Daily car event: Aouita 15 spy photos are exposed, and Chevrolet explorer Plus will appear at the Beijing Auto Show.

If you buy a car, you will find an SUV coffee.

Expose the spy photos of Tesla Model Y Aouita 15.

A few days ago, spy photos of Aouita 15 were exposed on the Internet, which will be the second SUV model in Aouita. According to previous anecdotal reports, this car will be a Tesla Model Y model with a lower price than Aouita 11, and it is expected to be a medium-sized SUV.

This spy shot only exposed the tail of the new car, and its design style is similar to that of Aouita 11. However, its compartment doesn’t seem to adopt the spatial layout of the partition between the passenger compartment and the trunk like Aouita 11. For a smaller SUV, although it lacks a personality, it is more practical.

It can be seen that the body design of the new car is full, the waistline is quite dynamic, and the roof adopts a panoramic canopy, and it is a downward design. The size of the rear window is not small, the view is obviously better than that of Aouita 11, and the size of the whole tailgate is not small.

According to the official account information of Aouita before, Aouita 15 will have pure electric and extended range models, and the introduction of extended range models will lower the product price and increase sales. In 2023, Aouita failed to reach the annual sales target of 100,000 vehicles, while in 2024, Aouita relatively conservatively proposed the annual sales target of 90,000 vehicles. According to the plan, Aouita 15 will not be launched until the third quarter.

Comments on Big Coffee: Aouita brand has been in a tepid state since its establishment, despite the blessings of Changan, Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. Aouita 15, as a mid-range SUV, is expected to become a high-volume vehicle under the brand. However, the competition for new energy vehicles is fierce. Although Aouita 15 went on the market in the third quarter, it caught up with the sales season of Golden September and Silver 10, but its contribution to sales in 2024 was limited.

Official map of Chevrolet explorer Plus at Beijing auto show

A few days ago, SAIC-GM Chevrolet officially released the official map of the Explorer Plus model. This car is actually a brand-new Equinox model just released overseas in January this year.

At present, it seems that Explorer Plus will provide two interior and exterior design styles, RS and ACTIV, to interpret the new fashion classic of American SUV. In terms of power, the explorer Plus took the lead in applying the new generation PHEV intelligent hybrid technology of SAIC-GM, which is quite exciting.

In terms of appearance, Explorer Plus is very Chevrolet, because it adopts the latest family design language, and its front face is square and tough, which is quite in line with the current aesthetic trend. Both models are equipped with split headlights and honeycomb air intake grille, which are decorated by letter signs. The air intake grille of Activ version has a larger area and is all blackened; The RS version of the air intake grille is more compact, and this shape is more dynamic.

On the side of the car body, the Explorer Plus car body looks like a miniature version of the Traverse model, and the C-pillar and suspension model are still very recognizable. In addition, the two models will also be equipped with different styles of wheels and tires. The Activ version pays more attention to off-road orientation, while the RS version pays more attention to daily road driving, with certain differences among consumers.

The interior is quite American. Explorer Plus is equipped with a three-spoke steering wheel and uses an 11-inch digital dashboard and an 11.3-inch central control screen. This style is more scientific and technological.

In terms of driver assistance and safety functions that everyone is concerned about, Fran has also been upgraded. The safety assistance kit for new cars includes enhanced lane keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking with collision alarm, adaptive cruise, blind zone alarm, rear traffic alarm with automatic braking, lane change alarm and so on. In terms of space, the trunk volume is 845L, and it is expanded to 1799L after putting down the rear seats.

In terms of power, the overseas version of the new car will be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which can output a maximum power of 177 HP and a maximum torque of 275 Nm. From the official expression, the future domestic version is expected to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system.

Big coffee comment: As the first grand event in the automobile industry this year, there will be dozens of heavy models starting at the Beijing Auto Show. Can Chevrolet Explorer Plus successfully make a circle?