Comments on China brand new cars at Guangzhou Auto Show such as BYD Qin PLUS.

This is another car feast after Beijing Auto Show. As the host, China automobile brands made collective efforts to make heavy new cars appear on the booth one after another, including Changan, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi EMPOWER, BYD, PLUS, etc., which we have been waiting for for for a long time, and the first love to announce the pre-sale price at this auto show. …

Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi EMPOWER: Striving for the Younger Market Segment

At the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show, Empower, a brand-new compact car owned by GAC Chuanqi, was officially unveiled. Based on Chuanqi GPMA platform, the new car is positioned in a four-door sedan, with a slip-back design. The design concept derived from "fighter" makes the appearance of the new car exaggerated enough. Although the official has not announced the interior design of the new car, I believe it will use a brand-new design style. It is reported that the new car will be equipped with a new generation of "Julang Power" of GAC. The platform includes 1.5T and 2.0T engines, and the thermal efficiency is over 40%.

As we all know, the car market is a weak brand presence area in China. The first echelon of sales volume is often occupied by joint venture brands, among which the popular market of 100,000-150,000 yuan is monopolized by Sylphy, Corolla, LaVida and other models.

In the face of the iron wall built by joint venture models, it is obviously not the best policy to be positive and rigid. On the contrary, in the younger market segment, everyone is basically in a state of going hand in hand. GAC Chuanqi wants to seize this opportunity through EMPOWER. How can young people recognize EMPOWER at a glance? GAC Chuanqi does this. ….

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know EMPOWER. Everyone knows GTR, right? Let’s climb relatives hard. Although this wave of marketing makes no sense, the effect is obvious. With the excellent appearance opportunity of the Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Chuanqi EMPOWER made the new platform, new power and new design public, which aroused the appetite of netizens and looked forward to the design of the new car interior.

If it is mass-produced in the state of the current exhibition car, then the appearance of EMPOWER can be said to be very ok. Just four exhaust pipes and large-size calipers are enough to scare people, not to mention those carbon fiber decorations. As for the strength of GPMA platform, we have been able to spread the message from the second generation.

The breakthrough of independent brands in the car market may be inseparable from youthfulness, and the difficulty of this road can be imagined, but fortunately, at present, the Lexus 03 is also an example of near success, and it is always possible to refer to it.

Brand-new BYD Qin PLUS: Crossing the hurdle of fuel vehicle

BYD’s new compact car Qin PLUS was officially released at the just-opened 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show. The new car was built on BYD’s new DM-i platform, and it was also equipped with a dedicated 1.5L high-efficiency engine for Xiaoyun-Plug-in. The front face of the new car follows the design language of "DragonFace" and incorporates brand-new design elements. The larger "Dragon Mouth" front grille and the newly designed "Dragon Armor" bring strong sensory impact.

You can choose Tesla to buy new energy and pursue brand power, but if you want to be cost-effective, you must be inseparable from BYD. BYD, which used to have a flat sales volume in the fuel vehicle market, is now soaring with Dongfeng’s share price of new energy, and its research and development strength and product play are gradually improved.

It doesn’t matter that the fuel car can’t be sold at a high price. Let’s switch to a plug-in hybrid car, which accelerates quickly and doesn’t have to worry about charging. In the past, when there were subsidies, the cost performance was still high. With the hybrid platform, it seems that it is not difficult to improve the product strength.

Therefore, the selling point of BYD Qin PLUS is obvious. One is the super hybrid technology and new power experience brought by the new DM-i platform, and the other is the avant-garde design based on the "DragonFace" design language. However, BYD Qin PLUS positioning is still a volume model, and it is expected that the pricing of new cars in the future will not be too outrageous.

Dongfeng popular T5 EVO: change the product matrix with rich style.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2020, we photographed the popular T5 EVO in Dongfeng, which was just launched on the 17th. The new car adopted a brand-new family design language, focusing on the style of young sports. As an upgraded product of popular T5, Dongfeng popular T5 EVO is also positioned as a compact SUV, and the listing of this car will enrich the existing popular product matrix and meet the consumer demand of more market segments.

When it comes to the popularity of Dongfeng, we will feel that the brand’s new car is affordable and practical, but it is not so attractive in design. Consumers’ inherent impression of the brand blocks the breakthrough path of Dongfeng’s popular products, so the appearance of the popular T5 EVO is not only a simple upgrade of the T5 model, but also focuses on the shape design.

The easiest way to let consumers see the most intuitive changes is to change the LOGO. Although the brand-new Jinshi logo doesn’t impress me deeply, it at least makes me feel that this car is different from other products of Dongfeng popular brand.

Of course, this is also the case. For a moment, I thought Maserati had a new car with obvious changes in the interior. The whole car can really give you a fresh feeling. Whether the popular T5 EVO, which breaks the stable home design style, can turn the design highlights into real sales depends on its future marketing direction.

WEY Tank 300: Strive to be the vane of China brand SUV

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2020, WEY officially announced the pre-sale price of the tank 300 model, and the new car launched three models with a pre-sale price range of 17.58-21.38 million yuan. This compact SUV is based on the "Tank ·WEY" off-road platform and will adopt a new non-loaded body design.

From Haval brand to WEY, from H6 to VV6, almost every fist product of Great Wall Motor has gained a lot in its corresponding market. I have to admit that Great Wall Motor, which focuses on SUV products, is well aware of the demands of consumers in China.

In the past, in the hard-core SUV market, we could only choose overseas models such as overbearing, land patrol and bobcats, which were not only expensive, but also the products we bought often sacrificed comfort and intelligent configuration. In the new era, "off-road" has gradually changed from an extreme sport to a cultural and personalized direction. Consumers want their cars to have the foundation of hard-core off-road vehicles, while taking into account the comfort and intelligent configuration of daily vehicles, so Tank 300 was born to meet this group of people.

Tank 300 is only the vanguard of the "Tank WEY" off-road platform. Whether the market is optimistic about this product or not, at least WEY has done something that other brands have not done. And if the tank 300 is really not worried about sales, then the SUV market segment will have a new weather vane.

Harvard’s first love: playing fancy naming is a bit addictive

At the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show, Haval First Love officially opened for pre-sale. The new car is expected to offer four models, with the pre-sale price range of 89,000-115,000 yuan. As the third model of lemon platform, the new car is unique in the design of headlights. Although it is positioned as a compact SUV, the wheelbase performance of the first love is good, reaching 2700 mm.

I don’t know when it started, but the Great Wall began to like to give some strange names to its products. At first, many people thought it was an eye-catching, but it didn’t last long, but in fact it hit their faces. Haval Big Dog, Haval First Love, Euler Good Cat, Black Cat, White Cat, Tank 300, Great Wall Gun, etc. If you are curious, you may find more registered names of Great Wall Motor. Although these names are not on the table, they look funny enough.

Although the name of the product is fancy, the strength of the new car is no joke. First of all, Harvard first love is different from other products in the family in design, and it adopts a large light group with high recognition. In addition, the intelligent cockpit is formed by multiple display screens in the car, and the gear shifting mechanism is knob-style, which is not novel, but it is not common.

The first love of positioning urban SUV is not equipped with too powerful power system. On the one hand, considering the majority of car owners in the future, it is also good to watch the fuel consumption performance.

Changan UNI-K: The momentum is just right, then pursue it with victory.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, which opened today, Changan UNI-K, the second model of Changan UNI (Gravity) series, was officially unveiled. The new car is positioned as a 5-seat medium-sized SUV. Changan UNI-K is built on the basis of the Vision-V concept car, which continues the "borderless" family design language. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the Blue Whale NE series 2.0T engine. It is understood that Changan UNI-K will be listed in the first quarter of next year.

As a brand-new series of vehicles launched by Changan Automobile this year under the influence of the overall decline of the industry and the adverse environment of the "Black Swan" incident at the beginning of the year, the launch of UNI series can be described as a strong response. After the launch of the first model UNI-T, the sales volume exceeded 10,000 for several months, which became a new growth point of sales volume, and it was also caught off guard by many joint venture models at the same level.

As the second model of UNI series, UNI-K directly positioned the model to the level of medium-sized SUV, which is enough to see Changan’s ambition to take root in the high-end model market. In the case of UNI-T selling well, Changan Automobile once again pursued the victory, and UNI-K is also very exciting.

Arrizo 5 PLUS: One model has two appearances, so make your own "enlarged cup" and let others talk about it.

Friends who are familiar with Chery products should know that the Arrizo 5 PLUS is actually a modified model of the Arrizo GX. The name change from "GX" to "PLUS" can be understood as a compromise to the family. After all, the Tiggo 8 and the Tiggo 8 PLUS do this. Of course, I personally think that we should not blindly change the naming method because of the family, which is likely to lose the inheritance and accumulation of several generations of cars.

However, since the "PLUS" has been changed, let’s see where Ariza 5 is added. The biggest change of the new car is to provide two front face design styles. The normal version uses a big mouth design and piano paint material to create a sense of atmosphere. The fashion version uses an X-shaped mask, which tends to be sporty, and the interior is upgraded in color and material. The size and power remain basically unchanged, but the design change of the front and rear of the car has brought about the improvement of the overall gas field, and the impression upgrade of the new car is quite obvious.

It can be seen that under the condition that the overall framework has not changed, the Arrizo 5 PLUS has brought a brand-new experience through the adjustment of design and materials, but the Arrizo 5 PLUS has suffered a loss in the size of the whole vehicle.

At present, the trend of self-owned brand cars continues to increase. Emgrand’s GL version is not counted. Recently, Xingrui has made its size close to that of a B-class car. Moreover, at this Guangzhou Auto Show, BYD also brought Qin PLUS, and its size will increase compared with Qin Pro. In this way, Arrizo PLUS will still face strong competitive pressure from competitors. The opponent’s "super cup" is a comprehensive upgrade of consumers’ understanding, while Arrizo’s "PLUS" is a large cup in the actual sense, which reminds me of the bridge where Teacher Luo went to Starbucks to buy coffee.

JAC Ruifeng L6 MAX: The time for independent brand operation is getting closer and closer.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2020, JAC officially released the Ruifeng L6 MAX, with four models in total, with a price of 172.8-208.8 million yuan. The car is actually the Ruifeng M6 MAX model released during the Beijing Auto Show. Now it has adopted a new name and the front of the car has been replaced with the "reFine”LOGO.

Behind the replacement of LOGO, it may indicate that the time for Ruifeng to operate as an independent brand is getting closer and closer. Ruifeng series has a history of nearly 20 years in China MPV market. With the increasing popularity of domestic MPV market, Ruifeng series will usher in a new development.