BYD’s brand-new Qin 59,900 is on sale, intelligently opening the era of intelligent remote control driving.

On November 5th, the brand-new Qin Fuel was officially launched. Among them, the new Qin fuel launched a total of four models, the price is 599-76900 yuan (exclusive to the first batch of car owners before January 25, 2020); The new price range is 129,900-139,900 yuan (after comprehensive subsidies).

Wen, Zhang, AutoR, Zhi Jia Chang Jin

Qin is a pillar product, positioned in the A-class family car market and one of the most competitive market segments.

The length, width and height of the new Qin are 4675mm, 1770mm and 1500mm respectively, which is 2670 mm. Compared with the old models, the size has changed little, but the level is at the first level in the A-class sedan market.

In the cabin, the changes of the brand-new Qin are very obvious. The latest family-style interior design makes it have the strength to meet the needs of young consumers, and also lays the foundation for carrying the latest Zhilian car machine.

On high-profile models, the 10.1-inch central control large screen can rotate, which is the symbolic configuration of Zhilian car machine and is officially called "8-core adaptive rotating suspension Pad". It has 3G memory and 32G storage capacity, and the resolution reaches 1920 * 1080. On the low-profile model, the screen size is 8 inches.

What endows the brand-new Qin Zhilian with features is the latest DiLink2.0 intelligent network connection system, which supports OTA remote upgrade and has intelligent voice interaction function. Because this system can be compatible with more than 3 million APP ecosystems, it has been given more service capabilities, from entertainment functions such as karaoke, playing games and watching movies to travel services such as ordering takeout, booking movie tickets and finding restaurants. It can be realized on this car.

When using the intelligent remote control driving function of cloud service APP, the new Qin can even remotely control the vehicle through the mobile APP. This is a very useful function in the parking lot with narrow space. The owner can stand outside the car and remotely control the new Qin parking space, which is safe and convenient.

Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Sales Co., Ltd., emphasized the brand-new battery safety performance at the press conference in response to the frequent spontaneous combustion incidents this year.

He said: "A seven-dimensional and four-layer safety matrix has been newly built-the safety of single batteries, modules, battery packs and systems has been comprehensively built in terms of reliable connection, high-voltage protection, collision, overcharge, internal and external short circuits and thermal runaway. The high-voltage system has undergone five tests of leakage detection, power failure protection, misoperation protection, active discharge and passive discharge, which can fully guarantee the safety of the battery. "

According to Zhao Changjiang, the brand-new battery has strictly followed the complete safety design since the development stage, which has eliminated the possibility of battery accidents from the source. Since the research and development of power batteries began in 2005, there has not been a battery safety accident in 15 years.

In terms of power, a 100kW motor is newly adopted, which is 180Nm, and the energy consumption per 100 kilometers is only 12.9kWh, and its NEDC comprehensive battery life is 421km.

The power battery has a capacity of 53.1kWh and an energy density of 160Wh/kg, and is equipped with an intelligent battery temperature control system, an intelligent battery safety management system and a high-voltage intelligent power-off protection system.

According to official data, it takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100% and only 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% when using a charging pile with a charge of 50kW. It only takes 15 minutes to charge, and it can support the vehicle to travel 100km.

At the press conference, the actual endurance data measured in the media test drive stage were also released. All the tested vehicles actually traveled more than 500km, and the tallest vehicle even exceeded 600km, far greater than the 421km calibrated by the manufacturer.

The brand-new Qin fuel is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated, 80kW, 148Nm, which meets the requirements of National Six. Matching, it is 5 when or CVT stepless.

At the end of the press conference, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Sales Co., Ltd. announced the price of brand-new Qin fuel starting at 64,900 yuan and brand-new starting at 129,900 yuan. However, in order to stimulate sales, it also announced a preferential policy that the first batch of car owners who buy cars before January 25, 2020 can start at 59,900 yuan.

For an A-class sedan, the price has basically bottomed out and the market is very attractive. The brand-new starting price of 129,900 also has a good sales prospect in the A-class electric car market.