[The Third National Good Journalists Tell Good Stories] Li Dan: Daliangshan, my concern.

  Daliangshan, my concern

  Sichuan Satellite TV Li Dan

   In the photo, the little Yi girl wearing a newly borrowed school uniform is named Hai Mo Raniu. I call her Xiao A Niu. She is 10 years old and a first-year student of Thanksgiving Kindergarten in Ye Er Village, Butuo County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. You may ask, shouldn’t a 10-year-old baby be in the fifth grade? Why is it only the first grade? Besides, still in kindergarten?

   Last October, I went to Ye Er Village Thanksgiving Kindergarten for a casing interview with the program group "Diary of Anchors’ Stalking for Poverty Alleviation". My first reaction was, is this a kindergarten?

   There are preschool dolls and children in grade one and grade two here. Many children can’t even speak a complete sentence of Chinese. Of course, it is because of this that I got to know A Niu Jr., who volunteered to be my interpreter.

   Bhutto’s temperature can be 10 degrees Celsius in the morning and evening, but the dolls wear sandals with bare black feet all day long. 5 classes, 4 classrooms are leaking air; After 20 minutes in a class, I have to go to the playground for self-study, because I have to make room for the next class and let the teachers!

   It is also here that children who have never seen a toothbrush know that they should brush their teeth and wash their faces in the morning. At first, the children didn’t know how to use this novel thing, but they were very anxious to stuff their mouths, and some even held it in their hands like a baby! Although it’s only late October, the water flowing down the mountain is really icy! There is only one pool in the whole school, and children have to wait in line for more than an hour every day, just to develop a good habit.

   Teachers say that the "first lesson" of brushing teeth and washing face is to sow the first seed of children’s civilized habits!

   Here, I also attended an unforgettable Chinese class. President Sun talked about "overpass". What a simple three words, but it is very difficult for children to understand. They have never seen an overpass. President Sun can only pick up chalk and draw the overpass he has seen on the blackboard. But the children still don’t understand why one road can be built on another. President sun had to say, "study hard and you will know what an overpass is when you get to the city!" " At that time, I could really see curiosity and expectation in the children’s eyes.

   Just after class that day, President Sun and I just walked out of the school, and more than 10 Yi people’s parents were already waiting at the door. They stepped forward, grabbed President Sun, said something excitedly in Yi language, and gestured to me anxiously. Little A Niu quickly translated for me. They were asking President Sun when their children could go to school. Unexpectedly, President Sun rejected their request on the spot. He said that he was very happy with the change of villagers’ ideas, but the school was too small to hold, and nearly 100 children in the village did not go to school! In order to enable more people to go to school, we take turns to attend classes now, so we have added three classes of Grade One and Grade Two in kindergarten. This is why A Niu, a 10-year-old, just walked into the classroom with his schoolbag on his back.

   That night, the disappointed eyes of Yi’s parents and grandmothers, and the big eyes full of longing of the children repeatedly appeared in my mind, and I didn’t fall asleep all night. Can you do something for them?

   In the next ten days, I spent time with my children, teaching them to speak Chinese and Mandarin, eating with them, playing games together, and invited comrades from the county education bureau to discuss raising money to add some classrooms with board rooms … … the children changed from initial shyness and timidity to liveliness and cheerfulness, and they completely accepted me.

   On the day they left Ye Er Village, the children were a little depressed. Keep your head down, open your eyes but don’t talk. A Niu Jr. also packed me a bag full of black potatoes from home. The moment I closed the car door, I knew and understood that more than 10 days of care could not support the children’s dreams of life. The same road of more than 600 kilometers has been driven for a long time … …

   Back in Chengdu, a series of reports "Diary of the anchor’s squatting" and "Kindergarten in the Deep Mountains" were broadcast on Sichuan Satellite TV, which aroused strong repercussions. Relevant departments issued special policies to vigorously support preschool education in poverty-stricken areas. Friends on WeChat, a primary school in Chengdu, a non-profit organization, and many well-intentioned people who have never met before, raised a cart of items, including cotton-padded clothes, waterproof cotton shoes, thermos kettles, schoolbags printed with cartoon patterns, stationery, … … and a mysterious big guy.

   I have never been so anxious to return to Liangshan! In November, the mountain in Bhutto County was closed by heavy snow. My colleagues and I took a truck full of goods and braved the snow overnight. We had two flat tires and arrived in Butuo County at midnight.

   That day, it was really cold in Ye Er village, and we finished giving presents to the children as quickly as possible. But when the mysterious big guy, a colorful plastic slide, appeared on the playground, the children screamed and rushed out of the classroom. They were covered in mud, which was the first time they saw the slide. Standing in the snow, my feet were frozen stiff, but I just felt very satisfied when I looked at the children who ran wild!

   After working for 11 years, this interview is a little different. It makes me understand that as long as you want to warm others, you will not be cold!

   Now, when I broadcast the news of getting rid of poverty on the anchor station, what I see is no longer a picture across the screen, a string of emotionless numbers, because I personally touched the cold little feet of the dolls wearing sandals, and I personally taught them to say "Beijing" and "China" in Chinese. I personally heard A Niu tell me her dream: "Aunt Li Dan, I want to be a teacher when I grow up … …” It was the children in Ye Er Village who touched me!

   Every bit of change in Yeer Village makes me happy. President Sun told me that children have developed good habits of washing hands, washing faces, brushing teeth and queuing. This was sent by him not long ago. In addition to the newly added board house and the renovated classroom, there are also photos of A Niu Jr. wearing national costumes to participate in the county dance competition! I also told President Sun that we have contacted a non-profit organization and will build three love canteens in Butuo County to let the children eat better nutritious meals! Children in a primary school in Chengdu are also recording "stories". Children in the city want to use their own voices to infect and help their friends in Yeer Village.

   Of course, A Niu Jr. and I have made an appointment. This winter, I will come through the snow, go back to Daliangshan, go back to Ye Er Village, see her, and see those I care about!