Xiaomi SU7 is fully exposed, and its safety is also brilliant.

At 2 pm on December 28th, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, announced the appearance and interior of Xiaomi’s first car SU7 at the press conference.

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi SU7 has at least three appearance colors, namely "Gulf Blue" inspired by seawater, "Elegant Grey" derived from the gray rock stratum of Yadan landform, and "Olive Green" full of advanced feeling.

In addition, more details about Xiaomi SU7 were announced at the press conference site. SU7 was equipped with water-drop headlights with 4-lens and 12-pixel matrix ADB adaptive design, and the tail of the car was equipped with a halo taillight with a total length of 2.48 meters and 360 632 nm ultra-red LED luminous elements.

At the same time, the car body is covered with 8 sets of air ducts and 17 vacuum vents. In terms of details, the overall design revolves around the low-lying back movement, dotted with cobblestone-shaped lidar, raindrop-shaped borderless rearview mirror, semi-hidden door handle and many other details.

In terms of interior, Xiaomi SU7 provides three colors of "Yinhe Grey", "Obsidian Black" and "Twilight Red", and is equipped with "five-screen linkage" such as tilting instrument screen, super-large flat-panel boarding and super-large head-up display.

It is worth mentioning that Lei Jun deliberately reserved some physical buttons, including start/stop, air conditioning temperature adjustment, air conditioning air volume adjustment, air suspension adjustment and electric tail adjustment. Thanks to the platform design of Xiaomi SU7, the car is equipped with a large front case and trunk, which can accommodate large space items.

In terms of safety, Xiaomi SU7 also performed well. It not only loaded the "battery cell inversion technology" pioneered by Xiaomi, but also released energy downward in extreme cases. Xiaomi and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited jointly developed CTB integrated battery technology. Xiaomi SU7′ s battery has the industry’s top heat dissipation and heat insulation capabilities, providing 17 layers of high-voltage insulation protection and 14 layers of hard-core physical protection.

Xiaomi SU7 uses "armored cage steel-aluminum hybrid body", with high-strength steel and aluminum alloy accounting for 90.1%, the highest strength reaching 2000MPa, and the torsional stiffness of the whole vehicle reaching 51000 N m/deg, which is the leading level in the industry.

(Reporter Zhang Xue Trainee reporter Lu Qingsong Source: Qilu Yidian)