Good news! Yangzhou University Conservatory of Music was supported by the National Art Foundation.

Recently, the National Arts Fund Management Center announced the List of Funded Projects of the National Arts Fund (General Projects) in 2024, and the project "Guqin Art Theory Research and Criticism Talent Training" declared by Yangzhou University was successfully approved as the "Art Talent Training Funding Project" with a funding amount of 750,000.

Established in 2013, the National Art Foundation is a public welfare fund approved by the State Council. It is one of the three major scientific research funds established by the Chinese government along with the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Fund (including separate projects), and it is the most important fund to support cultural and artistic creation and artistic talent training in China at present. The fund aims at prospering artistic creation, creating and popularizing masterpieces, cultivating artistic talents and promoting the healthy development of national artistic undertakings. It is reported that 9135 projects were finally confirmed to be submitted in the 2024 National Art Foundation (general projects) funded project declaration, and 798 projects were selected by experts of the National Art Foundation, with a comprehensive project approval rate of about 8.7%. Among them, 1231 artistic talent training projects were declared, accounting for 13.5% of the total declared projects, and 110 projects were funded.

"Guqin Art Theory Research and Criticism Talent Training" is the first talent training project with the theme of "Guqin Art Theory Criticism". This project is implemented by Yangzhou University and presided over by Professor Hu Bin of the Conservatory of Music. Relying on the professional advantages of the Conservatory of Music and the high-quality local resources of Yangzhou Guqin, the project invites experts of Guqin from China Academy of Art, Central Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and a number of national inheritors of Guqin to participate in the training, and recruits talents for theoretical research and criticism of Guqin art nationwide. The project focuses on theoretical criticism and academic discussion, supplemented by collecting wind and observing. Through theoretical study and practice of Guqin performance technology, Guqin history and culture, Guqin production, Guqin art aesthetics, Guqin performance and promotion, Guqin score and creation, Guqin genre and inheritance, it is committed to cultivating theoretical critics with keen appreciation and theoretical thinking ability, which can provide comprehensive and objective artistic cognition for Guqin performance and music creation, as well as Guqin art inheritance and development. The project will be launched in Yangzhou in early July. (Wei Hongyun)