Liu Yunlong, the godfather of spy war, and Zhou Yang, the flower of spy war, how many classic spy war dramas have you seen?

Looking back on this year, the spy war type film and television dramas are constantly accumulating strength. The spy war drama "The Man in the Bureau" starring Pan Yueming and Zray shows the brothers’ confrontation;

"Qiu Chan" brought by Ren Jialun, a new generation actor who starred in the spy war drama for the first time;

And the "godfather of spy war" in this year’s new work "Chance".

When it comes to Liu Yunlong, the audience’s first reaction is to think of the classic roles he created in the spy war dramas. Known as the "godfather of spy war", he has not only acted as an actor in many spy war dramas of the era, such as Meritorious Service, Broken Stab, Informant, Kite, Assassination, etc., but also participated in the production of many classic spy war dramas as a producer and director.

In 2005, the TV series plot against Liu Yunlong, with producer, director and leading actor, was broadcast, which won the "TV Series of the Year" award of China Television Artists Association. Liu Yunlong also won the Best Actor in TV Series in the 15th Beijing Film and Television Chun Yan Award and the "New Director Award" in Tencent Starlight Awards in 2006 with communist party spies "Zaitian An" and "Qian Zhijiang". It can be said that Liu Yunlong’s title of "godfather of spy war" started from "plot against".

The plot against Liu Yunlong is a spy TV series adapted from Mai Jia’s novel of the same name, which is divided into three chapters: Listening to the Wind, Watching the Wind and Catching the Wind. Listening to the wind symbolizes the radio listener; Look at the wind, symbolizing the person who deciphers the code; Catch the wind, symbolizing the underground workers of our party. The three chapters are relatively independent in time relationship and story, and are inextricably linked.

No matter from the story frame, plot arrangement or characterization, "plot against" can be regarded as Liu Yunlong’s masterpiece. It can also be said that Liu Yunlong achieved "plot against" and "plot against" also achieved Liu Yunlong, the godfather of spy war.

Speaking of this TV series that started the spy war in China, in addition to Liu Yunlong’s excellent performance, Chen Shu, who plays Huang Yiyi in the second part, also left a deep impression on many viewers.

Huang Yiyi, played by Chen Shu, was born in the East, studied in the West, and pursued freedom of personality. He was a talented mathematician who yearned for a beautiful love. In the end, he became a vegetable due to intracranial hemorrhage, and the ending of his death was regrettable.

Although there is no happy ending in this drama, plot against is the earliest achievement of Chen Shu’s acting career, and won the "Top Ten Classic TV Characters Award" for this drama in the past 30 years of reform and opening up.

The performance of actress Tong Lei, who also worked with Liu Yunlong, in Broken Thorn is also memorable. Tong Lei played the role of "Li Henan", an important figure embedded in the military junta in communist party, and was nominated as an outstanding actress for the 29th Flying Award of Chinese TV Series.

The spy war drama itself has the thrill and tension of undercover agents always facing the discovery of their identities. If it is added with suspense, it will be even more exciting. Liu Yunlong and Zhang Jiayi starred in the anti-special suspense drama "Informer" is such a work.

Liu Yunlong, the godfather of spy drama, and Zhang Jiayi cooperated strongly. One was a police officer with accurate reasoning, and the other was a senior interrogator in Kuomintang prison before liberation. The contest between them was full of sparks.

In addition to Informant, Zhang Jiayi also has many spy war works, such as Cliff and Borrowing a Gun, which all show good acting skills.

It is said that the works make an actor. Apart from the pioneering work of the spy war drama "Plot Against", the drama "Hidden" with the theme of the Republic of China is also a work that has to be mentioned in the spy war drama, and the achievement of "Hidden" is Sun Honglei.

"Latency" tells the story that Yu Zecheng of the Intelligence Department of the Kuomintang Military Command Headquarters abandoned darkness to become an underground party lurking in the Military Command. After the popularity of "Latency", Yu Zecheng not only became the representative of our underground party, but also became the representative of all spies (including commercial spies and secret intelligence personnel).

In fact, in this drama, besides Sun Honglei, Zu Feng, who plays the villain Li Ya, also performed well, and won the Huading Award for Best Supporting Actor for this drama.

After that, Zu Feng’s works on the theme of spy war dramas were also well received. The spy war dramas such as Secret War, Double Stings, Code Name and Mask were fruitful, and the shrewd villains, warm male agents, traitors who defected to the enemy, calm and shrewd business elites and passers-by made people love and hate under his interpretation.

In addition, of course, there are Leng Yan’s excellent female agents in spy war dramas. Zhou Yang, known as "the flower of spy war drama", has appeared in many spy war dramas, such as Special Mission, Special Fight, Secret Killer List, etc., and created the image of a female agent who is both dashing and heroic as a soldier and charming and sexy as a woman.

Cheng Su, who is especially good at military spy drama, is also called "Beauty Lady Enforcers" because of her performance in Dancing with Wolves 2 and Lonely Goose.

The duel between infernal affairs and anti-infernal affairs, the contest between reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance, the just male master who has the foresight to play with the enemy in his palm, and the female agent in Leng Yan who looks virtuous and harmless but has a deep mind and great skill, indeed, this is the standard of spy war drama. It’s really enjoyable to watch the "spy shadows" performed by the actors. Who else do you know about the "old faces" in these spy war dramas? Come and share those incomprehensible identity puzzles in spy war dramas! Text/fruit burning