2024 Beijing Auto Show: Looking forward to the launch of U8 cross-country player version/looking forward to the debut of U7.

On April 25th, the 2024 Auto Show opened, and the car was unveiled with its,, and. Among them, looking up at the U8 off-road player version, the official starting price is 1.098 million yuan, and the million-level new energy flagship car looks up at U7 and also completes the offline debut. It is understood that the revolutionary technology Yunqi -Z, which was first built by U7, made a heavy start, and the Yunqi family was added with new members. Looking forward to the continuous expansion of the product and technology matrix.

It is reported that Yunqi -Z technology replaces the traditional hydraulic shock absorber with four highly integrated suspension motors, and the adjustment response speed is as fast as 10 milliseconds, which is 10 times that of the traditional active suspension; The suspension motor is used to do work directly, and the oil is removed as the medium, so the energy transmission loss is smaller, and the suspension motor can also directly generate electricity, realize energy recovery and charge the battery.

Looking up at U7, the first ride on Yunqi -Z will bring users ride comfort beyond magnetic levitation. The pure electric performance of the first ride Yunxiao -X looks up at U9, which not only has the ultimate handling, but also takes into account the comfort of daily driving. The new energy hard-core cross-country looks up to U8′ s first launch equipped with Yunqi -P, which makes the vehicle have both urban comfortable driving and cross-country crossing ability. Starting from the systematic control of the vertical direction of the whole vehicle, Yunqi intelligent body control system is integrated with the easy-to-square technology to realize the control of the body posture in three directions.

In addition, looking forward to the launch of U8 Off-road Player Edition, it is built based on two technologies: Yi Sifang and Yunqi-P. It is equipped with unique configurations and functions such as full-scene on-board satellite communication, near-far infrared night vision system, and the world’s first deeply integrated on-board UAV system, which brings more travel fun to off-road players.

Among them, the standard vehicle-mounted satellite communication scheme allows users to contact with the outside world in the field without signal, and it is not necessary to manually aim at the satellite to find the signal, even if it is moving, it can still be used normally. In addition, the cross-country player version provides a far-near infrared night vision system, which can realize all-weather perception in harsh weather or light environment such as sandstorm, smog and backlight, and has collision warning function.

It is worth mentioning that looking up to the U8 off-road player version, you can also install a vehicle-mounted drone system with an optional price of 100,000 yuan, which supports convenient functions such as "one-button take-off, intelligent follow-up".

Looking up to the U8 cross-country player version, the wading throat is standard, the maximum wading depth can reach 1.4m, and it has the ability of emergency floating, so it can easily cope with wild wading scenes. At the same time, the whole vehicle is equipped with a newly designed split front bumper, and the maximum approach angle, departure angle and longitudinal passing angle can reach 37.5, 38 and 26.5 respectively, which brings stronger off-road passability. The new car also has 17+1 driving modes, effectively improving the all-terrain conquest ability.

Looking up to U7 equipped with easy square technology, the horsepower of the whole vehicle is as high as 1300 horsepower, and the acceleration of 0-100km/h takes only 2.9s seconds, and the torque of four wheels can be adjusted independently in milliseconds. In addition, U7 comes standard with self-developed and self-produced high-performance carbon ceramic brake disc, which, with the electric braking ability of Yifangfang, has a braking distance of 33 meters at 100-0 km/h..


After looking up to the brand’s first exhibition at the auto show in 2023, after a year, the brand products and technology matrix have been continuously expanded, which has also brought more diversified travel experiences and car purchase options. After the Beijing Auto Show, we will continue to pay attention to how the brand will boost sales and boost the brand.