Bank of Communications Sichuan Branch "Digital +" is deeply integrated, technology empowers innovative development

  rely onAccording to the industrial chain data developed by the Sichuan branch, a leading wine company and upstream and downstream enterprises in Sichuan have a special online financing solution, which effectively solves the pain points and difficulties of the wine company in financing. In Mianyang, Auntie Wang, a citizen, found that seeing a doctor was faster than before. It turned out that she enjoyed a credit line for medical treatment, and realized that she saw a doctor first and then paid. In terms of travel, the general public of Rongcheng has already realized that through mobile phonesAs a carrier, the exhibition code ride, itinerary record query…

  Implementing countryStrategy, building a digital China, developmentIt has become one of the national strategies.Sichuan Branch follows the trend, vigorously develops financial technology, empowers financial services through technology, enhances the concept of financial services, and allows "digital +" to accelerate the unlocking of new application scenarios, providing a strong boost for the financial development of Sichuan Province and moving forward with Sichuan.

  Data connectivity, online financing help traditional industries make a big difference

  According to the statistics of the People’s Republic of China, at the end of the third quarter of 2023, the balance of various RMB loans of Financial Institution Group was 234.59 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.9% year-on-year; the RMB loans in the first three quarters increased by 19.75 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.67 trillion yuan year-on-year. The financial system’s support for the real economy has further increased. Sichuan Branch is a state-owned large bankThe army insists on serving the real economy and contributing to the high-quality economic development of Sichuan Province.

  In order to solve the pain points and difficulties in corporate financing, the bank relies on the data of the industrial chain and the core enterprise data as the basis to formulate online financing solutions for core enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises. Such financing services can be directly integrated with the core ERP of enterprises, running through the overall business ecosystem of enterprises, and integrated into the business scenarios of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, providing enterprises with what they need and get financial services, and improving the financing efficiency of enterprises in the chain.

  A leading wine enterprise in Sichuan has realized online industrial chain financing through the wine merchant loan project. This is an online industrial chain financing product used by the wine enterprise brand company to purchase goods and adopt the full online mode of application, access, verification, loan and repayment.

  In terms of assisting farmers and benefiting farmers, the bank also fully demonstrates the responsibility of state-owned banks. On the one hand, this is the characteristic scenario-based demand for small and micro enterprises such as farmers and farmers. It cooperates with industry leaders to solve the problem of small and micro enterprises’ capital turnover by sharing customer business data with the platform and customizing personalized products.Farming loan is the bank’s relationship withThe project cooperation carried out by Liuhe joint stock company provides loans to farmers in the core enterprise industry chain, and the funds are used for special projects for farmers to pay the pig surrogate deposit to Liuhe breeding base. On the other hand, the bank actively contributes to the revitalization of the industry. Not only this, the bank has developed and launched the online financing product "Feed Loan" for suppliers through system docking with Sichuan Tequ Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Group Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in our country. This online method of obtaining customer information and sales volume and other relevant data largely meets the "short, frequent and urgent" financing needs of Tequ agriculture and animal husbandry dealers.

  As of the end of the third quarter, the bank’s agricultural-related loans rose by 27.35%; inclusive agricultural-related loans rose by 81.92%, both of which have exceeded their annual tasks.

  Data mutual recognition, online scene construction makes daily life intelligent

  Just as fintech helps the real economy, digital financial services are becoming more and more "smart". The impact of "digital +" in Sichuan branch not only makes Sichuan’s industry booming, but also makes traditional industries start intelligent transformationConstruction is in full swing… Walking on the streets of Chengdu with the charm of Bashu, the bank is committed to allowing the general public to enjoy visible and tangible benefits, and constantly opens up new scenarios of "digital +" applications in financial services.

  In 2023, the bank will focus on building a branch scenario center, focusing on government affairs,Medical, travel to build a ubiquitous financial ecosystem, and fully promote digital transformation. At present, 17 retail scenarios such as Tianfu Citizen Cloud, Tianfu Tong, K12 and higher vocational schools, enterprise canteens, and hospitals are linked through open links.

  Digital technology allowsMore comfortable. In terms of medical care, the bank has given full play to the value of data, solved the pain points of slow medical treatment and long process, creatively proposed the product concept of "credit medical treatment", rapidly promoted the financial service of hospital credit medical treatment, and became the first bank institution in Mianyang City to implement "credit medical treatment". It supports patients to see a doctor first and then pay, and provides more convenient financial services for citizens to see a doctor. At present, the bank has successfully launched the pilot project of "credit medical treatment" in 5 municipal hospitals in Mianyang City and 4 district-level hospitals in Fucheng District, becoming the first bank institution in Mianyang City to implement "credit medical treatment". It is expected that by the end of December, it will gradually cover the city’s third-level public medical institutions, and the application scenario will be expanded to inpatient medical treatment.

  Digital technology makes teaching more convenient. On the one hand, the bank relies on the financial technology blessing of Open Bank to embed financial services into students’ campus life scenes, building schools, homesStudents’ financial scene link, to achieve access control, dining, recharge, tuition payment and other scenes of the card function, financial technology to help campus life more simple, as of the end of the third quarter of the bank has accumulated for more than 50,000 teachers and students in Sichuan Province to provide services.

  Digital technology makes travel smarter. In terms of travel, the bank is committed to the bus and subway scene where the general public travels. Through the mobile banking of Bank of Communications as a carrier, it provides mobile phone ride codes to provide more convenient channels for the general public to travel. The bank and Chengdu Tianfutong Financial Services joint stock company have developed and launched the mobile banking Tianfutong ride code function, and introduced the Tianfutong ride code into the mobile banking of Bank of Communications to realize functions such as exhibition code ride and itinerary record inquiry.

  In addition, in 2023, the bank will continue to build the brand of "Rongyi Life" online marketing activities around mobile banking, which will become one of the highlights of the bank’s customer-centric digital operation. Rongcheng citizens can participate in various online activities such as "Rongyi Life", such as "Bank of Communications Welfare Season", "Scan the code to pay price-break discounts" and "Count coins back".

  The "Pocket Business District Summer Welfare Season" activity has also been passed down by the citizens of Rongcheng. During this activity, the citizens enjoyed the Bank of Communications "10% off for refueling "" 40 yuan off for refueling over 200 yuan "" 6 yuan off for supermarket over 25 yuan "and other Huimin activities.

  Riding the wind, Bank of Communications Sichuan Branch has "numbers" in "new" in high-quality development. The bank will continue to lead the party building and shoulder the responsibilities and missions of state-owned banks; stabilize the word and help the development of the real economy; maintain integrity and innovation, and improve the accuracy and directness of services with a variety of precise digital "financial service packages".