The entry price has dropped by 30,000! BYD Tang Tian San Ding, the glory army zoomed in before the Beijing Auto Show

Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Ares Edition is equipped with DM-p King Hybrid and comes standard with super intelligent electric four-wheel drive, which has achieved all-round transcendence over traditional mechanical four-wheel drive in terms of power, safety, difficulty relief and energy consumption.

At the same time, the DM-p King Hybrid inherits the super hybrid gene of DM-i, which makes the zero-hundred-speed acceleration of the new car as fast as 4.3s, and the fuel consumption of the 100-kilometer power loss in comprehensive working conditions as low as 6.5L, thus truly realizing "not only fast, but also saving".

At the same time, the 2024 Tang DM-p Ares Edition is equipped with an escape artifact differential lock, which can easily cross the outdoor off-road scene.