Tens of millions of fans anchor "scholar" account was blocked and was reported to have defrauded 510,000.

  Red Star Capital Bureau reported on September 3rd that on the evening of September 2nd, the anchor "Scholar" account of millions of fans in Tik Tok was banned.

  Subsequently, # Scholar’s account was blocked # # Scholar was reported to be suspected of tax violation # and so on, and many topics were posted on Weibo Hot Search, which triggered a heated discussion.

  The scholar was reported for fraud, and the police found no illegal and criminal acts.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that on the evening of September 2nd, the account of "Scholar" in online celebrity, Tik Tok was banned for violating the relevant provisions of the Tik Tok Convention on Community Self-discipline. Tik Tok page shows that the scholar has more than 12 million fans, and his works have been praised by more than 200 million. He was once called the "harvester for middle-aged and elderly women".

  According to public information, Xiucai, a 39-year-old native of Mengcheng County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, started shooting short videos in Tik Tok in 2020. As of August 2023, its account has published more than 1,300 video works.


  According to Jiupai Financial Report, informed sources revealed that the scholar was recently reported to have violated the law, which may be part of the reason for his ban. On the evening of September 2, a person in charge of the Bozhou Municipal Taxation Bureau said that it had indeed received the report materials against Xu Moumou (a scholar with a net name), "involving the declaration of personal income", and relevant investigation work was underway.

  Earlier, some netizens reported that the scholar was accused of fraud. A 62-year-old woman from Beijing claimed to report the scholar by her real name online, and used dividends as bait to defraud herself of 510,000 yuan in three months by rewarding offline dividends online. In response to the allegations that netizens were suspected of fraud, the local police said that they had met with the informants to understand the situation and conducted investigations according to the clues provided by them. No illegal and criminal acts were found, and the two sides reached a settlement on their own.


  Tuyuan Jiupai News

  Over 80% of the fans are women.Most people are older than 50.

  The scholar’s video scenes are mostly in the countryside, with delicate hair and a suit or shirt. Whenever the camera approaches, the scholar will smile, tease his hair and start singing lip-synching.

  Earlier, according to The Paper, a 72-year-old woman in Jilin Province spent a lot of pension to reward the scholar because she was infatuated with him. She also drove from Jilin to Bozhou to meet him, but she was refused. Faced with the persuasion of netizens, the old man was unmoved, but asked: "I am not interested in seeing netizens when I am old?"

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that when the scholar became popular, another female anchor, "Laughing the Whole City", was also exploding, and the two were called "harvesters for middle-aged and elderly people" together.

  On the evening of August 16th, the scholar and the smiling city held a PK in the live broadcast room. Whoever brushed more gifts by fans would win the PK. It is understood that the number of online people in the live broadcast room exceeded 100,000 that night, and more than 20 million people watched it. Almost every gift special effect appeared more than once.

  According to the statistics of cicada mother, a third-party data platform, most of the fan portraits of the scholar’s Tik Tok account are women, accounting for 86.98% of the total number, while 78.93% of the 19.09 million Tik Tok fans with a smile are registered as men. Among the fans of the two, the mainstream are middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old.

  Nearly 30% of users over 51 who watch live broadcasts spend more than 2,000 yuan online every month.

  It is worth noting that behind the popularity of the scholar and the smiling city is the acceleration of the sinking speed of the short video platform.

  According to the 51st Statistical Report on Internet Development in China, by December 2022, the number of rural netizens in China had increased by 23.71 million compared with that in December 2021, while the total number of new netizens in the previous year was 35.49 million. The proportion of netizens aged 50 and above increased from 26.8% in December 2021 to 30.8%, while in 2008 this group accounted for only 5.7%.

  In addition, according to "Insight into the Development of China Short Video Live E-commerce in 2022", 36.3% of the people who watch the live broadcast in Tik Tok and Kuaishou, and 18.9% are users over 51. Among them, nearly 30% of users over 51 who watch live broadcasts have a monthly online consumption capacity of more than 2,000 yuan.

  Middle-aged and elderly people watch live broadcasts in their daily lives, and the amount of online payment is also increasing step by step. Entertainment demand and consumer demand are quickly released on short video and live broadcast platforms.

  The scale of rural netizens is rapidly expanding, the proportion of middle-aged and elderly users is gradually increasing, the consumption demand and ability of middle-aged and elderly people are rapidly released, and the sinking market is rapidly opening. At the same time, many lawless elements are eyeing this "new cake".

  After the "Scholar" became popular, many netizens will call it "Low-rated Jin Dong" and "Jin Dongping Substitute".

  In 2020, the "fake Jin Dong" created by other ways such as changing faces through AI caused a heated discussion. They faked star accounts to cheat fans to brush gifts and sell products to fans.

  According to Weibo, official of the Political and Legal Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, from May to July this year, the Shanghai police launched a "fake Jin Dong" fraud gang to close the net and arrested eight suspects. Many 60-year-old aunts were cheated when they helped "fake Jin Dong", and some aunts smashed more than 200,000 yuan. According to the criminal suspect, the photos and video materials of the stars used in the live broadcast were downloaded online, and the star voice used was also the audio of the voice changing software. They screened those who were attracted by "star idols" and pulled them into the so-called "star private fan group", and then the gang members added WeChat to "communicate emotionally" with the victims as "stars". When the victims put down the warning letter and thought it was true, the criminal gang turned to the traditional "killing pig plate" mode and implemented targeted fraud.

  In an interview with a reporter, a platform responded that in view of online fraud that is more likely to happen to the elderly, the risks will be graded and intervened by interactive means such as pop-up window prompts, security confirmation and intelligent voice. In terms of live rewards, the platform launched the gift consumption reminder function last year, and users can set their own single-day consumption reminder amount. If the reward amount reaches the set amount, the system will also give a pop-up prompt.

  Red Star journalist Xie Yutong