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In the eyes of outsiders, muscle training is just to make your figure symmetrical, you can look better when you wear clothes, and then you can improve your strength, but it is of no substantive use to life. If fitness can relieve stress, temper perseverance and keep energy for these "outsiders", then the benefits that these five people who only know fitness may arouse their desire to exercise.

Fitness is a process of self-improvement, which will play a role in shaping the body shape and inner world. Below, let’s take a look at the five tangible benefits that fitness can bring. First, strengthen cardiovascular function and improve body immunity. The body needs to consume more oxygen during exercise, which will inevitably lead to the acceleration of blood circulation and the increase of blood supply. In the long run, in order to meet the output of this intensity, the heart and blood vessels will naturally become stronger. Although the body’s immunity will temporarily decline after exercise, in the long run, persisting in exercise can improve the body’s resistance to diseases.

Second, prevent bone degradation. Bones look like hard stones, but they also have their own growth and decline mechanisms. The key factor affecting bone development is force. Once the body lacks exercise, the intensity of bone receiving strength stimulation becomes smaller, which will probably cause bone degradation and weaken the stress ability of bone. For example, patients who stay in bed for a long time often have a certain degree of muscle and bone atrophy, which is caused by the lack of corresponding exercise.

Third, the body’s ability to resist unexpected situations has improved. People who exercise regularly, both in muscle strength and physical balance, will be much better than non-exercise people. On the surface, it is outstanding athletic ability, but in essence, it is the improvement of coordination ability of various parts of the body. It is the same as stepping on a banana skin on the ground. People who exercise regularly are likely to make corresponding protective actions in a short time to reduce the risk of injury. People who don’t exercise have never been stimulated in this respect, and neither their reaction ability nor their muscle strength can cope with this situation, and as a result, they will often be badly thrown.

Fourth, increase the testosterone content. Long-term strength training can promote the secretion of testosterone, so that the body has stronger anabolic ability and more muscles. On the other hand, the promotion of testosterone helps to promote the harmony of life between couples or couples. Because of this, boys should do more strength training.

Fifth, keep young and energetic. Fitness can’t make people stay young forever, and it can’t prevent wrinkles on their faces. The role of fitness in keeping young is more in maintaining physical function. For example, after fitness, muscle mass increased and exercise ability improved. Even when you are old, your skin won’t relax quickly and you won’t walk unsteadily. Perhaps this situation can’t be distinguished when you are young, but once you are over 30, the physical gap caused by fitness will become more and more obvious.

Finally, the figure is only a very superficial phenomenon, and the health inside the body is the real meaning of muscle training. If you used to think that fitness is a group of people who like to play cool, then now you should know what their motivation is. What do you think is the use of building muscles?

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