influence for the event itself as a member of the media.Xiao Li, a film propagandist, said frankly, "In the past, inviting media was basically print and online media, but now it is popular to invite several live broadcasts." However, many media colleagues also spoke to reporters. "In the past, we were able to grab a good position by taking photos or videos. Now the middle position is often taken away by a row of anchors, and we can’t say anything."

  However, Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Company, urged the anchor to become a member of the media. "Whether you want to admit it or not, this is the reality. The emergence of a new generation of media has put forward new requirements for media people.Either you have a face value, a personality or a talent. In short, you have to let the audience accept you on the mobile phone screen."

  Recently, the first webcast of Super online celebrity papi Sauce opened eight live broadcast platforms at the same time.The highest number of simultaneous online users exceeded 20 million.According to its partner Yang Ming, the first broadcast of papi sauce has long been concerned and invited by various platforms.These eight companies were selected by the best.Zhao Benshan’s daughter Niu Niu (nickname), whose first show was reported by the media to be 880,000 RMB, has also been broadcast live on "One Live" and "Yingke" platforms.

  "Everyone is digging online celebrity and anchors to their own platforms, and people are still not enough." Xiao Dong revealed that,Most online celebrity with live broadcast experience will be directly signed by various platforms with generous treatment, and some will be offered high prices for exclusive agreements.

  However, the reporter’s investigation found that although the anchor market was in short supply, it was still threatened by "external threats". Since 2015, many domestic live broadcast platforms have turned their attention to South Korea.Due to the developed cosmetic industry and years of professional performing arts training, Korean female anchors have sprung up everywhere.. As can be seen from the live broadcast of Korean female anchor Li Xiubin on a platform in China,Even if she didn’t sing or dance, but just sat in a chair and ate snacks, nearly 100,000 people in China were watching.Netizen Xiao Liu said, "The same is ‘ Plastic face ’ The Korean anchor can be much more refined than China online celebrity. "