In the same vein as BYD Han, BYD Qin PLUS EV is not just as simple as high value.

On April 7 this year, BYD Qin PLUS EV was officially listed.

The data shows that with its super-high face value and strong comprehensive strength, BYD Qinqin PLUS EV has become one of the highest-selling compact pure electric cars in China in May, and its market popularity is very high.

On June 25th, Zhengzhou Station of BYD Qinqin PLUS EV National Touring Tasting Fair was officially opened. At the press conference, Hu Qiushi, regional manager of Zhengzhou Region in the Central Theater of BYD Auto Dynasty Network Sales Division, delivered a speech. At the same time, Yu Yang, product manager of BYD Qin Products Center, also explained the advantages of BYD Qin plus to the guests present in detail from the technical level, so that many media and consumers in Zhengzhou have a further understanding of BYD Qin PLUS EV.

It turns out that BYD Qinqin PLUS EV is not only beautiful in design, but also has many bright spots in configuration and performance.

From the appearance point of view, BYD Qin Qin PLUS EV adopts the same design style as BYD Han. The enclosed air intake grille and arrow-shaped LED headlights, coupled with the embellishment of the Chinese character "Qin", make BYD Qin PLUS EV and "Big Brother" BYD Han have a very high similarity.

Therefore, in the industry, BYD Qin PLUS EV is called the small BYD Han.

In fact, as a compact family car, the length, width and height of BYD Qin PLUS EV are 4765/1837/1515mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2718mm. It can be said that in the same class, the body size of BYD Qin PLUS EV is still outstanding.

In terms of configuration, this pure electric family car with a price of only over 100,000 yuan is also quite powerful. 12.8-inch rotary central control LCD screen, 360-degree panoramic image, full-speed adaptive cruise, built-in driving recorder, remote control driving, parallel assistance, lane departure warning system, lane keeping assistance system, road traffic sign recognition, reversing side warning, active braking, six airbags for the whole vehicle, electric adjustment of front seats, heating of front and rear seats, 220V power interface, automatic air conditioner, front and rear radar, and adaptive LED distance light.

Of course, the blade battery is also the biggest selling point of BYD Qin PLUS EV. The pure electric cruising range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology can reach 600 kilometers. It can charge the power from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes.

In addition, the chassis of BYD Qin PLUS EV adopts four-wheel independent suspension, which is carefully adjusted by Hans, the master of BYD Royal. In terms of driving experience, it can be said that it is full of virtue.

With the continuous development of the pure electric vehicle market, I believe that in the future, models with both value and strength like BYD Qin PLUS EV will become the choice for many families to buy cars.

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