BYD Qin L officially unveiled with the 5th generation DM-i hybrid technology.

  Recently, its brand-new model was officially unveiled, and the new car will form a two-car pattern with Qin PLUS in the future, thus meeting the needs of different users. It is reported that the new car will meet users at the upcoming opening ceremony, and the future price will be more than 120 thousand.

  Externally, the new car will adopt the brand-new upgraded design of "New Country Tide and Beauty". While inheriting the classic big mouth net, the details will be filled with dotted lines, while the design of "Dragon beard" LED headlights, "Chinese knot" taillights and dense rims will make the whole car present more exquisite and advanced visual effects.

  The side of the new car is very slender, and the rear of the car adopts a slip-back design, showing a "low-lying" posture, which makes people feel very young. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4765/1837/1495(mm) respectively, and the wheelbase is 2718mm, which is larger than that of Qin PLUS.

  In the interior, the new car has adopted a brand-new design, and the official said that the design was inspired by China landscape painting, which combined the agility of oriental landscape with modern technology to create a elegant "landscape painting cockpit". In detail, the embedded large-size LCD instrument panel and the iconic rotatable central control panel make the whole vehicle look very scientific and technological.

  In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 1.5L+ motor. Technically, it is the fifth generation DM-I. The maximum power of the engine is 74 kW and the maximum power is 160 kW. In addition, the new car is equipped from Fudi, Zhengzhou, with a capacity of 15.874 kWh and 10.08 kWh, and the corresponding pure electric cruising range is 90 km and 60 km respectively.