Zhiji announced the "original stone" game, which can change laser radar.

On the evening of July 12th, Zhiji Automobile specifically announced the specific gameplay of the original stone and the details of the convertible rights and interests. According to the information released at the press conference, the original stone can be used for redeeming five categories of rights and interests including laser radar in the future.


■ How to get the "original stone"?

What is the "original stone"? You can understand it as integral, but the total amount of integral is constant. According to the information released by Zhiji, there are 300 million "original stones", including 210 million "in-process mining" and 90 million "cultivation mining".

Simply put:

"in-process mining"It is to obtain the original stone based on daily driving data. For example, if you reach a certain mileage and use the driving assistance function, you will get the "original stone". According to the plan, "inner-program mining" will be officially opened on August 7;

"Cultivation mining"It is through participating in the interactive task on the APP, co-creation activities organized by the government, or opening specific functions to get the "crystal" in exchange for the "original stone". At present, the activities are already in progress.

■ What can the "original stone" be exchanged for?

At present, everyone is most concerned about the cash conditions of "lidar". According to the information released this time, new users usemost6800 rough stones +10000 yuan in cash, you can exchange IM AD laser radar integrated intelligent driving system, which includes high-precision laser radar, high-computing Orin X chip and other complete sets of hardware.

In addition to the upgrade of software and hardware, the original stone can also be exchanged for the following four categories of rights and interests: smart service, limited boutique, digital collection and limited experience activities, but Zhiji did not disclose more details of the exchange this time.

■ Use "blockchain" technology to ensure user privacy

In order to ensure the fairness and transparency of rights and interests, the security of data, the privacy of information, and the inviolability and forgeability of transactions, the original stone chain will apply the state secret algorithm, and every circulation of the original stone will be stored on the chain, corresponding to a unique transaction hash value. The whole process is transparent and cannot be tampered with, so as to ensure that every user will get data rights fairly.

In addition, Zhiji also promised data privacy and security in the process of "rough stone" mining. Zhiji Automobile will implement the IDPP data privacy protection plan, and announced that "Zhiji vehicle products will not use fingerprints, voiceprints, face recognition technologies to collect personal biometric information and desensitize personal data".

■ State Review

Zhiji’s "original stone" mining plan can be said to have created a new idea for car companies and users to create together. In his own APP, Zhiji has built IMGO! Virtual worlds allow users to become the first indigenous people in the "meta-universe". Perhaps, Zhiji Automobile has intentionally or unintentionally opened a new era of the battle for the "meta-universe" of smart cars.