Vigilance | Clone taxis have many problems: fake documents, looking for counterfeit money, asking for random prices, hit-and-run accidents…

  CCTV News:Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 alarm platform recently received a number of public alarm, reflected in the occurrence of abnormal meter when taking a taxi, small change counterfeit money, detour charges and other issues, some also accompanied by the use of false identity, counterfeit money, false license plate, false documents and other illegal acts. In this regard, the Beijing police launched a special project investigation, not only found cloned taxis, but also seized more than 100,000 counterfeit money in the driver’s home.

  These counterfeit coins were found by the police at Zhang’s house. The total value of these counterfeit coins was more than 100,000 yuan, and the smallest one had a face value of 20 yuan. Zhang usually drove a taxi, so it was not difficult for him to spend these counterfeit coins.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Beijing police have received a number of reports that passengers were found to have counterfeit money when they took a taxi. After investigation, the cases involved were all cloned taxis. The case was handed over to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Mobile Investigation Corps for investigation.

  Police:Their usual crime method is to use counterfeit money to exchange counterfeit money, which accounts for 50% to 60% of the police situation. They exchange it on the grounds that the whole hundred yuan bill given by the victim is missing and old, and he uses his counterfeit money to return it to the victim.

  The police found that most of these cloned cars appeared in the second half of the night, and the drivers were familiar with each other. If they were not arrested at the same time, it was likely that the news would leak. To find out the specific location of these involved drivers, the police searched for nearly two months.

  After following up the investigation, the task force locked down more than 50 cloned cars and launched a concentrated crackdown after obtaining sufficient evidence.

  In an auto parts city in Changping District, Beijing, the task force found multiple cloned taxis, which had been repaired by their drivers.

  Driving license, driver’s license, vehicle formalities, taxi invoices, driver’s yellow uniform, cloning taxi cloning procedures are almost complete, in addition to obtaining these procedures and licenses in the cloned car driver Zhang’s home, the police also found more than 100,000 yuan in counterfeit money.

  Police:The cost of cloning taxis is relatively low. After a cloned taxi is equipped with all the documents and fake license plates, it can cost between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan. Basically, the cost can be recovered in one or two months.

  Where did the false license plate come from? The police investigated in depth

  In the special project to crack down on cloned taxis, the Beijing police seized hundreds of cloned taxis. Where did these cloned cars and related documents come from? Who is providing convenience to criminals? The police launched a deeper investigation.

  Police:The documents they used were all fake, including the car license plate. There were two main types of license plates, one was the stolen real brand, and the other was bought online. We found that the suspect who bought the fake license and the fake brand was in Jiangsu.

  The police of the task force also investigated the illegal personnel who provided convenience to the cloned car drivers. On June 29, the task force launched a unified operation in Beijing and Jiangsu. In a parking lot near Fengtai District in Beijing, more than 100 taxis were parked. At first glance, these taxis seemed fine, but in fact they were all regular taxis that had been scrapped or were about to be scrapped. They were in the hands of car dealers, simply refurbished, equipped with headlights and company logos, and then returned to the hands of criminals.

  In addition to looking for counterfeit money, cloned taxis are no small danger: earlier this year, law enforcement officers arrested a cloned taxi driver under the Dajiaoting Bridge in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The driver tampered with the meter, and the meter number soared with a touch. In May this year, when police at the Capital Airport were inspecting the cloned car, the driver threw cash outside in an attempt to escape. In Changping District, Beijing, a cloned car knocked down an elderly man and fled. The elderly died on the spot. A week later, the driver of the accident was caught by the police. This operation, the police conducted an in-depth investigation into the source of the car and the production of fake documents.

  In the old palace in Beijing’s Daxing district, police blocked the suspect Wang at home, and many of the fake certificates in the hands of clone car drivers were bought from him.

  Here was the suspect’s workshop for processing false certificates. On the bed, the table, and two large suitcases were filled with all kinds of false certificates, including driving licenses, driver’s licenses, and Motor Vehicle Register Certificates.

  During the operation, the task force seized hundreds of cloned taxis, caught 234 alleged offenders, and confiscated more than 6,000 items such as false seals, false certificates, and false license plates. The police once again reminded the general public that if they encounter illegal violations while riding taxis, please call the police in time.