The health inspirational story of two old people: health is not without disease, but with illness, you can live a long and healthy life.

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The health inspirational story of two old people: health is not without disease, but with illness, you can live a long and healthy life.

Li Qing, TEDA Hospital of Tianjin University

Health and disease are a pair of contradictory bodies. How can you say that you are healthy when you get sick?

Then listen to me and tell the health story of two old people.

From the appearance, you may not think that this old man is 86 years old and suffering from cancer. I visited my clinic several times last year.

I remember when the old man first visited me last year, the first sentence was: "I came to see you after seeing Tik Tok!"

One sentence surprised me and I was in awe of her!

Tik Tok can only run on smartphones. Smartphones have only been on the market for 10 years, and some people around me will not use them until they are 60 years old. And Tik Tok is in recent years. An 85-year-old man can not only play Tik Tok, but also play it so smoothly. What does this show? It shows that the intelligence of the elderly has not declined, and their learning ability is very strong.

The old man said that she had high blood pressure for many years and kept it well with antihypertensive drugs. In 2010, the right kidney was removed because of renal cancer. In 2014, the serum creatinine was slightly increased, and in 2017, hypothyroidism was found. At present, the thyroid function is well controlled by taking Eupatorium (levothyroxine tablets). Recently, the serum creatinine increased a little, so I came to see a doctor.

An increase in serum creatinine means a decrease in renal function. The blood creatinine of the elderly continues to be high, indicating that the renal function of the remaining left kidney has been damaged.

The old man said: my estimated glomerular filtration rate is 40. Is it a big problem?

This sentence surprised me again.

Many non-nephrologists can’t calculate glomerular filtration rate. How can she be so professional as an 80-year-old man? So I asked her, are you a doctor, too?

The old man said: I am a science woman, and I learned from the Internet. I know that glomerular filtration rate is a more objective indicator reflecting renal function, and serum creatinine is only a reference value, so I found the calculation formula of glomerular filtration rate from the Internet and calculated it myself.

I respect the old man even more!

The old man is deaf, blind and strong, and we can know from the dialogue that her thinking is clear.

It is understood that the old man studied in the former Soviet Union and majored in machinery. He has been engaged in technical work and has never stopped studying after retirement.

I measured her renal function with ECT (renal function imaging). The glomerular filtration rate is 30.1ml/min, which is worse than her estimated value, but if it is maintained well, it can still live a healthy life.

The old man has a notebook that records her physical condition, physical examination results and medication over the years. She said that this notebook is only a part of her self-health management file.

A few days ago, the old man came to check again and told me something that surprised me.

She has a little grandson over 2 years old, who was born by his second marriage. A few months ago, the nanny left because of the epidemic, and the old man helped his son take care of his children for more than two months. The old man said, I’m exhausted. Well, I just found a nanny to replace me, so I quickly came over to have a physical examination.

As a result of the examination, the old man’s health is as good as last year.

Anyone who has taken care of children knows how tired it is to take care of a child over two years old every day. Some young and middle-aged people may not be able to eat it, not to mention that she is an 86-year-old man, and she suffers from various diseases and can bear this hard work, which once again verifies the healthy body and open-minded attitude of the elderly.

Look at this momentum, you can live for another 10 years.

I asked the old man: Do you mind if I send your photos?

The old man said: it is a good thing to be helpful to others.

Look at this old man, who is the sister of the first old man!

She is 78 years old. She found high blood pressure 10 years ago. At first, she didn’t pay attention to it and didn’t take medication. Later, after listening to the doctor’s health lecture, I learned about the dangers of hypertension and began to take medicine seriously, check regularly, and manage myself strictly. From the records of her notebook, everyone can know her carefulness.

In the outpatient clinic, the elderly clinic asked me many questions prepared in advance, and I answered them one by one. She recorded them one by one, just like a 7-or 8-year-old pupil.

The old man came to see me because of the high serum creatinine found in the physical examination. Of course, her sister recommended me.

I told the elderly that the increase in serum creatinine was related to high blood pressure in early years and natural decline in renal function in the elderly, which was not serious. If the blood pressure is well controlled in the future, there will be no problem in maintaining renal function for 20 years.

I told the elderly that hypertension is a lifelong disease and needs lifelong management. If hypertension can be controlled for a long time, it can completely delay or even avoid the damage of heart, brain and kidney, and it can completely live a long and healthy life.

The old man was very happy and asked me many points for attention and recorded them one by one.

Many people are used to thinking that the so-called health is the absence of disease. There is no problem with this understanding, of course, but in fact, there are almost no people who are completely free from diseases.

Many people who live a long and healthy life are not disease-free. Instead, they find the disease early through regular physical examination. After finding the disease, they follow the doctor’s advice and treat it reasonably, and control all the indicators to reach the standard. No serious organ complications such as heart, brain and kidney have occurred.

You can live healthily even if you are sick!

Living healthily is longevity!

Different longevity elderly people have different longevity secrets, but in general, there are nothing more than the following decisive factors:

1. Genetic genes;

2. A healthy lifestyle;

3. Open-minded attitude;

4. Health concept;

5. Self-care awareness;

6. Strong management and self-control ability.

Regular physical examination, regular medication, and control all indicators up to standard; Regular life, good self-control ability and self-health management are the secrets of these two old people’s longevity.

Keep pace with the world and have a positive attitude towards life, so it is not easy to get old.

People who love learning are younger!

Tomorrow is the National Day, which coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish all my friends happy holidays and good health!

Original title: "The health inspirational story of two old people: health is not without disease, but you can live a long and healthy life with illness."

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