Volvo is another "killer", with 406,900 landing.

When talking about a model, the first thing you should talk about is its streamline. The front part of the new car is equipped with a grille, which obviously enhances the sense of movement. The headlights on both sides are quite unique in shape, and they look very energetic after being lit. The rising side of the car body creates a sense of readiness, which looks very sporty, the rim shape is also very suitable, and the visual effect is acceptable. The horizontal development of the tail shape and the design of two large taillights are more belt-like, and the taillight Viking Axe also has a certain sense of advanced.

As far as the interior of this car is concerned, it is more comfortable. Because the steering wheel is wrapped with leather material, it is simple and clear in texture and touch, and the steering wheel heating function can be selected. The center console is made of plastic and leather, and the materials and workmanship look quite satisfactory. It is equipped with a 9.0-inch central control LCD screen, which is clear and sensitive in design. The front row is also equipped with a dual-temperature automatic air conditioning control system to freely debug the most comfortable space atmosphere. And there are exquisite ergonomic front and rear seats.

The length, width and height are 5090×1879×1444mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3061 mm. In the same class, the wheelbase of S90 ranks fifth. The interior space of the car is relatively spacious at the same level, the height and width of the car are ideal, and the legroom in the back row will not feel cramped, which belongs to the upper-middle level at the same level. The design of skylight also increases the subjective space feeling of front and rear passengers. Among the models of the same price and class, the trunk volume of Volvo S90 ranks 13th. The space is relatively regular, without obvious protrusions, and the overall loading capacity is good.

Volvo S90B5 Zia Deluxe Edition uses a 2.0 engine with a maximum horsepower of 250 and a peak torque of 350, which is matched with an automatic (AT) gearbox. It will definitely bring unforgettable control charm. Volvo S90′ s official measured zero-acceleration score is 7.2S, ranking 26th among more than 800,000 medium and large-sized vehicles.

Volvo S90 has complete active/passive safety configuration, includingAutomatic parkingZero tire pressure endurance tireAutomatic parkingSteep slope descenthill start assist controlknee airbagHUD head-up displayAnti-lock braking (ABS)Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.)Brake assist (EBA/BAS, etc.)Traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.)Active noise reductionEngine start and stopSide safety air curtainWireless charging of mobile phonenight vision systemLED daytime running lightsForward reversing radarTire pressure monitoringSteering wheel heatingBody stability control (ESP/DSC, etc.)Rear reversing radarFatigue reminderRemote parkingChild seat interfaceLane keeping (LKAS)Equal configuration.

Among them,Automatic parkingYou can avoid stepping on the brakes for a long time or needing to pull frequently;Steep slope descentCan safely pass through steep slope road conditions at low speed;knee airbagReduce the injury of the car interior to the occupant’s knees in the secondary collision.

If the above data and participation can’t fully understand Volvo S90, then we can give you a more comprehensive reference based on the word-of-mouth information of users who have purchased Volvo S90 in history. It can be seen that what everyone is most satisfied with Volvo S90 is that it feels comfortable, and the sense of technology and power cattle are also the points that everyone likes it.