Chery tiggo 8 PLUS goes public.

    Different people have different definitions of the joy of life. Some people like the joy of having fun with their families, while others like the comfort of driving. In my opinion, the combination of having fun with their families and driving is the peak of life fun. It is not fun to smile while driving.

    It’s like when you watch actor Lei Jiayin’s film and television dramas, you not only appreciate Lei Jiayin’s performance, but also immerse yourself in the role he plays in the film and television dramas, and the audience feels as if they are part of the drama.

    On October 15th, Lei Jiayin in the film and television drama walked from behind the scenes to the stage, and this time Lei Jiayin became the protagonist of a "new drama". ……

Lei Jiayin endorsed the listing of Tiggo 8PLUS.

    Following the release of the brand-new SUV“ PLUS "at the International Auto Show, this SUV has been widely concerned by consumers, and now it is officially listed.

    On October 15th, Auto officially released PLUS, with actor Lei Jiayin as its image spokesperson.

     PLUS has two kinds of power to choose from, which are 1.6T+7DCT and 1.5T+9CVT+48V hybrid. Among them, there is only one 1.5T hybrid model with a price of 129,900 yuan, and the other five models are 1.6T engines with a price of 124,900 to 159,900 yuan.

    In addition, the official also provided consumers with eight exclusive privileges including 8,000 yuan cash gift, engine lifetime warranty, three-year and six-time basic maintenance and lifetime free basic flow.

Tiggo 8 PLUS competes with Tiggo 8.

     PLUS is not as simple as the "upgraded version", it also shoulders a more important market responsibility and jointly develops the market.

    Appearance, PLUS adopts a new generation of family-style "peak lattice" design, that is, LIFE IN MOTION 3.0 family-style design. The external lines of the geometric matrix diamond front grille on the front face are smart and smooth, and the star-studded matrix design is embedded; The all-LED headlights on both sides integrate LED crystal headlights, double-light-edge high-brightness daytime running lights and running water turn signals, and the lighting effect is excellent; The body side design is smooth and simple.

    The interior is mainly elegant and stretched horizontally, with two large screens with high resolution and strong practicability. Equipped with SONY customized luxury audio is a highlight of PLUS.

    Exclusive close-fitting luxury leather seats from Lear and Andoto brands are equipped with super-rich comfortable configurations such as aviation pillow, main driver’s automatic welcome +AI recognition and memory function, stepless adjustment of boss key of the auxiliary driver’s seat, 3D independent ventilation and electric heating function of the main driver’s and auxiliary driver’s seat, which brings users the distinguished enjoyment comparable to that of first class.

     PLUS has a size of 4722×1860×1745mm and a wheelbase of 2710mm, which can realize a variety of seating layouts for 567 seats.

    In terms of Zhilian Technology, equipped with the latest LION4.0 Zhiyun intelligent networking system, PLUS introduced the virtual image of intelligent assistant "Xiaoqi" for the first time. Integrating enhanced natural voice interaction, "Xiaoqi" can communicate face to face with the owner, and support the functions of expression interaction, active care, growth and evolution. It also adopts the ultra-high-tech HMI 4.0 interactive interface, and is equipped with super-rich intelligent configurations such as car face recognition and car control, intelligent welcome memory function, private car KTV and remote control and service of Zhiyun Internet mobile phone, which greatly enhances driving pleasure and car convenience.

    In terms of driving control technology and safety technology, PLUS is equipped with L2.5-class automatic driving assistance system, which integrates more than a dozen auxiliary equipment such as full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system, APA automatic panoramic parking assistance system and AEB automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian and bicycle protection, bringing the ultimate experience of "good driving", "good stopping" and "good safety".

     The whole interior of PLUS is built on the concept of luxurious land flight cabin, and the newly designed seats are the most eye-catching. The exclusive light brown close-fitting luxury leather seats are designed with fancy quilting technology, while the rare freely adjustable head-relaxing pillows at the same level support the four-way adjustment of the front and rear lateral head restraints and the adjustment of the flank angle, ensuring the comfort of long-distance riding.

In terms of power, 1.6T+7DCT powershift is an old friend familiar to consumers. Its engine has a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290Nm, while 1.5T+48V is the first power system used by automobiles, which has better fuel economy, conforms to the trend of the times, and of course, is not expensive, bringing consumers a better driving experience and product selection, reflecting the advanced technology precipitation in research and development.

    At present, PLUS has reached the national automobile 4S stores, and consumers can test drive and book.

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