A song "Actually, I’m OK" sings and cries that everyone looks at Ham’s different life.


Recently, Ham and Ahu、Yue participated in anhui tv’s "National Opera Festival". Ahu、Yue told the story of his friendship with Ham for 10 years and recalled the experience of Ham.

Ahu、Yue tells the story with Ham.

Ahu、Yue said, "When I first met him, he was nineteen and I was eighteen. What a beautiful age, he is a particularly romantic person. He always asks me out of meteor rain. I like his long curly hair and his melancholy eyes. The key is the aristocratic temperament. I am deeply fascinated by him. " Words reveal a deep "love" for Ham, full of gay feelings!

Ham’s curly hair and melancholy eyes.

Ahu、Yue also talked about Ham’s burn incident: "In fact, in the first few years, everyone was very happy, until one day, he suddenly changed. His appearance was different from before, but I knew he definitely didn’t want to, but there was always a lot of helplessness in life, right? I want to ask him, do you still have love in your heart now? He said that love is in spring. " At this time, Ham had tears in his eyes.

Ham had tears in his eyes.

"Love in Spring" is a TV series shot by Ham in 2010. In this explosion scene, he and Selina were burned due to the operational mistakes of the staff on site. In 2013, Ham completed the filming of this TV series again, and sang the ending song of the same name "I have a date with Spring" solo.

Ham and Mabel Yuan are opposite each other.

Then, Ahu、Yue also shared a conversation with Ham: "I asked him, how have you been these years? He said, actually, I’m fine. He wanted to put the past behind him and start over, so he even changed his name. Now everyone calls him Du Mingli. What a coincidence! I changed my name. My name is Lu Xinghe. He left a clear word and I left a star word, so we are still a big star combination. " Du Mingli is Ham’s role in The Full Moon Blossoms That Year, and Lu Xinghe is Ahu、Yue’s role in The Best of Us. Finally, Ahu、Yue shouted to Ham and said, "If we were the best youth ten years ago, then we will be the best after ten years." The ten years of brotherhood between the two people is both touching and enviable.

Ham plays Du Mingli and Ahu、Yue plays Lu Xinghe.

Later, Ham came to the stage and embraced Ahu、Yue excitedly. The brothers were on the same stage, and applause rang out from the audience. Ham said frankly, "I have been with Quercus Xin for so many years, ten years. Today is also such a celebration of the 10th anniversary of National Opera Festival, but this year is the first time that I stand on this stage as an actor. I hope that there will be more and more particularly satisfied characters in the future, which can be seen by everyone or dedicated to everyone. "

Ham and Ahu、Yue embraced excitedly.

During the performance stage, the two brothers also presented a string of songs in Mood for Youth for the audience, including: Waiting for You to Love Me, The Best of Us, Let me sing a song for you, Walking in the Moonlight, three inches of heaven, and finally ended up singing with Dang: "Let’s be the company of the world of mortals and live a rainy life. Ride a horse and share the prosperity of the world. Sing a song about wine and sing the joy in your heart. Vigorous, put my youth. " Full of memories and killings, people are deeply touched after listening.

Ham and Ahu、Yue sang on the same stage.

Last night, Ham shared the feeling of winning the prize in Weibo: "I finally got my first award as an actor, and a single spark has been lit in my heart, ready to start a prairie fire!"

Ham won the "Best Acting Leap Award" for the role of Du Mingli.

Today, "I’m actually fine in Ham" boarded a hot search. In fact, I’m OK was written, composed and sung by Ham himself, which described his growing mentality after his injury and was also his first work after his burn. On December 31st, 2012, Ham participated in Hunan Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve party and sang "In fact, I’m OK". After many years, when this video was reopened, it still earned everyone’s tears. Especially the sentence: I hope you will understand my eyes in the vast sea of people.

Ham sang "Actually I’m OK"

At that time, He Jiong cried, Nana cried, Amguulan cried, Ahu、Yue cried, and some fans were moved to cry.

He Jiong and Nana cried.

Amguulan is the eighth in Happy Boys.

Ahu、Yue cried into tears.

Ahu; Yue; KA

He Jiong said: "For many people, the New Year’s Eve concert is just a leap from 2012 to 2013, but for Ham, it is an 800-day nirvana rebirth. In these 800 days, we heard some bad news and saw many blurred photos, but today he can finally stand on this stage again. " Yes, Ham stood up and was reborn.

When you hear Ham’s name, do you think of Happy Boys or meteor rain, or the accident between him and Selina?

Ham was born in Guangzhou, China in 1987. In 2007, 19-year-old Ham went to participate in Happy Boys, and he won the sixth place in Happy Boys. And by virtue of his healthy and friendly image, he became a "national younger brother" by fans, and his good brother Ahu、Yue won the seventh place in the country.

Ham participated in Happy Boys.

Ham, Ahu、Yue.

In November last year, Ham also exposed the canvassing list of "Happy Boys" ten years ago, and quipped: "When I recorded the program and saw the canvassing list ten years ago, my fans were full of love for me at that time … They all call me a shining angel singer, but now … "

Ham sun canvassing list

In 2008, he participated in "strictly come dancing" and won the championship with Hong Kong sister Wang Junxin. The two men had a perfect match, and their popularity soared from the preliminary round to the final championship. At that time, many people were impressed by Ham.

Ham won the championship in strictly come dancing.

In 2009, he also performed a musical with Jason, Ahu、Yue, Awakening, Vision Wei and Chen Chusheng. Ham played the leading role of Zhong Zijie, which tells the story of a group of college students who just graduated from school and worked hard for their dreams.

"Le Huo Boy" stills

In the same year, Ham played Duan Mulei in meteor rain. Duan Mulei, with curly hair and extraordinary temperament, always attracts people’s attention when he appears. It is also because of this drama that Ham became a hit.

Ham plays Duan Mulei.

Later, he also became the host of Everyday Up. Just as his career was getting better and better, he had an accident.

Ham is the host of Everyday Up.

In 2010, Ham and Selina filmed the TV series "I have a date with Spring". In a blasting scene, they had an accident. Both of them were severely burned. The burn area of Ham reached 39%, which was a third-degree burn.

Ham was burned.

At that time, some netizens said, "The fire was so big when the explosion occurred. Selina got up first, her face was dark, her hair rushed forward, and the hem of the cheongsam was burned out. She kept crying and saying,’ It’s hot, it’s hot’, and someone was watering her. Ham has been lying on the mat, the clothes on his back are burnt to pieces, and his eyes are dull and say, It’s so hot, water … … Then someone poured a bucket of water on him. "


In 2015, he participated in "The Cloud of the Sea", in which he played General Gu Songtuo.

Ham plays Gu Songtuo.

2017 is a turning point in Ham’s life. In this year, his plays were so popular that his acting skills were recognized, so that some people went to Weibo to scold him for his role as Du Mingli in "Flowers bloom and the moon is full that year".

Du Mingli played by Ham was scolded.

On his birthday last year, Ham’s father also sent a long message to bless him: "When the character Du Mingli appeared in front of me and the audience, when the keyboard man did everything he could, he was extremely abusive; Son, you are truly "established" in my mind. "

Ham’s domineering return

From Duan Mulei to Du Mingli, from an ignorant teenager to a powerful actor, he has gone through hardships, but he is also strong. The people who like him have not given up, and he has not given up on himself. The king of Ham is back!